Madelyn Marie Goes Exclusive

According to a story that appeared today on AVN, Madelyn Marie has signed an exclusive contract with Bluebird films.

Madelyn Marie from Hocus Pocus XXX

Madelyn Marie from the set of Hocus Pocus XXX

LOS ANGELES—Bluebird Films has signed Madelyn Marie to an exclusive contract.

Marie earned a 2010 AVN award nomination for Unsung Starlet of the Year.

“There was a lot of competition to get me under contract, but I went with Bluebird because they have the best platform for talent development. With them, I get the opportunity to work around the world at their USA, UK and Prague studios,” Marie said. “What finally swung me was playing Catwoman in their Premiere label movie Batfucks. When you see the budget, style, acting and directing talent in that movie, you know you’re in a different league. Even in between takes, people were Twittering about the costumes and the set.”

Marie continued, “I also wanted more opportunities to play alongside Paul Chaplin. Apart from being the studio owner and producer for Bluebird, he’s the most amazing actor I have ever seen. When you see how he plays the Joker in Batfucks, you’ll know what I mean.”

Nicholas Steele, CEO of Bluebird USA said, “We’re privileged to have a star of Madelyn Marie’s beauty, grace and talent join us. She’s am amazing performer on-set and she has a great rapport with the fans off set. We’ll be building a lot of movies around her this year and we’re sure she’ll stay at number 1 for a long time.”

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