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My sister and I got an email today from our favorite GOSSIP GIRL asking us to share with you a little bit about what it is like being a porn star in the Internet age and some of the funny fan emails we get. As most people know by now, my sister and I run our own myspace page, facebook page, personal website, twitter account, etc. Basically we don’t have “people” who do all this stuff for us. Don’t get me wrong, wished we were rich and famous enough to have a need for people but for now it’s just my sister and I.

The Love Twins
This photo is from our movie Twindom

With running our own stuff that means we go through our own fan mail and for the most part the people who write us are all really nice and super sweet. They say things like we love you and your sister or that they want to do me and my sister, just stuff like that. But every once in awhile we get some really funny ones.

We have one guy who writes us a poem every week. Every week it’s a new poem and it always ends somehow with his dick in his hand. LOL We get the “are you really twins?” question at least 3 times a day. Sadly I’m not exaggerating. We have one guy who wrote us a few months ago to tell us he was blessed with an abnormally large penis and he wanted to share his gift with us. I seriously cried from laughing so hard at this one. He wrote us about six times trying to get cast in one of our movies. He was a persistent little bugger.

We get a lot of invites to Playboy parties both to host and attend the parties at the Mansion and tons and tons of request to go to clubs with VIP service. We’ve never taken anyone up on any of these offers, yet they keep coming week after week. Considering how broke Playboy claims to be they sure have a lot of parties at the mansion. We get invited to at least 2 a month. How can someone so broke afford so many parties? It’s really crazy don’t you think?

GOSSIP GIRL: Tell us about dating. Do you girls get a lot of requests to date men?

My sister and I are really normal girls. We don’t drink, we don’t party, we don’t do the wild porn star thing. Well the wild porn star thing that most people think of when they think of porn stars. And we most defiantly do not under any circumstances escort, but that doesn’t stop the requests from coming in. My sister and I get at least 2 request a week for “privates” or invitations from older gentlemen to take care of us. I’m not even really sure what “private” is, but I know it’s not something we would do. Before entering the adult business, my sister and I each had only been with two other men.

One guy offered to set us up in an apartment in New York and give us an allowance of $5,000 a month each. One man, an Indian Doctor wanted us to be on call for him and in return he would give us $15,000 a month plus expenses. I’m not sure what expenses you would have being an on call girlfriend but I didn’t want to ask. Then we had a guy who is an MMA fighter. He said he couldn’t really afford to pay us but he could get us into all the “fancy hollywood parties and red carpet events” cause you know, he knows people. LOL

GOSSIP GIRL: On the sweeter side of things, tell us about the best fan email you’ve ever gotten.

That’s an easy one. We had one guy on our birthday send us a digital card with pretty red roses that sparkle and a poem on the inside. That was probably the best one we’ve ever gotten. It was really heartfelt and personal. We printed the inside out and framed it. It still on our desk, been there for about three years now.

GOSSIP GIRL: Any other crazed fans you can tell us about?

No, not really. The only other out of the ordinary thing we get is a lot of requests to do reality TV shows and talk shows. We get so many of them. It’s like the booking agents for those shows just sit around all day trolling MySpace or something.

GOSSIP GIRL: Thanks for answering my questions girls. Before you go tell your fans how they can find you and all the social networking sites you are on.

Our website is, where our fans can join for free and actually post questions for us that we will answer, and we have our MySpace page which is, and then there is our Facebook page, not sure how to get to that, just search The Love Twins on Facebook, and finally there is our Twitter page which is  Twitter is our newest toy and although we don’t keep up with it as much as we should, we promise to try and do more updates in the future.

My Evil Twin
This photo is from our movie My Evil Twin

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