Stoya Surfaces in Philly with Marilyn Manson

Last night in Philly, deranged rocker Marilyn Manson was caught out by the paparazzi with his new girl Stoya and TMZ ran the story, only they didn’t seem to realize the story they had.  Instead they made some lame joke about a fork, not realizing the real news in the story was about him and his girl.

Full video is on TMZ


In the video Stoya walks hand and hand with Marilyn Manson while the paps ask them random questions including one which was “Marilyn what is the last movie you saw?” and he responds “A taste of Stoya”.   Stoya and Marilyn laughed and the camera man continued by asking how it was and Marilyn Manson said in response “A taste of delicious”.  They asked a few more questions and then they asked them to kiss.  He gave her a peck and then said that it was her dad in the car driving them and the cameras panned to Stoya’s dad picking them up from their dinner date.

Oh and for those wondering, the movie he refers to is probably a preview copy Stoya was given about a soon to be released movie from Digital Playground.   A Taste of Stoya is due out in a few weeks in stores and stars Stoya, Jenna Presley, Bridgette B, Mason Moore, David Perry, James Deen, Mick Blue, Scott Nails, and Mick Blue. The movie is a gonzo style movie featuring Stoya type fantasies and is directed by Robby D.


Stoya to appear on MTV

Darrah Ford over at Porn Star Babylon has been keeping up with former Digital Playground contract star, Stoya for us and posted this story about Stoya on her blog. It seems that Marilyn Mansion no longer claims they aren’t so serious but now seems to be “obsessed” with her and even goes as far to say that she has helped him stop doing drugs and drinking so much.

Stoya Swastika

Full story here. Stoya, Marilyn Manson, and hopefully her swastika will be appearing on MTV. He’s slated to star in an upcoming feature by his filmmaking hero, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and just last week his French-director chum Gaspar Noe filmed an MTV segment featuring Manson and his new gal pal, adult-film actress Stoya, a woman he’s come to see as his salvation.

Listen closely to “High,” this notoriously hard partier invites, and you can hear him leaving his carnal phase behind with Stoya, whom he became obsessed with — then admittedly stalked — on the Internet.

“And now I’ve strangely curbed my behavior,” he says. “I’ve met a girl who’s managed to make me lose interest in drugs and alcohol, so now I’m driven by romance, love, by the concept of wanting to live, wanting to be better as a person.”

Such serenity is worth fighting for. He says, “I’ve gotten to a spiritual place, and it’s really centered on the importance of what I love. And I will beat down, kill and destroy anything that messes with that.”

Is Marilyn Manson Jewish?

In a weird twist on the Stoya story, I keep getting a lot of people telling me that Marilyn Manson is Jewish, or at least he was born that way.

Marilyn Manson born as Brian Hugh Warner. Warner is typically considered a Jewish surname however that doesn’t mean every person with the name Warner is a Jewish. Marilyn Manson’s biography tells us that his father was a Roman Catholic and his mother was an Episcopalian but he himself is an Atheist.

So despite all the claims and gossip, Marilyn Manson is in fact not Jewish. He is however, as he claims intoxicated by Stoya and she still seems to be with him somewhere in Europe. Will she return to the U.S. this week to work for Digital Playground or are the rumors of them letting her go true? Guess we will find out soon enough.


Did Digital Playground Fire Stoya?

I’m piecing together some things about this Stoya story. It turns out her tattoo is not a tattoo but instead a unique shaving of her pubic hair done by her fuck buddy Marilyn Mansion. Basically he took some blue eye liner, did some artist rendering of it and then shaved her pussy hair into the desired shape which turned out to be a Swastika.

This was all done some time last week, while she was with him on the European leg of his tour, however he assures reporters they are not in a serious relationship and he still considers himself single. Right after he did it, he bragged about it in an interview.

Back in the United States, Stoya is due to report back to work this week in LA for Digital Playground very soon. Depending on the source she is due to be in at least 1 photo shoot and possibly due 1 movie as well this week.  In addition to that soon all the Digital Playground girls are scheduled to make an appearance at the FAME awards, but will Stoya be there this year representing Digital Playground or simply on her own?  That is what is currently in question.  More than a few industry insiders says Stoya is no longer under contract with Digital Playground.

This is where the story takes a deep dive into rumorville.

Stoya Tweets this on June 5th “dont ask dp for information about me. it wont be accurate.”  and right after a fan said via Twitter to @Stoya, “u r with dp in porn business or (I hope) not anymore?” and Stoya responds with “i can’t discuss that right now.”

She was in Germany at the time with Marilyn Manson. A few hours after that message she says she still plans on going back to the US for the FAME awards.

That’s all I really know right now, well that’s not true.  What else I know is that there is a huge backlash to all this shit going on right now in the fan community. We are getting a lot of we hate Stoya, that’s so fucked up that she did that type of emails.

There are several strong rumors going around about Stoya as you can imagine due to this and the big one being that Digital Playground fired Stoya. Is this true? I don’t know. I will tell you that one of the people closely associated with a Digital Playground contract star says it is true, however he won’t go on record to say as much so that tends to mean he talked to a friend of a friend of a friend who says they know something.

Something else I found interesting is that in her movie Stoya : Atomic Tease does she not look exactly like Marilyn Manson’s ex wife Dita Von Tease? Maybe it was this movie that first attracted him to Stoya.