perfection looks like this

DCypher posts: It seems almost a shame that this stunningly beautiful, young girl is named Beatrice. Sweeter than a drooling honeycomb, this Bea is just as naturally alluring and twice as sweet to taste.

She spends most of her days reading romance novels, so guess what, you’re not getting off easy guys. Suitors better prepared to wine and dine this sultry sex siren.

She prefers expensive dinners by candle light at five star restaurants, long walks on the beach in the moonlight, love letters, custom poetry, and anything else you can do to show her she’s the center of the universe, if only for the moment.

She lives in a heady rush of emotion, swinging mercurially between giddy heights of passion down to implausible doldrums of feeling neglected and back on up again with a single sincere word. She just wants to make sure you really want her, that you’re willing to work for it.

It’s not that she hates sex, or that she’s a tease, far from it. She just wants to make sure you’re going to make it worth her time and she loves being treated like a princess.

It’s not about material things it’s about knowing she’s gotten up under your skin, that she’s cast her spell and drawn you in.

So be it.

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Don't forget to breatheDCypher posts: Days go by but a steady stream of delightful content just keeps pouring out of Met Art like a river of sweet girly nectar. Their archives are deep and they keep updating and updating.

I know some of you think I’m biased at this point, despite adding tons of other free content to this site, but Met Art continues to amaze me. From the response that I’ve gotten it continues to amaze many of you as well.

Where on earth do they find all these hot ass young chicks with perfect breasts? Fuck me sideways. Only Met Art knows.

This lovely lady has a name that is virtually impossible to pronounce. In fact, her name looks more like the town Saddam Hussein used to summer in when he was in his early teens than the moniker used to identify a human being.

I renamed her Lucia. I’m sure it won’t slow your stroke.

Enjoy the set.

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DCypher posts: Jenni likes collecting seashells down by the seashore.

Say that ten times fast…no wait…don’t. I take it back. You’re just gonna hurt yourself trying that hard kid.

Jenni’s a natural exhibitionist who loves the beach more than she loves anything in the world.

She dreams about swimming with dolphins.

She reads articles about climate change in National Geographic.

She watches movies with smooth surfer boys and touches herself until she goes numb, you know, down there.

She’s steady dreaming of the day that she can visit Sea World. Once for Halloween she dressed up as Aqua Girl. The next year she dressed up as Arial from the Little Mermaid and wore a red wig.

She wants to study to be an oceanographer at UCSD but first she wants to model nude for a while to raise awareness about pollution. She’s an eco-warrior in training trust me.

When she turned 18, which was like 49 and a half seconds ago, she ran to the closest ocean and stripped off all of her clothing and took these pictures. It was awesome. You should have been there. I was there.

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Maria Darling DCypher posts: It’s hard to ignore a stunning beauty like Maria. Truly.

She’s an art school student in Paris, at the Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art on Rue Vivienne. She’s big into Picasso. She’s an Algerian native who prefers Holland to anywhere else but Paris Nord. She’s smoked pot on Jim Morrison’s grave in broad daylight as a tribute to the Lizard King.

She’s as mercurial as she is beautiful though. One minute she’s playfully as a kitten and the next she wants to fight or fuck. Then she withdraws, acting all sullen and pouting until the right combination of pleading and prodding produces a terse series of embarrassed giggles that devolve into peals of unmitigated laughter. She takes Thayls to Amsterdam or London on weekends listening to Chomsky on her iPod the whole way.

Like I said, she’s pretty crazy. She spends her free time obsessively studying 9/11 conspiracy theories. She’s convinced that the Bush Administration is attempting to gain global hegemony according to the original Wolfowitz doctrines regarding Pax Americana.

She wants to know why so many prominent physicists are questioning the official report on the Twin Towers but the media isn’t. She wants to know why no one talks about George W. Bush’s brother Marvin Bush and his involvement in security for the Twin Towers prior to 9/11. She wants to know why Building 7 fell for no reason. She’s not convinced that the official report is telling us everything. She’s not convinced Rumsfield misspoke when he said United 93 was shot out of the sky.

She wants to know if Norman Mineta has trouble sleeping at night despite being made a partner in renowned public relations firm Hill & Knowlton. She wants to know what he meant when he asked Vice President Dick Cheney if the orders still stood. She wants to know what Andrew Card said to President Bush when he whispered in his ear.

She wants to know how the country can be lead by men like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and Jeb Bush, who “prophetically” suggested in 2000 in their think tank PNAC that a catastrophic event like a new Pearl Harbor was needed to justify the militarization of space, a defense budget of world conquest proportions, seizing control of civil liberties, justifying preemptively striking nations deemed as threats, wrestling control of oil reserves by force, and effectively establishing a New World Order.

She wants to know why the American people don’t seem to care more, how they can refer to the firemen and police and victims of 9/11 and soldiers in the Afghanistan and Iraq as their heroes but refuse to honor the sacrifices they made by demanding full disclosure, transparency, and accountability regarding the events of that terrible day.

Luckily for us she’s a hot nude model, so we’ll just let her go on asking her crazy and irrelevant questions and enjoy this amazing gallery of her displaying her nearly perfect barely legal breasts. She’s clearly paranoid, has too much free time on her hands, and unlimited access to the web. Given how hot she looks with her clothes off she’s more than likely bipolar. In time she’ll learn to stop asking hard to answer questions like the rest of us have. She’ll either have children to occupy her time or make it as an artist and enjoy the unprecedented comforts that middle class debt has afforded the rest of us.

Silly girl.

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DCypher posts: Ever since she turned 18 all Megan has dreamed about is her first time with a man.

“Every night before I go to bed I fantasize about what my first time is going to be like,” the stunning Nordic beauty confesses. “I get so hot and bothered that I wear myself out. I feel this ache race through my body and my pussy gets all wet and juicy and I just explode.”

Megan’s no stranger to mechanical love though. She’s already destroyed two vibrators since her birthday, which is why she is working her way up to a bigger and badder fetish roster than just idly diddling herself under the covers; exhibitionism.

“I like to masturbate outdoors now,” she explains. “I close my eyes and imagine that the perfect guy is going to come along and find me all naked and juiced up and just take my virginity without even speaking a word. One minute I’m just pulling myself apart begging for it and the next he’s ravishing me the way a severely obese individual tears into an extra value meal on a thirty-minute lunch break. It’s so naughty that it’s the perfect turn on…and it involves food, which is kinda cool.”

Her first time fuck wish list includes George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Kevin Federline, Scott Fayner, and Tom Green…in that exact order. Despite several attempts to reach the aforementioned individuals Megan is still very much intact and hymenally challenged. Please click the link and see if you can help this poor beautiful barely legal woman in training. God bless you.

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DCypher posts: Looking at young Lidiya here is like taking a trip down memory lane. Back when I used to have the sweetest tooth in the world for girls with red hair and porcelain white skin she would have been the perfect drug.


I would have called her my Blue Magic and she could have called me Frank, if you dig my meaning.

Still she’s looking more than amazing in her leg warmers posing her perfect young body off like she’s just daring me to reconvert to the red, her every twist another taunt, that innocent smile enough to kill a diabetic and end this pointless diatribe.

You know they say in twelve step programs that an addict’s rate of recidivism, his or her chances of going back to using, are pretty astronomical, or so I’ve heard. I’m not much for anything that’s stepped on personally, but I understand what those cult fuckers are talking about when I look at this set. I know some of you do too…mostly the ones that are already done reading this swill and deep into the free pix of red velvet right now.

The rest of you are either gay or possess incredible superhuman will power akin to that posited by philosophical great Nietzsche in his early work.

Sweet Lidiya might just be that “one last high” I’ve been waiting for, one final taste of the red that gets me strung out on bad Irish former Catholic schoolgirls hell bent on pissing off their daddies by just giving it all away. I’m not like you though. Trust me. I can quit whenever I want. It’s not a problem. I just like looking at the pictures.

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Altea and the residential area behind the town, Altea Hills, is one of the most desirable locations on the Spanish Costa Blanca, and is a popular choice for buying property in Spain.

With exceptional views over the Mediterranean, the bay of Altea and the stunning Costa Blanca coastline, Altea is blessed with being Spain’s perfect location. The sea views across the bay are even more attractive at night when the surrounding towns are illuminated, or so legend has it.

The pretty, young model with the amazing body you see here is not really named Altea. That’s just the name she chose to enter the mysterious and alluring world of nude modeling.

She likes boys. She likes putting on makeup. She likes trying on panties and posing in the mirror.

She took her first nude photos herself, with a camera phone, in the mirror. She sent them to her boyfriend. She begged him not to show anyone else. She felt so dirty. She sent him a new picture of herself everyday for a week.

When he slept with her best friend Maria she decided to get back at him by posting them on Craigslist under Casual Encounters. She made a lot of new friends.

Her set with Met Art is one of the Top 10 rated sets ever. I think it’s easy to see why. If you’re ever stuck in Madrid for the weekend you might want to check into the Ritz, a five star with wifi internet access, and surf CL for one of her special posts.

From all outward appearences she’s just getting started.



Trick or Treat!DCypher post: With soft, pale skin, and raven dark tresses Nina is a natural beauty in every sense of the word. This year for Halloween she’s decided to trick or treat naked.

“I love being naked,” she giggled.

“Now that I’m eighteen I wanted to do something to show everyone that I’m not just a kid anymore, I’m all grown up. I’m planning on hitting all the houses in my neighborhood after midnight without a stitch of clothing on!”

With a body so sweet she’s guaranteed to give you a cavity, we’re sure this little devil is going to get both tricked and treated until she can’t sit down properly tomorrow.

For a special sneak preview of the goods check out her FREE gallery below.

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Sweet SerenaDCypher posts: This is Serena. I have asked her repetitively to keep her clothing on but she never listens. I keep telling her that no one wants to see her running around all barely legal and naked showing off her perfect young breasts and freshly shaved kitty all wet and dripping with girly nectar. I’ve done all I can to let her know that the kind of attention men will give her for flaunting her nubile body, supple breasts, and baby soft skin, isn’t the kind of attention she really needs and that it can lead to all sorts of problems in life.

I warned her that men like Jackie Treehorn treats objects like women. She’s so crazy that she stripped while we were talking and did her best to blow me mid speech.

See if you can find her funny birthmark. It looks like presidential candidate Mitt Romney arm wrestling Senator Barack Obama over Florida State. See for yourself if you don’t believe me.

I think you will find the journey to be far more interesting than the destination.

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alicia DCypher posts: I firmly believe one of the many great things about the internet is the amazing access it gives us to porn glorious porn. Sure blogging is nice, partisan tainted news is swell to kill an afternoon, You Tube and MySpace are both pleasant distractions from the crushing reality of the matrix we are caught in, not to mention The Onion, but in the end the internet is all about the pr0n. Let’s face it, if we were to strip away all adult related content from the web this grand little Gore inspired experiment would deflate faster than Greenspan’s erection during years of economic stability and flush.

Which brings me to my point. This is my newest MySpace friend Alicia. She’s like most 18 year-old Russian internet sex fantasy girls in that when she’s not taking on anonymous sex partners she randomly meets online she likes to shop at the mall with her friends, practice violin scales, and gargle pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks. Then again, who doesn’t this time of year?

She told me that her greatest ambitions lie in deep sea exploration and mycology but that for now she has had to put that all on hold, crippled, as it were, by the onset of her extraordinary beauty.

She also told me that her mother may or may not desperately need an operation, which may or may not explain why she felt compelled to share her luscious body with total strangers.

Let’s take a moment and honor that life altering decision, embracing it along with her, by perusing this fine FREE collection of barely legal nudity in the comforts of our own homes and hearths shall we?

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