Gemma Ward Nude

For those of you who don’t know who Gemma Ward is, she’s a mainstream fashion supermodel.  She is worshiped the world over for her beauty and I found a picture of her showing her tits, in a very porn star like pose. Actually I found two images of this mainstream model strutting her stuff like a slut.

Gemma Ward Nude

Gemma Ward Nude

And this photo got me thinking, how hypocritical the world really is.  We accept this kind of thing from a supermodel because it’s art yet if a porn star wears twice as much, she’s still a trashy whore.  Why is it okay for your daughters to worship whores like Gemma Ward, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton yet what we do is somehow bad?  What the fuck is the difference people?  NAKED IS NAKED!

3 thoughts on “Gemma Ward Nude

  1. I don’t think it the naked-ness that results in people looking down on pornstars. Its the facials and anal double stuffs that differentiates them from models. That and rectal prolapses, creampie swaps, bukkakes, etc, etc..

  2. na I get what you are saying. Most of society does judge us on a very different scale than they do someone like this girl and other celebls like her.

  3. I agree, it is an example of hypocrisy, plain and simple, no doubt about it.

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