Where in the world is Cassidey?

I’ve always loved Cassidey, back even before she was “Cassidey” and we knew her as Paisley Adams.  It’s just something about her look that I have always found stood out from the sea of other porn stars.  I remember reading recently that she had cleaned up her act and was going to start her own official website including creating a ton of new, original content for it.  I think it was going to be something like ClubCassidey.com.  But then today I was reading an article from Darrah Ford about her website going poof.

I got this press release announcing the launch of Cassidey’s official website last month. But for a while now, the link to her site won’t go through. I checked her site on Google cache and it says the site is to launch officially at the end of July. And the picture on her site and on my email has now been deleted. I’m trying to look into it now. But does anyone here know what happened?


The first thing I did was check out the website and sure enough, there was no dns entry for it.  Next I went to her official myspace page and notice she has logged into it recently.  It shows that she was last on her page on August 18, 2008.  Next I clicked on her most recently posted blog entry and here is what Cassidey had to say about her life.

Cassidey blogs on her Myspace page on August 7, 2008 : Well it has been like 3 months since I last got on here to even let anyone know that I am still alive.  Well suprise here I am giving the latest update to my life.  I changed phones a few months ago and in doing so I lost all my contacts. I picked up and moved my life from LA to TX and in the last year I can honestly say that I thought it would be hard but weith the type of love I get at home what can I say I barly miss La I miss my friends dont get me wrong but there was just such a huge hole in me that drugs nor alchol could fill.  After my last long term relationship I never thought I would find love again so I just hit and quit everyone in my path male or female. Not gonna lie I had fun doing it and all the parties and late night and people I meet along the way was amazing. However I belive there was one thing missing and that was someone to love. Not just someone who was in love with me but someone I loved back. Belive me there were many who loved and got hurt I dont feel bad they were just not the one.

I have distanced myself from the adult industry since the ninn works contract went south and may I say fuck speirment rhino!!!!! Micheal ninn I love u though.  Anyways Iwas just talking to my boy last night and we had one of those deep ones where we both figure out what we want to do with our lives he is already on his was to being a firefighter and when he gets out of school I think I will go back to school and become Ither a RN or maybe go into PR and marketing I dont know but I have a year to decide.  Till then I guess I shall sit tight.

I had someone that said that they were gonna put a website together for me but promises promises I am so fucking tired of fake ass people that tell u one thing and then never follow through with shit so maybe I will take matters into my own hand and learn how to do my own website and fucking bank on my own.  Well I think that is enough for today but I will write when I think I am gonna get married or have a baby which ever one comes firest.  I love and miss all u la peeps and that also goes for those I have met in other states along the way peace and love to u all and I hope you all find happiness like me. KISSES If shit is misspelled sorry not gonna spell ck!!!!

So it seems the answer to the question is, Cassidey is living in Texas and the flake she hired to create her website, well flaked. Big shock there. Saddly it happens more often than you think.

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