Love Twins Leave Goldstar

Speaking of the lovely Lyndsey and Lacey Love,  did you know they are no longer with Goldstar?  I know!  I was shocked to hear this myself.  But it turns out they, along with Sasha Hollander came to Goldstar as part of a package deal with the opening of the Goldstar New York office and the man who was charged to run it.  This person and Goldstar have parted ways and in accordance with the original agreement, the girls he came with are going with him, and that includes The Love Twins and Sasha Hollander.  I briefly spoke with The Love Twins this morning to get their thoughts on all of this.

Lyndsey Love (left) Lacey Love (right)

Lyndsey Love says — We never even had a chance to work with anyone from Goldstar.  We were scheduled to head out to LA in less than 2 weeks to meet with them for the first time.

I contacted the owner of Goldstar Modeling and he didn’t really have anything negative or specific to say as to why the parting of ways, just that it was one of those things that had to be done and that if anything he regrets not having had a chance to work with the Love Twins.  He hears they are real sweet girls and wishes them the best.

The Love Twins are back at Blue Max Models, working with a man they have been with for the entire span of their career, even before they were Vivid girls.  He tells us that the girls will be going to Florida instead of LA this month for shooting.   We weren’t really able to get many more details about it but anyone interested in working with the girls either this month or anytime in the future can visit their official website and click the BOOK US link from the main menu.

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