This is why they call him LORDDCypher posts: What do Bree Olsen, a guy in a chicken suit, luchadors, serial killers, male strip dancers, fluffers, Evan Stone, twenty-four hour cable news feeds, genies, divisive partisan cat fight grudge fucks, alt-porn, and lesbian pillow fight orgies all have in common?

They are just the tip of the iceberg in David Lord’s new feature sex comedy for Adam and Eve tentatively titled BREE OLSON’S SLUMBER PARTY.

David hired an all-star cast that included Penny Flame, Kayden Kross, Aiden Starr, and Roxy Deville. Since I wrote it I demanded to play the guy in the chicken suit moshing to Mexican speed metal. You’d do the same thing if it were up to you so don’t talk shit.

Bree has like six personalities and devours Starbucks like she sucks dick. She fucking rocks!!! Not only can she deliver dialogue inspired by Noam Chomsky without batting an eye or stopping for breath she literally fucks like a wild animal pumped up on crack rock and adrenaline. Adam and Eve really scored when they added her to the team.

Penny Flame is, well, Penny Flame. She’s a nonstop riot. Her infectious and non sequitur humor keeps everyone going making the hours fly by. I will never get tired of watching her fuck and in a political debate that girl can hold her own.

Aiden is like a slutty little smurf. Evan Stone fucked her literally senseless and no one could figure out how he got his whole dick in her tiny little body. I’d call her precocious but that would be underestimating her.

Kayden is a dirty, Nietzsche loving, vegetarian, objectivist with weird ab muscles who doesn’t like boys with tattoos. Every crew member had about a zillion tattoos they were trying to cover after hearing that heartbreaking news. She’s a little piece of heaven though. God only knows how Vivid let her get away.

Roxy Deville has an amazing ass. She easily outfucked her partner. I almost felt bad for the poor guy.

Overall the movie was a lot of fun to make, even if we had to give up partying on Halloween weekend to do it. There is a fourway girl girl scene with Aiden, Bree, Kayden, and Penny that started out with the best pillow fight porn has ever seen and devolved into a no holes barred lesbian orgy. Delightful!

Check out all the action in the photo gallery I put together. It seriously took me like an entire day to clean, crop, upload, code, and host them so I hope you enjoy them. Suits kill art, baby! Remember that I told you that? Suits kill art.

Bree Olson Slumber Party Pix

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