Tricia Approved This PicHi everyone,

I’m going to the Tonight Show today to show my support for Representative Ron Paul.

If you haven’t heard him yet and would like an idea of what he’s about, take a peek. He’s running as a republican, but has mostly libertarian ideas… which means that he’s the candidate most likely to NOT try to take down the porn business.

Aside from that, I agree with a lot of his other platforms, but on a strictly adult-business sense, I hope that you get a chance to check him out tonight (Tuesday) on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno or on his website at

Thanks for letting me take a minute out of your busy day!

Karen Stagliano

Fayner Says: All I know about this guy Ron Paul is what I saw on a TV clip of that faggy songstress John Mayer preaching about him. Although Tricia/Karen is an awesome person, I cannot support any candidate that John Mayer does, strictly on principle. Oh, yeah, and he’s a Republican.

But thanks nonetheless, Karen. We love you!

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