The Love Twins on funny fan email

My sister and I got an email today from our favorite GOSSIP GIRL asking us to share with you a little bit about what it is like being a porn star in the Internet age and some of the funny fan emails we get. As most people know by now, my sister and I run our own myspace page, facebook page, personal website, twitter account, etc. Basically we don’t have “people” who do all this stuff for us. Don’t get me wrong, wished we were rich and famous enough to have a need for people but for now it’s just my sister and I.

The Love Twins
This photo is from our movie Twindom

With running our own stuff that means we go through our own fan mail and for the most part the people who write us are all really nice and super sweet. They say things like we love you and your sister or that they want to do me and my sister, just stuff like that. But every once in awhile we get some really funny ones.

We have one guy who writes us a poem every week. Every week it’s a new poem and it always ends somehow with his dick in his hand. LOL We get the “are you really twins?” question at least 3 times a day. Sadly I’m not exaggerating. We have one guy who wrote us a few months ago to tell us he was blessed with an abnormally large penis and he wanted to share his gift with us. I seriously cried from laughing so hard at this one. He wrote us about six times trying to get cast in one of our movies. He was a persistent little bugger.

We get a lot of invites to Playboy parties both to host and attend the parties at the Mansion and tons and tons of request to go to clubs with VIP service. We’ve never taken anyone up on any of these offers, yet they keep coming week after week. Considering how broke Playboy claims to be they sure have a lot of parties at the mansion. We get invited to at least 2 a month. How can someone so broke afford so many parties? It’s really crazy don’t you think?

GOSSIP GIRL: Tell us about dating. Do you girls get a lot of requests to date men?

My sister and I are really normal girls. We don’t drink, we don’t party, we don’t do the wild porn star thing. Well the wild porn star thing that most people think of when they think of porn stars. And we most defiantly do not under any circumstances escort, but that doesn’t stop the requests from coming in. My sister and I get at least 2 request a week for “privates” or invitations from older gentlemen to take care of us. I’m not even really sure what “private” is, but I know it’s not something we would do. Before entering the adult business, my sister and I each had only been with two other men.

One guy offered to set us up in an apartment in New York and give us an allowance of $5,000 a month each. One man, an Indian Doctor wanted us to be on call for him and in return he would give us $15,000 a month plus expenses. I’m not sure what expenses you would have being an on call girlfriend but I didn’t want to ask. Then we had a guy who is an MMA fighter. He said he couldn’t really afford to pay us but he could get us into all the “fancy hollywood parties and red carpet events” cause you know, he knows people. LOL

GOSSIP GIRL: On the sweeter side of things, tell us about the best fan email you’ve ever gotten.

That’s an easy one. We had one guy on our birthday send us a digital card with pretty red roses that sparkle and a poem on the inside. That was probably the best one we’ve ever gotten. It was really heartfelt and personal. We printed the inside out and framed it. It still on our desk, been there for about three years now.

GOSSIP GIRL: Any other crazed fans you can tell us about?

No, not really. The only other out of the ordinary thing we get is a lot of requests to do reality TV shows and talk shows. We get so many of them. It’s like the booking agents for those shows just sit around all day trolling MySpace or something.

GOSSIP GIRL: Thanks for answering my questions girls. Before you go tell your fans how they can find you and all the social networking sites you are on.

Our website is, where our fans can join for free and actually post questions for us that we will answer, and we have our MySpace page which is, and then there is our Facebook page, not sure how to get to that, just search The Love Twins on Facebook, and finally there is our Twitter page which is  Twitter is our newest toy and although we don’t keep up with it as much as we should, we promise to try and do more updates in the future.

My Evil Twin
This photo is from our movie My Evil Twin

Love Twins release a new version of their website

I know we haven’t posted in awhile and I’m so totally sorry about that.  Truth is we have been very busy redoing our official website.  Don’t worry, we don’t make it a pay site or anything, our site is still totally free.  So what’s different about this new version of our website?  Well like I said before it’s still free for all of our fans but now it looks way better.


But besides just the visual differences the new site also includes new sections such as fan reviews, a page dedicated to the magazines we have been on the covers on and trailers for our movies and updated features like bigger box covers on our movie listings and new photos in our photo gallery.  We kept our online fan club from before, because my sister and I always liked that part of our website.  Only until now we haven’t gotten to enjoy that feature as much but now members of our online fan club can really have more of a chance to talk with us.  Now if we post something about one of our new movies, our fans can post right back and talk to us and all of our other fans about it right on the website.

You can visit our  official website at

Love The New Year

What a crazy year 2008 was.   I can hardly believe it’s already 2009.  Last year just went by so totally fast.  My sister and I have been so busy we haven’t really had much time to post anything lately but I hope you’ll forgive us when we tell you that we have a lot of great new things coming for the new year.  2009 has already started off wonderful.  We found out not to long ago that a few of our movies are getting award nominations from AVN and that’s really cool including our movie Virtual Vivid Girls, The Love Twins which is up for Best Interactive DVD.  How totally cool is that?

The Love Twins

We also have a movie nominated for Best All-Girl group Sex Scene, which is Where The Boys Aren’t 19.  We did the scene that is nominated with an amazing group of girls including Lanny Barby and Savanna Samson and Monique and Tera Patrick, Tawny Roberts, Stefani Morgan, and last but not least,  Lexie Marie.

The sad news is that we won’t be able to go to Vegas this year to meet our fans or to attend the awards show but the good news is that just a few weeks later we will be headed to LA to work for the first time with our new booking agency, Goldstar Modeling.  We are a little nervous but also excited to make some new friends.  We don’t really know what projects Goldstar Modeling has lined up for us but we know it’s at least 3 or 4 of them.

I thought we would end the year by answering some questions fans have sent in but I didn’t get around to making this post until the year was already over so we’ll make it a start of the new year post about answering fans questions. 🙂

Do you regret anything you have done so far?

Well of course.  Who doesn’t have regrets in life.  I am sure if I put my mind to it I could come up with something I regretted doing but if you mean do me or my sister regret anything we’ve done career wise, then the answer is no way.  We love what we do.  We are both very shy.  I think the correct phrase is painfully shy in real life and being in the movies helps us live out fantasies that otherwise we would never be able to do.   So do we regret being porn stars? Heck no!

When you first started for Vivid you did only features, now you do mostly gonzo, which do you prefer?

It’s easier to make the kind of movies we make now because it doesn’t require us to do things like remember lines but that doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy making the features either.   Lyndsey and I really did enjoy the time we spent at Vivid and I want to be very clear on that but in the end there is nothing like showing up on the set of say a Jules Jordan movie.  It’s crazy, very open ended and not so structured.  It’s freedom and the ability to express yourself sexually.  There is just nothing like making a movie where they aren’t trying to get a specific number of sex acts in a certain time but instead just being told GO!  And you are free to do whatever moves you.

What are you looking forward to doing in the future?

We look forward to working on some new movies next year and the redesign of our official website.  That’s going to be cool.  I think my sister would like to add that she looks forward to getting that new computer we’ve been talking about so she doesn’t have to share one with me anymore.

Would you ever have sex with a fan?  Or at least go to dinner with one?

No we don’t date fans.   We don’t date or “party” with directors or friends or investors of directors.   Nothing against those girls who do, it is just not our thing.  Most of our fans would probably be surprised how shy and reserved we really are in real life and how much we don’t party.  I would say we are probably the most boring porn stars out there.  When we aren’t on the set of one of our movies or doing a photo shoot for a website we are at home on the computer.  We don’t even drink.

There has been a lot of talk lately about porn stars hiring people to run their myspace pages.  Do you run your own?

I think anyone who takes two seconds to look at our myspace page can clearly see we do it ourselves.   It’s not fancy at all.  I’m not really all that computer savvy so really it’ s a place I like to experiment with.   But you know, if we had the money we would totally let someone come in and help us out.  I don’t see anything wrong with that at all.  Actually come to think of it, we do have a friend who helps us update photos and stuff on our website and facebook page so that’s kind of the same thing.  Speaking of our official website, we are havign it redone for us and I’m really excited.  We are going to change it up to a blong thing so it will be easier for us to do updates on our own.  Our friend is helping us set that up.  I don’t know when it will be done but she said “soon” so hopefully that means in the next few days. 🙂

What voting means

I’m sure by now you are probably sick of hearing people say VOTE VOTE VOTE and I wouldn’t normally post about the subject but someone said something to me today that I just really couldn’t believe I was hearing.  My sister and I had just gotten home from voting and a friend we knew from school called.  We asked if she had voted yet and she said something to me I won’t ever forget, “Oh I don’t vote.  My husband votes for us and he went early this morning.”

Wait, what?  Your husband votes for “us”?  In an age where girls are so proud to should GIRL POWER how could any modern woman say such a thing?  You have a voice too and if you don’t express your views then the luxuries you enjoy such as the right to work, equal pay and issues like Health care may go unheard.  YOU HAVE A VOICE SO USE IT.  Don’t count on others doing the right thing.  You do the right thing.   Please, it’s so important that you vote.

Every single vote counts!  STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!

  • 1845 – ONE vote brought Texas into the Union
  • 1868 – ONE vote saved President Andrew Johnson from impeachment
  • 1876 – ONE vote gave Rutherford Hayes the presidency of the United States
  • 1939 – ONE vote passed the selective service act
  • 1960 – ONE vote per precinct elected John F. Kennedy President
  • 1978 – in Fullerton, California, a Democratic candidate for the State of California’s legislature lost by TEN votes in a primary election where 32,000 votes were cast

We have a new movie coming out!

We just got the news that one of the movies we made recently is being released and it’s called Old Enough To Be Their Mother #5 from Porn Fidelity.  There is both the DVD version and the movie and a version coming out on Blu-Ray which is pretty cool.   I don’t really know the difference between the two but my sister said “it means it’s in high dev”.   So there you have it.

To be honest it was a pretty fun movie to make.  My sister and I enjoyed it a lot.  For those who would like to know what the movie is about I have put that for you next.  It’s sort of a really long description but I think it better explains it than me trying to tell you.

The Madison’s (That’s Ryan and Kelly) are extremely excited about providing you, the viewer, with the best, high quality adult movie on the market.   Not only is the picture by far the cleanest and crisp it has ever been but also, they put together some of the sexiest younger ladies around to provide you with even more viewing pleasure.  Sit back, relax and enjoy as Kelly shows these teenyboppers the right way to please a man.

This is Old Enough to be their Mother #5 in Blu-Ray, pure hi-definition video! First up for the lesson of love is Christine Alexis. Cute, bubbly and barely legal, Miss Alexis went to the mall to take her yearly picture with the Easter bunny. It’s a traditional picture that she takes especially for her parents. Little did she know the naughty bunny was in the alley taking shots of Jack and smoking his cigar.

Ryan’s assistant Kelly, assured Christine that the Easter bunny would be back shortly and ready for pictures. Instead of being presentable, Ryan was now a horny bunny feeling up on his customer. Although she was young, Kelly knew a great situation when she saw one and took full advantage of teaching a young girl some of her and the bunny’s old tricks. Christine’s night ended with a special treat when the Madison’s sent her home with an Easter photo in hand and a cream covered face! Next on the agenda was a two for one deal… twins!

Ryan and Kelly were in dire need of some action but they weren’t together at that moment to satisfy each other, so they improvised.   The Madison’s individually planned a secret meeting with two different girls at the same time.   Little did they know… the girls were twins and had a little secret of their own. Lacey and Lindsay met Kelly and Ryan, pleased their assigned spouse and schemed up a plan to switch so they could both have the best of both worlds.

Upon switching back to their original partner, Kelly and Ryan caught them mid switch! Upset but equally turned on, the Madison’s decided it would only be right if they twins paid their dues… in sexual favors. This really gave “two heads are better than one” a whole new meaning! Kenzie was done with her work for the week and was ready to call it a day when her boss, Ryan, asked her for one more favor. He had just wrapped up on one of the longest days in awhile and was in desperate need of some TLC, blow job style. Kenzie got onto her knees and serviced her boss like any good employee should.

If Kenzie played her cards right, this would definitely be terms for re- evaluation of her position. I think someone deserves a raise, on top of the one her boss’s dick gave her! Last but not least on the agenda of this pleasing parade we have a set of sisters who had been eyeing their sexy neighbor for quite some time now. After all, when the wifey is away, the hubby will play! Nikki and Scarlett pranced their two tight, teenaged asses over to Ryan.

They were bored and were desperately seeking something to do. They had envisioned something long, hard and attached to two balls in and around their mouths. Lucky for them, Ryan had just what they were looking for. The twins put good use of their time by taking care of Ryan, after all, it would be in their best interest to do just that. Kelly wouldn’t want it any other way. Enjoy all of these hardcore scenes plus much more with the purchase of this DVD.

The Love Twins, Lacey and Lyndsey Love

Hello from Hollywood

Hello!  Sorry we haven’t had time to post much lately.  Truth is we are spending some extra time working this month and right now we are on location on the set of one of our newest movies.  While we were in the LA area my sister and I decided to take in some of the sights that for one reason or another we haven’t had a chance to see before.  I know it’s not much but I thought I would post of picture of my sister and I while sightseeing and send you best wishes and a warm hello from Hollywood!  We’ll be back home before you know it and get posting.

Lacey and Lyndsey Love in Hollywood

Hello From Hollywood

Wish you were here

Lovely Questions

Since my sister and I started blogging here at some questions have started to come in to Ryan and he sent them to us in hopes that we might answer a few of them.   I wil post a few of them along with an answer for each.  They are in no particular order really and some of them have been asked more than a few times.

Are you really identical twins and can your family tell you apart?

Yes, had you read the FAQ page on our official website you would have seen that it is the first thing we answer.  We are in fact identical twin porn stars.  Here is a photo that might help you tell us apart.  Lyndsey is to the left and I am to the right.  In the photo you see that although we do look very similar there are small differences between us.  Our close friends and family can tell us apart.

Lyndsey Love (left) Lacey Love (right)
Lyndsey Love (shown left) and Lacey Love (pictured right)

Do you have sex together?

Well kind of.  We don’t have sex with each other if that is what you mean but often in our movies you will find we both have sex with the same guy at the same time.   As far as having sex with each other goes, that is illegal.  It’s called incest and it’s not something we would do.

How big are your boobs and are they real?

We see a lot of different measurements posted about us in various places on the Internet.   I’m not really sure where all the confusion comes in but my sister and I both have natural 36B breasts.  Neither of us have ever had plastic surgery, so yes our boobs are real.

What color are your eyes?

Our eyes are brown.

Do you share boyfriends?

No sorry, we don’t do this either.  Honestly I think it’s just a matter of that prior to entering porn we didn’t really have a lot of them.  Each of us had only been with two men before becoming porn stars.

NightMoves Adult Entertainment Awards

So I know that we aren’t really required to post another story until next week but I couldn’t wait.  I just found out that one of our movies called Twins Do Science, which we did back when we were still with Vivid was just nominated for an award for the upcoming NightMoves Adult Entertainment Awards, under the category of Best Feature Production – Fans Choice … which means you get to vote on if we win or not!

Twins Do Science Gets Award Nomination

For those that don’t know about the NightMoves Adult Entertainment Awards let me tell you a little about their history.  Their awards program actually began as a local event about 15 years ago.  Their first award show was co-hosted by the infamous Ron Jeremy and the lovely Kelly O’Dell.  The show was put on by NightMoves Magazine, hence the name NightMoves Adult Entertainment Awards.  Back then they were honored the local clubs in Tampa Florida however over the years the show has expanded to also include awards for porn stars, adult films and movie studios.

The award show is unique in that it gives two awards per category, the first is the editor’s pick and the second is voted on by the fans.  Sort of like the F.A.M.E. awards only the NightMoves Adult Entertainment Awards was the first to do it.

Our movie Twins Do Science is nominated in the category of Best Feature Production and last year the winners of that award was Corruption from Sex Z Pictures as the Fan’s Choice and The New Neighbors from Sllab Productions as the Editor’s Choice.  I thought you might enjoy seeing what the movie is about so I asked for help in getting you the movie trailer.  You can click the box cover below to view the movie trailer for Twins Do Science and you can click here to vote for our movie at the NightMoves Adult Entertainment Awards.

The Love Twins in Twins Do Science

view the movie trailer for twins do science

click here to vote for our movie at the NightMoves Adult Entertainment Awards

Ashley Dupre vs Joe Francis

Hello everyone out there in cyberspace.  My name is Lacey Love and I’ll be typing up stories for my sister and myself as a Luke Ford celebrity blogger.  I don’t really know why we are called that.  I’m not much of a celebrity but I guess that’s besides the point.  As far as my postings go, I’m more into the computer stuff than my sisters is so although she’ll be helping me with ideas, it will be mostly me typing it all up and submitting it to the website.  When we were invited to blog on the Luke Ford website we weren’t really sure what we should say.  Ryan suggested that we post stories just as if we were talking to each other.  I can’t imagine anyone being all that interested in the silly things that my sister and I go on about each day but he insists otherwise.  Today Lyndsey and I were talking about this story we seen on TMZ about Joe Francis from Girls Gone Wild and this hooker who was suing him.

I don’t know if anyone is really keeping up with this kind of thing like we do, but basically Ashley Dupre is a high priced call girl who got caught up in a political scandal when it was revealed that one of her clients was none other than the governor of New York.  That in itself would be a big deal but it was even more so because he was big into this task force to put a stop to prostitution in New York and then it got even more blown up because she’s really a beatiful girl who just so happened to be partying one night when she was 17, with a fake ID and had some fun with the Girls Gone Wild cameras.

When the story about the governor and the call girl broke Joe Francis had just gotten out of jail and sitting in front of his computer typed in her name to see if by any odd chance he happened to have footage of her, since he had footage of tens of thousands of girls and sure enough he did.  He posted those images on his website but they were quickly removed as soon after Ashley Dupre filed a $10 million suit against Joe Francis and Girls Gone Wild for their attempt to exploit Dupré’s name and image.  She was often quoted in retards to the interview saying that Girls Gone Wild was trying to harm her image.

I know, confusing story, huh?  Well I agree but still very interesting nonetheless.  So a few months later Ashley Dupre dropped her lawsuit and Joe Francis decides he would rather not take the high road about it.  He goes on record as saying “I mean come on guys, of course she dropped it.  A hooker!  She’s a hooker!”.  Just before that he had also told TMZ that

“The filing of the lawsuit was a serious lapse of judgment on her part. I never did understand how I could possibly damage the reputation of a hooker … This isn’t the first time I’ve faced false allegations against me. But the truth invariably comes out, as I knew it would in this case. I am happy to, once again, be completely vindicated.”

Okay so now that we have all the back story out of the way I want to say that although I agree the lawsuit was bogus and we think she made the right choice in dropping the lawsuit since she gave him a fake it and literally went on camera saying she was of legal age and gives her consent, he shouldn’t have to pay her anything.  It was her choice to party with the girls gone wild people and it was her choice to use a fake id and lie about everything.  I think that if she would have went through with the lawsuit she would have lost anything.

But what I don’t agree with his the way that Joe Francis handled it either.

He makes his making from these videos and has built a multi-million dollar empire on the backs of these girls so to turn on them and say bad things about them just isn’t cool.  If it were not for girls like this “hooker” then where would he be?  These girls expose themselves for his cameras and it’s wrong that he is is talking about them in the way that he does.

He is the front man for a multi-million dollar corporation.  He should act a little more discreet and mature when it comes to these kind of legal matters.

He expects people to have sympathy for him in his legal woes but he doesn’t seem to have any for anyone else and this case actually has a lot to do with his other legal troubles.  I was reading previously that he had gotten himself in some trouble, including some issues of underage girls lying about their age.

I was looking at my sister’s ID on the way to the set of one of the movies we were filming two weeks ago and I realized how much the photo doesn’t look like either of us, keeping in mind that we are identical twins.

The pictures from our ID were taken 4 years ago.  We don’t even have the same color hair as we did when we took those pictures.  So how can you really know that a person is who they say they are when photo id’s in the form that they are now aren’t all that reliable?

I think about being on the set of a movie and all of those girls who are having over their IDs and how many of them do that each and every day.  There are hundreds of movie studios and probably tens of thousands of porn stars and out of all of those no doubt some one of them are fake.  I even recently heard a story about a rather famous porn star under contract with one of the top movie studios using a fake id, not because she was under age but I think because she was a little older and didn’t want people to know her real age but either way it’s still a fake id and still just as illegal.

So with all of this technology, why have we not come up with a better means of identification?

And when people lie and present false identification, why is it the fault of the person they lied to?  That I don’t understand at all.  Why is Joe Francis at fault because someone gave him a fake ID?  How was he to know it was fake?  The whole thing is just not right.  What do you think?