Monica Foster vs Darrah Ford

I read a story today on Adult FYI claiming that internet blogger Darrah Ford is also Dave Pounder, pretending to be a chick – or so say Monica Foster.

One of the pieces of evidence used is that both people give their email in the same way … davepounder [at] gmail [dot] com

Well I do that too.  I’ve been doing that for years.  It’s a great way to avoid spam bots.  Does that make me Darrah Ford as well?  Or Maybe I’m Dave Pounder.  Or Maybe I’m …..

Another piece of so called evidence ” On all 3 sites: , and – they all have “book recommendations”.”

Really? That is your big revelation?  There are about 200 adult blogs that all have book recommendations.  It dates back to when people were trying to make money from amazon, long before that became a wasted effort.  Then it just sort of stuck.  But you know where Darrah Ford really got the idea from?  Luke Ford.  The real Luke Ford, the person.

I guess I should start from the beginning.  Darrah Ford and Monica Foster do not get along, like them or hate them, it really doesn’t matter.  The fact is, those two just flat out don’t get a long.  Darrah Ford recently called Monica Foster out on something shady she did and in typical Darrah fashion, she went after it like there was no tomorrow.  Monica Foster reacted by threatening to ‘expose her’ if she didn’t back off.

Expose her as what I wondered.  It was then when I read the story on Adult FYI that I realized what she meant.  She was expose her as being someone that apparently a lot of people don’t like, this guy named Dave Pounder.

Well I know someone that knows Dave Pounder very, very well and he assures me 10,000% that Dave Pounder and Darrah Ford are not the same person.

In addition, the only “proof” Monica Foster gives is quite honestly stupid.

Darrah Ford types her email in the same way that many, many, many webmasters do – 1000s of them.  What the hell kind of dumb ass evidence is that?  Seriously?!?!?!?!

I had to LOL on that one.

For awhile now I’ve been posting on  I started doing it quite honestly because of the SEO value I got out of it for my own site.  I know some of the articles on here by others are negative but that didn’t matter to me.  It was of great SEO benefit of me so I started my own postings.  I never posted anything negative really.  I tried to be above all of that.

Well one day some dick wad on twitter started accusing me of being someone I am not.  It upset me at first but then I realized the person say it was a dumb ass so what do I care if he says I am someone I am not.

I think that a lot of people in our industry talk a whole world of shit.  People just seem to love to talk out there ass and apparently this whole Monica Foster and Darrah Ford thing is no different.

I won’t say that Monica Foster is right or wrong, nor will I say Darrah Ford is right or wrong.  But what I will say is this …. in the future if you are going to have a stupid twitter fight with someone, don’t pull evidence out of your ass.  It only makes you look like a dumb ass and well, in this business we have enough dumb asses.  We don’t need more.

Bree Olson Lost 22 Pounds!!

Just read a great story on the Darrah Ford website about Bree Olson and how seriously amazing she looks right now.

Many had criticized Bree Olson on her weight though she looked great and was never “fat” as others had claimed. She looked healthy and not emaciated like many do when they go through extreme diets. It was confirmed this week that she’s now a free agent and no longer under contract with Adam & Eve.

Whenever you can’t come to an agreement in renewing a contract, it’s usually she wants more money and a bigger percentage of the residuals. But maybe Bree’s weight was part of the problem that lead to her leaving Adam & Eve. She’s now lost all this weight and the company wasn’t overjoyed doing everything now to keep her signed with them? So what happened before she left that might have lead to her leaving? With everything Bree does on camera more so than many of the other women out there, why wouldn’t they do everything they could to keep her especially now that she lost all this weight?

I just feel that there’s something more to this than just her wanting more money. Many also say Bree is crazy and so out of control basing much of their opinion on what she writes on her Twitter. She’s as crazy as the next person is. We’re all crazy. But you can’t paint an image of what she’s like off camera just from reading her Twitter that many, including myself, don’t believe to be true much of the time. She’s a porn star. Would you rather her write how she’s home alone knitting? You would never hear any criticism if a male porn star was on his Twitter talking about all the different women he claims to be having sex with every night.

From her Twitter: August 30:

For everyone asking how much weight I’ve lost: I have lost 22 pounds. It’s vegan baby! It’s the way to go! 😉 wait until you see me on video

Monica Mayhem Officially Retires

Darrah Ford has a great story on her new website that tells how Monica Mayhem has not only retired from porn but she got married and moved back to Australia.

Monica Mayhem is engaged, retires, and is moving back home to Australia.

I earlier saw this tweet on Apache Warrior’s Twitter page congratulating Monica on her engagement. I looked back on her twitter page and first found these tweets:

Wednesday, August 4:

Finally getting out of bed. So much to organize to move back to australia! Ahhhh.

@Ricky_Smooth for good! I haven’t quit the business, just not goin to be as easily available.

@robbyebentley yeah wud luv to catch up b4 I leave!

Don’t worry everyone. I hav a plan and all will be fine! I’ll still be tweeting updates and I haven’t left the biz entirely.

Been throwing out so much stuff all day! many files to go thru, so much furniture to sell. moving home is a biatch!

@j3photo Why are you leaving the states? >> lets just say, to live happily ever after!

Ok, wow, now i’m leaving for sydney 2morrow nite. only for about a week, gotta get back home to finish packing for the final move!

Enjoying my new life in bondi beach, beautiful ocean view apartment. I’ll be back in october for my book release and say goodbye 2 friends!

Now four hours ago, Monica confirms she’s officially retired:

Tks everyone, I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I’m engaged and living in bondi beach in sydney. But still luv u all! Xo

I am officially retired from shooting porn, the only person I take my clothes off 4 now is my loving husband. Sorry dear fans thk u xox

Thk u so much all! Please come n meet me at my book launches around the world! Xo

LA Direct Models Breaking The Law Again?

I have to give little Miss Darah Ford credit again. She’s posted a great story on Derek Hay and friends skirting the law yet again. Darrah Ford recently got a tip about Derek Hey from LA Direct Models as well as a few others teaming up, having a fund raiser with a non profit organization, half of the money went to the real non profit organization, they kept the other half for their group. Problem is, it’s against the law. Here is the full story is below.

Is it legal?

A lot of people are making a big deal about the AIM Fundraiser, but someone on adultdvdtalk asks a good question:

“HALF of the money goes to AIM, the other half goes to LATATA (Derek Hay, Joel Lawrence, Type9 etc.)

So if you want to give money to porn agents then by all means show up. If you want to give money to AIM, just go to their website and do it there, or just send them a check.

This is great, holding a fundraiser for AIM and keeping half the money. I challenge LATATA to give ALL the money to AIM. (is this legal, a 501c3 and a for profit organization combing a fundraiser under the guise of helping the nonprofit) Pornlaw, what do ya think?”

Here is the link to the post:

And here is the press release which states that AIM gets only half.

For Immediate Release: “This is Our Industry”

A fundraiser for the Licensed Adult Talent Agency Trade Association (L.A.T.A.T.A.) and the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation (A.I.M. Healthcare) is going to be held on Wednesday, November 11th 2009 @ Les Deux Nightclub in Hollywood, Ca at 9pm.

Recently, the A.I.M. Healthcare Foundation has been the target of aggressive attacks by the Los Angeles County Department of Health (LACDH) and California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal-OSHA). Motivated by LA County Health’s desire to get new funding and power to oversee all adult entertainment production, these began by inspection and probing of three (3) licensed talent agencies, by both LACDH and Cal-OSHA, seeking to obtain records on their producer clients and demanding the disgorgement of such records under the threat of issuance of citation for minor office space, work place violations. They did not do it! They hired attorneys and unified behind LATATA to protect themselves and the industry.

The industries first HIV positive case in five years was then identified in Patient Zero and the governmental effort re-focused on A.I.M. Healthcare because of the central nature of A.I.M. Healthcare to adult talent. As a result, A.I.M. Healthcare has now been embattled in a number of time consuming and expensive law suits to defend its very existence and protect its performer clients and their private medical records from such overreaching governmental intrusion.

Time to fight back! This fundraiser will help the adult industry in it’s fight against the very people that threaten to shut down A.I.M. Healthcare and, in effect, the progress of the adult industry in general! Awareness and support for this event is crucial and these proposed governmental obstructions would affect everyone in the industry from the production companies, agencies, talent, and studios etc.

Nine agencies have joined forces to help create extra money for this cause: L.A. Direct Models, GoldStar Modeling, Adult Talent Managers, Lisa Ann’s Talent Management, Spiegler Girls, Type 9 Models, World Modeling, A-List Talent, and Foxxx Modeling.

This is a red carpet event that will be hosted by representatives from each of the adult agencies. A star studded, who’s who of adult industry performers will be on hand to help raise proceeds.

Door proceeds for this event will be split equally between LATATA and AIM; donations to AIM alone at the event are most welcome and can be made with checks payable to AIM Healthcare Foundation.

Anonymous donations can be made by online via the AIM Website: , or mail checks directly to AIM Healthcare Foundation at 4630 Van Nuys Blvd Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 or by calling the AIM office with a credit card.

All donations are tax deductible as AIM Healthcare Foundation is a California Non Profit Benefit Corporation, Federal Status: 501 ( c ) (3).
Les Deux Nightclub is located at 1638 N. Las Palmas Ave. Hollywood, Ca. 90028.

Someone caught with their dick in the cooker jar!

So who is the studio head with the secret love child that Darrah Ford is talking about?  Well despite my best efforts I can’t get her to reveal the name.   Understandably she doesn’t want to be the cause of a marriage breaking up because apparently whoever this dick wad is, his poor dumb ass wife doesn’t know, despite the fact that the relationship has been going on for years, he has given her undeserved promotions at work and even buying her an expensive car.

So who is this man who can’t keep his dick in his pants?  Well although it could be anyone, because well, most men can’t keep their dicks in their pants, but this man is someone rich and head of an adult company so it can’t be all that hard to figure out?  I’ll do some digging but in the mean time if you all come up with any names do let me know.

Hey girls beware of Steven Koch

I was reading an article today from Darrah Ford and I wanted to pass it on to you so that any girls out there thinking of booking work with this douche bag won’t make that mistake.  I’m so fucking sick and tired of hearing about these guys booking girls to work and not paying them.  I don’t care who you are, who your friends are and what you want to say …. if a girl works for you FUCKING PAY THEM.


From Cheyenne Jewel at xxxPornTalk: LTS suite case pimp is S. I found him in the AVN Directory under PRODUCERS. You would think everyone under that title would be real producers but any idiot can lie and pay the money to get in. I didn’t know that at the time. He claimed to be a content provider for clients.

I show up and shoot. He gives me this lame excuse of how his client has to send a payroll check within a week after the accountant takes taxes out, blah blah blah. A week goes by, no check. I call and he says another will be sent out. I wait again, no check. I realize I have totally been scammed, let alone, raped in a sense because I normally would have never had relations with his disgusting ass.

I start researching him. Talk to a couple other girls who also had bad run ins with him in the past few years. I also run across a blog he posted on: (Not Safe For Work –tube site), with this profile:

“I hope all of you enjoy these movies.. These are personal videos of all the girls that I have hooked up with over the last 10 years.. All the girls in the video are 100 percent cool with being on film and all of the girls were 18 or over when being filmed all 2257 laws were followed. Enjoy these videos and feel free to download them and share them with your friends.. I will upload more soon.. I can also make custom movies for low prices email me at for more details.”

That is when I realized that this fuck is nothing more than a private collector/rapist who preys on girls out of the AVN Directory book. Last week, I show up at his house for my money and his bitch ass wouldn’t come to the door. He was probably peeking out of his blinds. There were cars in the driveway. As soon as I left he started to text me that he is going to file trespassing charges on me. He is a real dumb fuck because I saved every proof of evidence I have about this supposed shoot. Text, emails, voice mails, ect. I do not know how he expects to get away with this.

Evidence of him lying to me and ripping me off. I have emails, text messages, voice mails, ect. They will be used as proof for small claims court. He is getting away with the obvious. Lying to women, false advertisement, ripping people off, ect. You can think I am dumb, pathetic whatever you want. I do not care. I am adult enough to admit I was wrong to get into the situation. I admit I shouldn’t have gave him to benefit of the doubt. Trust me I learned and will never let myself get in a situation like this again. Nor will I waste my time emailing people in the AVN Directory.

Stoya to appear on MTV

Darrah Ford over at Porn Star Babylon has been keeping up with former Digital Playground contract star, Stoya for us and posted this story about Stoya on her blog. It seems that Marilyn Mansion no longer claims they aren’t so serious but now seems to be “obsessed” with her and even goes as far to say that she has helped him stop doing drugs and drinking so much.

Stoya Swastika

Full story here. Stoya, Marilyn Manson, and hopefully her swastika will be appearing on MTV. He’s slated to star in an upcoming feature by his filmmaking hero, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and just last week his French-director chum Gaspar Noe filmed an MTV segment featuring Manson and his new gal pal, adult-film actress Stoya, a woman he’s come to see as his salvation.

Listen closely to “High,” this notoriously hard partier invites, and you can hear him leaving his carnal phase behind with Stoya, whom he became obsessed with — then admittedly stalked — on the Internet.

“And now I’ve strangely curbed my behavior,” he says. “I’ve met a girl who’s managed to make me lose interest in drugs and alcohol, so now I’m driven by romance, love, by the concept of wanting to live, wanting to be better as a person.”

Such serenity is worth fighting for. He says, “I’ve gotten to a spiritual place, and it’s really centered on the importance of what I love. And I will beat down, kill and destroy anything that messes with that.”

Where in the world is Cassidey?

I’ve always loved Cassidey, back even before she was “Cassidey” and we knew her as Paisley Adams.  It’s just something about her look that I have always found stood out from the sea of other porn stars.  I remember reading recently that she had cleaned up her act and was going to start her own official website including creating a ton of new, original content for it.  I think it was going to be something like  But then today I was reading an article from Darrah Ford about her website going poof.

I got this press release announcing the launch of Cassidey’s official website last month. But for a while now, the link to her site won’t go through. I checked her site on Google cache and it says the site is to launch officially at the end of July. And the picture on her site and on my email has now been deleted. I’m trying to look into it now. But does anyone here know what happened?


The first thing I did was check out the website and sure enough, there was no dns entry for it.  Next I went to her official myspace page and notice she has logged into it recently.  It shows that she was last on her page on August 18, 2008.  Next I clicked on her most recently posted blog entry and here is what Cassidey had to say about her life.

Cassidey blogs on her Myspace page on August 7, 2008 : Well it has been like 3 months since I last got on here to even let anyone know that I am still alive.  Well suprise here I am giving the latest update to my life.  I changed phones a few months ago and in doing so I lost all my contacts. I picked up and moved my life from LA to TX and in the last year I can honestly say that I thought it would be hard but weith the type of love I get at home what can I say I barly miss La I miss my friends dont get me wrong but there was just such a huge hole in me that drugs nor alchol could fill.  After my last long term relationship I never thought I would find love again so I just hit and quit everyone in my path male or female. Not gonna lie I had fun doing it and all the parties and late night and people I meet along the way was amazing. However I belive there was one thing missing and that was someone to love. Not just someone who was in love with me but someone I loved back. Belive me there were many who loved and got hurt I dont feel bad they were just not the one.

I have distanced myself from the adult industry since the ninn works contract went south and may I say fuck speirment rhino!!!!! Micheal ninn I love u though.  Anyways Iwas just talking to my boy last night and we had one of those deep ones where we both figure out what we want to do with our lives he is already on his was to being a firefighter and when he gets out of school I think I will go back to school and become Ither a RN or maybe go into PR and marketing I dont know but I have a year to decide.  Till then I guess I shall sit tight.

I had someone that said that they were gonna put a website together for me but promises promises I am so fucking tired of fake ass people that tell u one thing and then never follow through with shit so maybe I will take matters into my own hand and learn how to do my own website and fucking bank on my own.  Well I think that is enough for today but I will write when I think I am gonna get married or have a baby which ever one comes firest.  I love and miss all u la peeps and that also goes for those I have met in other states along the way peace and love to u all and I hope you all find happiness like me. KISSES If shit is misspelled sorry not gonna spell ck!!!!

So it seems the answer to the question is, Cassidey is living in Texas and the flake she hired to create her website, well flaked. Big shock there. Saddly it happens more often than you think.