Stoya to appear on MTV

Darrah Ford over at Porn Star Babylon has been keeping up with former Digital Playground contract star, Stoya for us and posted this story about Stoya on her blog. It seems that Marilyn Mansion no longer claims they aren’t so serious but now seems to be “obsessed” with her and even goes as far to say that she has helped him stop doing drugs and drinking so much.

Stoya Swastika

Full story here. Stoya, Marilyn Manson, and hopefully her swastika will be appearing on MTV. He’s slated to star in an upcoming feature by his filmmaking hero, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and just last week his French-director chum Gaspar Noe filmed an MTV segment featuring Manson and his new gal pal, adult-film actress Stoya, a woman he’s come to see as his salvation.

Listen closely to “High,” this notoriously hard partier invites, and you can hear him leaving his carnal phase behind with Stoya, whom he became obsessed with — then admittedly stalked — on the Internet.

“And now I’ve strangely curbed my behavior,” he says. “I’ve met a girl who’s managed to make me lose interest in drugs and alcohol, so now I’m driven by romance, love, by the concept of wanting to live, wanting to be better as a person.”

Such serenity is worth fighting for. He says, “I’ve gotten to a spiritual place, and it’s really centered on the importance of what I love. And I will beat down, kill and destroy anything that messes with that.”

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  1. geeez sometimes you gotta just shake your head, from a business stand point what are some of these porn stars thinking, its all about the benjamins in the adult biz and her actions are going to cause her to see less green IMO

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