Man Sues for Fake Profiles

A man realize the profiles on were fake or deceptive because the profiles are old and defunct. In short, a girl signs up and then no longer uses the site. continues to leave the profile up, pretending they are on and active people. It’s nothing short of fraud or in legal terms “a deceptive trade practice“.

Fox News decides to analyze the case. Here is the link.

Although they determine this lawsuit doesn’t have much merit because of a few fine points, I still think this is just the beginning of the lawsuits that dating sites like Adult Friend Finder and the such are going to see for their deceptive practices. If you use fake profiles, it’s fraud. Period.

One thought on “Man Sues for Fake Profiles

  1. This case may not really have that much merit but fuck, someone needs to sue these guys. They have been running their “scam” for years. I’m sorry but when you commit fraud it should cost you and that is exactly what these guys are doing with their fake ass profiles.

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