Penny Flame on The View

For those of you who aren’t up on your daytime TV, The View is a program that features a panel of women as co-hosts. Today’s hosts were Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Sherri Shepherd and, in replace of an absent Barbara Walters there was reality mom Kate Gosselin of Kate and John Plus 8.

On today’s gab fest they invited Dr. Drew and his little pet project, porn star Penny Flame.  Oh excuse me, former porn star Jennie Ketchum.  In this special edition of The View, they focused on the concept of woman and addiction and that included a segment with Penny Flame talking about her sex addiction and her time as a porn star.

What I found most interesting, or should I say most offensive is her public disdain for the adult industry.  She implied she was tricked into being a porn star and that when she went to meet with a guy about doing a solo nude photo shoot and how that later led into making movies.  Again my problem is that she sort of implied it was all a big set up to trick her young, naive ass – taking no responsibility whatsoever for her actions.

Penny Flame also admitted on the shop she went into this with fraud in mind and that the only reason she joined the show with Dr. Drew was to further her adult career however while she was there, about 5 days in realized she had a problem.

Of course she did take time out from throwing her so called friends who are still in the adult industry under the bus, to blame her father for their parents divorce and then said because he wasn’t in her life during her formative years, that made her damage and that led up to her being a porn star and her sex addiction.

I used to support Penny Flame and her attempt to find herself but no longer – at least not at the expense of the adult industry that supported her for so many years.  Fuck her and her fake ass lies.

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