Sandee WestgateDCypher posts: Sandee Westgate is hands down the biggest lesbian I know…which believe it or not is saying a lot. She’s also a regulation hottie, as they say. We’ve been involved in a cat and mouse game of leaving each other funny Myspace messages about dog poop for about a year now. I am patient though, and I will wait her out, and eventually win, and get her to send a new copy of GIRLFRIENDS to me. You wait and see.

Danni Dot Com keeps sending me these phenomenal hosted galleries of girls like Sandee and most of the time they just go to waste, rotting in my inbox, instead of being shared with good porn loving folk like you.

I’ve thought long and hard about it, meditated in silence with Zen monks underneath waterfalls, read The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, played Stairway to Heaven backwards, smoked DMT with Shamans, consulted with Rabbis, and even watched a couple episodes of Bill O’Reilly. I’ve lost sleep to be honest. I want to do the right thing but I’m weak. I know that enabling behavior is not compassionate, I get it, but I still feel deep in my heart that no matter what Fayner has told you FREE PORN IS WONDERFUL!!! Does that make me evil?

Maybe we can just call it sample porn then? Just think of it like that first vial of crack cocaine that gets you hooked and makes you come back for more of the expensive kind as your habit grows. Look on these exquisite pix of my dear friend Sandee Westgate as your gateway drug if it makes you feel better, the precursor to the hard stuff.

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