Morgan Dayne wants to fuck you … no seriously she does

Morgan Dayne, don’t tell me you forgot who she was?  Click here to check out the photos from a movie she did a while back, before she got signed on as the first ever contract star for award winning director Cezar Capone.   If you are looking at the pictures she’s the chick in scene 2.   I asked her what she thought about the upcoming Pornstarville party this year and she said ….

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When Cezar Capone called and told me I was going to be hosting the Pornstarville party my panties got fucking wet!   We are making it the official release party for my new movie JOHNNY LOVES MORGAN so Frank from IVD promised me I could fuck whatever fan I wanted and Cezar will film it and put it in my next DVD bonus section so this goes out to all my fans, LOOK YOUR BEST!”

Holy fuck now that’s some crazy ass shit.  Morgan Dayne is going to pick some guy at random from the Pornstarville 2009 party and fuck them?  I think in the infamous words of Paris Hilton …

That’s Hot!

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