Hey girls beware of Steven Koch

I was reading an article today from Darrah Ford and I wanted to pass it on to you so that any girls out there thinking of booking work with this douche bag won’t make that mistake.  I’m so fucking sick and tired of hearing about these guys booking girls to work and not paying them.  I don’t care who you are, who your friends are and what you want to say …. if a girl works for you FUCKING PAY THEM.


From Cheyenne Jewel at xxxPornTalk: LTS suite case pimp is S. I found him in the AVN Directory under PRODUCERS. You would think everyone under that title would be real producers but any idiot can lie and pay the money to get in. I didn’t know that at the time. He claimed to be a content provider for clients.

I show up and shoot. He gives me this lame excuse of how his client has to send a payroll check within a week after the accountant takes taxes out, blah blah blah. A week goes by, no check. I call and he says another will be sent out. I wait again, no check. I realize I have totally been scammed, let alone, raped in a sense because I normally would have never had relations with his disgusting ass.

I start researching him. Talk to a couple other girls who also had bad run ins with him in the past few years. I also run across a blog he posted on: Spankwire.com (Not Safe For Work –tube site), with this profile:

“I hope all of you enjoy these movies.. These are personal videos of all the girls that I have hooked up with over the last 10 years.. All the girls in the video are 100 percent cool with being on film and all of the girls were 18 or over when being filmed all 2257 laws were followed. Enjoy these videos and feel free to download them and share them with your friends.. I will upload more soon.. I can also make custom movies for low prices email me at skoch59@gmail.com for more details.”

That is when I realized that this fuck is nothing more than a private collector/rapist who preys on girls out of the AVN Directory book. Last week, I show up at his house for my money and his bitch ass wouldn’t come to the door. He was probably peeking out of his blinds. There were cars in the driveway. As soon as I left he started to text me that he is going to file trespassing charges on me. He is a real dumb fuck because I saved every proof of evidence I have about this supposed shoot. Text, emails, voice mails, ect. I do not know how he expects to get away with this.

Evidence of him lying to me and ripping me off. I have emails, text messages, voice mails, ect. They will be used as proof for small claims court. He is getting away with the obvious. Lying to women, false advertisement, ripping people off, ect. You can think I am dumb, pathetic whatever you want. I do not care. I am adult enough to admit I was wrong to get into the situation. I admit I shouldn’t have gave him to benefit of the doubt. Trust me I learned and will never let myself get in a situation like this again. Nor will I waste my time emailing people in the AVN Directory.

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  1. Reading shit like this really pisses me off. I am a smaller content producer based out of Orlando and I work very hard to build my reputation both with local girls as well as actual Porn Star talent…I took the time to list myself in the AVN directory and it’s scumbags like this douchebag who make us look bad. I hope that you get your money and any damages that the lawyer can get for you. Not all of us smaller studios are dick heads, I always pay cash day of..if there is a money problem the shoot is rescheduled period.

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