Hey Porn Stars … Don’t Make the “JILLIAN” Mistake

As a porn star, your name is everything.  It is your brand.  It is you.  It is your means to make money.  Fans know you by your name.  Agents book you by your name.  I mean it’s a pretty simple concept … without a name, how would people know who you are, right?

Your name needs to be unique to you and that is why it’s better to have a first and last name.  Sure they are a lot of Jenna’s out there, but there is only one Jenna Jameson.
But don’t just take my word for it.

Let’s look at the case of the former Good Day LA host, Jillian Barberie Reynolds has been working hard these last 10 years to build up her career on a national level.  On the local scene, she had more than made it.  Everyone knew who Jillian Barberie Reynolds was.  But on a national level she wasn’t quite as famous.  But she got lucky and she did start to expand her brand nationally.  She even got not one but two different gigs as a weight watchers spokesperson and on a few reality TV shows.

The problem is, when she started accepting these international jobs she often times would only identify herself as just Jillian.

Well it turns out if people are looking for a famous Jillian they would find Jillian Michaels and not her.  Why?  Well because the other Jillian is far more famous.  It was a huge branding mistake and has no doubt cost her a lot of promotion for her brand.

So, what does all of this mean to you?

It means get a unique, easy to remember name and use it.  Don’t go around just using your friend name.  Remember your full name is your brand so use it every chance you get.
If you search IAFD you will find there are 30 different porn stars who have used or are currenly using the name “Audrey”.   But you know what?  There is only one Audrey Hollander.  That is how her fans know her.  That is how they identify with her brand.

Just something to keep that in mind next time you are working on building your brand.