Someone caught with their dick in the cooker jar!

So who is the studio head with the secret love child that Darrah Ford is talking about?  Well despite my best efforts I can’t get her to reveal the name.   Understandably she doesn’t want to be the cause of a marriage breaking up because apparently whoever this dick wad is, his poor dumb ass wife doesn’t know, despite the fact that the relationship has been going on for years, he has given her undeserved promotions at work and even buying her an expensive car.

So who is this man who can’t keep his dick in his pants?  Well although it could be anyone, because well, most men can’t keep their dicks in their pants, but this man is someone rich and head of an adult company so it can’t be all that hard to figure out?  I’ll do some digging but in the mean time if you all come up with any names do let me know.

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