Love Twins release a new version of their website

I know we haven’t posted in awhile and I’m so totally sorry about that.  Truth is we have been very busy redoing our official website.  Don’t worry, we don’t make it a pay site or anything, our site is still totally free.  So what’s different about this new version of our website?  Well like I said before it’s still free for all of our fans but now it looks way better.


But besides just the visual differences the new site also includes new sections such as fan reviews, a page dedicated to the magazines we have been on the covers on and trailers for our movies and updated features like bigger box covers on our movie listings and new photos in our photo gallery.  We kept our online fan club from before, because my sister and I always liked that part of our website.  Only until now we haven’t gotten to enjoy that feature as much but now members of our online fan club can really have more of a chance to talk with us.  Now if we post something about one of our new movies, our fans can post right back and talk to us and all of our other fans about it right on the website.

You can visit our  official website at

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