Penny Flame Says Porn Stars are Hookers

Penny Flame says : “There really is no difference between being a Porn Star and being a prostitute. One is a bit safer than the other and tested for STD’s, but for the most part they are the same. In fact, the majority of Porn Stars sideline as prostitutes, or “Escorts,” although they will deny it vehemently.”

Former porn star Penny Flame now writes for the Huffington Post.  Today she wrote a story called Why Would Montana Fishburne Become a Porn Star?

In the story she really slaps her former co-stars and so called friends in the face by calling them out as hookers.  Here is another clip from her ramblings.

Doing porn temporarily will dig you deeper down the pornographic hole. When and if women are lucky enough to climb out, they will need tons of therapy to understand why they choose to prostitute themselves for mere peanuts. And if they don’t get that kind of help, it is my personal opinion they will be faced with challenges in their intimate and social lives, daily.

It is amazing to me how quick some people will turn on the industry and people they called their friends and family for years.  I’ve personally never been a fan of Penny Flame and now even more so.  Below is the full story from the Huffington Post.

From the day I entered the adult business to the present moment, one question arises in every interview regarding pornography. “Why did you get in the business?” While I was participating in the creation of films, my answers were generally something along the lines of, “Well, I love sex so this makes sense!” Or, “I’ve always been comfortable with my sexuality, and this seems like a fun way to explore!” And as someone who has interviewed plenty of Porn Stars for my own productions, I’ve heard just about every answer there seems to be.

“It’s empowering!”

“I needed the money.”

“Porn is pretty mainstream, so I’m hoping to cross over one day.”

After I left the business, my answers changed drastically, and thanks to intensive therapy, I’m now able to comprehend more fully why the adult industry became my industry. Superficial answer? Money. This is the answer most people seem to like because it’s something we can all grasp. However, when you take this superficial answer out of the equation, as money is probably not a motivational factor behind Montana Fishburne’s entry into the adult business, the question poses a great gaping hole in our society. Montana, her family and the people who interview her will run to throw answers in that hole, filling it to the brim to make sense of a seemingly senseless act.

But this isn’t Montana’s first go-round in the world of selling sex, the young Fishburne and her attention seeking behavior apparently got in some trouble in 2009 in Hollywood, and she was later charged with prostitution. And perhaps you are asking yourself the same question I’ve asked myself since leaving porn — What is the difference between being a Porn Star and being a prostitute? Fundamentally, nothing. As a Porn Star, you sell sex for money the same you do as a prostitute. Emotionally? Socially? Theoretically? What are the bigger differences between pornography and prostitution, and what must a girl convince herself of, in order to be in either of these professions? I’m not quite sure about Montana, as I never interviewed her personally, but here are a few of the things I had to believe in order to be a successful Porn Star.

First Belief: Porn Stars are different than prostitutes because we pay taxes, it’s on camera, in front of the world, and not in some dark scary alley. It’s different because the person I am being paid to have sex with is being paid to have sex with me too. There are conventions that welcome me, such as the AVN Expo in Vegas, whereas there are no conventions (with fans) for prostitutes. Therefore, I am not a prostitute.

Second Belief: My participation in pornography doesn’t hurt anybody, not even me.

Third Belief: My parents should be proud of me for being such a successful woman in this male-driven business.

Fourth Belief: Using my sexuality to obtain money, respect and success is empowering.

Fifth Belief: Doing this temporarily will take me somewhere better permanently.

When I quit, and started going to therapy, I had to deconstruct each of these beliefs, as they’d become so ingrained in my way of thinking they had taken over my way of living.

First Truth: There really is no difference between being a Porn Star and being a prostitute. One is a bit safer than the other and tested for STD’s, but for the most part they are the same. In fact, the majority of Porn Stars sideline as prostitutes, or “Escorts,” although they will deny it vehemently.

Second Truth: My participation in pornography, while accepted by my family (I was honest from the beginning), still broke the hearts of those who love me. My Mom and Dad had wanted more for me than selling sex. My little brother had to deal with kids at school who made fun of him because his sister was a whore. My little sister, who once looked up to me, thought I was taking the easy way out. And as mentioned, I’ve been in therapy for the past year and a half trying to rehabilitate myself from the damages both I, and my participation in pornography, caused. To say “selling sex for money won’t harm you” is to say seismic activity today, won’t cause tidal waves hundreds of miles away tomorrow.

Third Truth: My parents are proud of me no matter what I do. But they knew I could do more.

Fourth Truth: Using my sexuality to be financially stable, respected and successful is not empowering. It is manipulative and the same as sleeping with your boss to get a raise. I am a hustler and a master manipulator. Going back to school is empowering because I am creating a sustainable future with my mind, not my vagina.

Fifth Truth: Doing porn temporarily will dig you deeper down the pornographic hole. When and if women are lucky enough to climb out, they will need tons of therapy to understand why they choose to prostitute themselves for mere peanuts. And if they don’t get that kind of help, it is my personal opinion they will be faced with challenges in their intimate and social lives, daily.

So there is a much bigger answer to a very small question, with many implications shrouded in gray. Perhaps Montana never figured out how to get positive attention from her Dad, and this is her go-to. Maybe she is just as manipulative as me, and her age and career choices prohibit her from recognizing her truths. Maybe she is trying to create her own path in the public eye, and is too afraid to follow in her Dad’s mainstream footsteps — as they are large shoes to fill. Whatever her current and probably superficial reasons behind getting into porn may be, one thing is guaranteed: There will be a day when this is not a viable career, and she will be left exposed, without the Chippy D persona, to find her own truths as Montana.

Penny Flame on The View

For those of you who aren’t up on your daytime TV, The View is a program that features a panel of women as co-hosts. Today’s hosts were Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Sherri Shepherd and, in replace of an absent Barbara Walters there was reality mom Kate Gosselin of Kate and John Plus 8.

On today’s gab fest they invited Dr. Drew and his little pet project, porn star Penny Flame.  Oh excuse me, former porn star Jennie Ketchum.  In this special edition of The View, they focused on the concept of woman and addiction and that included a segment with Penny Flame talking about her sex addiction and her time as a porn star.

What I found most interesting, or should I say most offensive is her public disdain for the adult industry.  She implied she was tricked into being a porn star and that when she went to meet with a guy about doing a solo nude photo shoot and how that later led into making movies.  Again my problem is that she sort of implied it was all a big set up to trick her young, naive ass – taking no responsibility whatsoever for her actions.

Penny Flame also admitted on the shop she went into this with fraud in mind and that the only reason she joined the show with Dr. Drew was to further her adult career however while she was there, about 5 days in realized she had a problem.

Of course she did take time out from throwing her so called friends who are still in the adult industry under the bus, to blame her father for their parents divorce and then said because he wasn’t in her life during her formative years, that made her damage and that led up to her being a porn star and her sex addiction.

I used to support Penny Flame and her attempt to find herself but no longer – at least not at the expense of the adult industry that supported her for so many years.  Fuck her and her fake ass lies.

Kayden Kross is one busy little bee

Porn Star Kayden Kross may very well be the Ryan Seacrest of the porn business, in that she has more jobs than you can shake a stick at … to say she has been one busy little bee is an understatement.  First we have the release of her new movie from Vivid called Busting The Babysitter.  (click the title of that movie to get to the link for the movie trailer)  It looks to be a quirky little sex comedy, that was directed by Chuck Lords.

We all know that Kayden Kross blogs over at Mike South but did you know that she also blogs on her Myspace page, and now for Adult Stars Magazine too?!  She’s also busy working on her official website ( and promises that she personally will be involved in it.  Interestingly enough, apparently she also blogs over at xCritic as well, along with Penny Flame, Shay Jordan and Eva Angelina.

And somehow she found time to fly to Vegas for the Xbiz summer 2008 show last week and win the iporn hot body contest as well as taking 3rd in the MIss XBIZ pageant.

Porn Star Kayden Kross

Nikki Jayne is the new Miss XBIZ Summer 2008

Right now there is a small adult gathering going on in Las Vegas for industry professionals and as part of that event they held the Miss XBIZ Summer 2008 event.  Competing for the title were a total of 10 girls including Vivid’s new starlet Nikki Jayne, Alyssah Simone and former Vivid girl, now Adam & Eve contract star Kayden Kross as well as Penny Flame, Sunny Lane, Joanna Angel, Renae Perez, Tricia Uptown, Puma Swede and Moxie Maddron.

Porn Star Nikki Jayne

First place was awarded to Nikki Jayne, the second place winner was Alyssah Simone and third place went to Kayden Kross.  You can read all about the event at XBIZ.  Contest judges included XBIZ owner Alec Helmy, Vivid contract performer Sunny Leone, CC Bill’s Ron Cadwell, Steve Lightspeed, Albert from SilverCash and Jenni Dahling.

In the end, Nikki Jayne won with a touch of British charm, telling the judges that she deserved to win because she was the “freshest face in porn.” A confident stripper strut in her white crocheted bikini and a dance performance outfitted as a sexy cowgirl was what ultimately got her the winner’s tiara.

Congrats to Nikki Jayne on her win



This is why they call him LORDDCypher posts: What do Bree Olsen, a guy in a chicken suit, luchadors, serial killers, male strip dancers, fluffers, Evan Stone, twenty-four hour cable news feeds, genies, divisive partisan cat fight grudge fucks, alt-porn, and lesbian pillow fight orgies all have in common?

They are just the tip of the iceberg in David Lord’s new feature sex comedy for Adam and Eve tentatively titled BREE OLSON’S SLUMBER PARTY.

David hired an all-star cast that included Penny Flame, Kayden Kross, Aiden Starr, and Roxy Deville. Since I wrote it I demanded to play the guy in the chicken suit moshing to Mexican speed metal. You’d do the same thing if it were up to you so don’t talk shit.

Bree has like six personalities and devours Starbucks like she sucks dick. She fucking rocks!!! Not only can she deliver dialogue inspired by Noam Chomsky without batting an eye or stopping for breath she literally fucks like a wild animal pumped up on crack rock and adrenaline. Adam and Eve really scored when they added her to the team.

Penny Flame is, well, Penny Flame. She’s a nonstop riot. Her infectious and non sequitur humor keeps everyone going making the hours fly by. I will never get tired of watching her fuck and in a political debate that girl can hold her own.

Aiden is like a slutty little smurf. Evan Stone fucked her literally senseless and no one could figure out how he got his whole dick in her tiny little body. I’d call her precocious but that would be underestimating her.

Kayden is a dirty, Nietzsche loving, vegetarian, objectivist with weird ab muscles who doesn’t like boys with tattoos. Every crew member had about a zillion tattoos they were trying to cover after hearing that heartbreaking news. She’s a little piece of heaven though. God only knows how Vivid let her get away.

Roxy Deville has an amazing ass. She easily outfucked her partner. I almost felt bad for the poor guy.

Overall the movie was a lot of fun to make, even if we had to give up partying on Halloween weekend to do it. There is a fourway girl girl scene with Aiden, Bree, Kayden, and Penny that started out with the best pillow fight porn has ever seen and devolved into a no holes barred lesbian orgy. Delightful!

Check out all the action in the photo gallery I put together. It seriously took me like an entire day to clean, crop, upload, code, and host them so I hope you enjoy them. Suits kill art, baby! Remember that I told you that? Suits kill art.

Bree Olson Slumber Party Pix