Happy Halloween!DCypher posts: Halloween rules. I love this time of year. In between drunken summer beach parties in Dogtown and Hermosa and frosty winter board sessions in Tahoe and Mammoth, nestled in the calendar’s hefty cleavage, lies the greatest holiday of all.

It’s hard to put your finger on just what makes it so amazing.

Could it be all the hot girls dressed up like sexy pirates and dirty cops and slutty pixies? Could it be pumpkin spiced lattes and festive accoutrement? Could it be scary moobies, haunted houses, ghost stories, and pumpkin carving? Could it be the mind-boggling cultural phenomenon of celebrating a pagan holiday in a radically Christian nation by dressing up in clever disguises and extorting candy from each other? You’ve got to admit, that’s pretty cool…but for now let’s get back to the pumpkin carving.

I’m pretty much the master of creative pumpkin design, no joke, which is why I decided to step back and allow Ava Rose, of Adam and Eve contract fame, to take a swing at it. She’s pretty feisty, and I admit I was a little nervous to let her have the knife and all, but I was in a good mood after visiting with my brother Keith so I figured what the hell. Still, you never know what kind of industrial accidents might occur when you give a porn girl a blade so I donned my tequila drinking hat and allowed the sweet liquid anesthesia to numb the potential pain I might be subjecting myself to then put on a protective cup for extra measure.

Ava doesn’t really cook, as far as I know, unless that’s just a clever ruse for escaping kitchen duties, so I was pretty surprised by how quickly she gutted the pumpkins and started carving them up. She’s good with the steel, like Dexter from Showtime, quick clean cuts, all logic – no emotion.

Don’t turn your back on her…that’s all I’m saying.

Check out Ava Rose’s cool pumpkin pix gallery by clicking the link….suckapunch!


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