Ashley Dupre vs Joe Francis

Hello everyone out there in cyberspace.  My name is Lacey Love and I’ll be typing up stories for my sister and myself as a Luke Ford celebrity blogger.  I don’t really know why we are called that.  I’m not much of a celebrity but I guess that’s besides the point.  As far as my postings go, I’m more into the computer stuff than my sisters is so although she’ll be helping me with ideas, it will be mostly me typing it all up and submitting it to the website.  When we were invited to blog on the Luke Ford website we weren’t really sure what we should say.  Ryan suggested that we post stories just as if we were talking to each other.  I can’t imagine anyone being all that interested in the silly things that my sister and I go on about each day but he insists otherwise.  Today Lyndsey and I were talking about this story we seen on TMZ about Joe Francis from Girls Gone Wild and this hooker who was suing him.

I don’t know if anyone is really keeping up with this kind of thing like we do, but basically Ashley Dupre is a high priced call girl who got caught up in a political scandal when it was revealed that one of her clients was none other than the governor of New York.  That in itself would be a big deal but it was even more so because he was big into this task force to put a stop to prostitution in New York and then it got even more blown up because she’s really a beatiful girl who just so happened to be partying one night when she was 17, with a fake ID and had some fun with the Girls Gone Wild cameras.

When the story about the governor and the call girl broke Joe Francis had just gotten out of jail and sitting in front of his computer typed in her name to see if by any odd chance he happened to have footage of her, since he had footage of tens of thousands of girls and sure enough he did.  He posted those images on his website but they were quickly removed as soon after Ashley Dupre filed a $10 million suit against Joe Francis and Girls Gone Wild for their attempt to exploit Dupré’s name and image.  She was often quoted in retards to the interview saying that Girls Gone Wild was trying to harm her image.

I know, confusing story, huh?  Well I agree but still very interesting nonetheless.  So a few months later Ashley Dupre dropped her lawsuit and Joe Francis decides he would rather not take the high road about it.  He goes on record as saying “I mean come on guys, of course she dropped it.  A hooker!  She’s a hooker!”.  Just before that he had also told TMZ that

“The filing of the lawsuit was a serious lapse of judgment on her part. I never did understand how I could possibly damage the reputation of a hooker … This isn’t the first time I’ve faced false allegations against me. But the truth invariably comes out, as I knew it would in this case. I am happy to, once again, be completely vindicated.”

Okay so now that we have all the back story out of the way I want to say that although I agree the lawsuit was bogus and we think she made the right choice in dropping the lawsuit since she gave him a fake it and literally went on camera saying she was of legal age and gives her consent, he shouldn’t have to pay her anything.  It was her choice to party with the girls gone wild people and it was her choice to use a fake id and lie about everything.  I think that if she would have went through with the lawsuit she would have lost anything.

But what I don’t agree with his the way that Joe Francis handled it either.

He makes his making from these videos and has built a multi-million dollar empire on the backs of these girls so to turn on them and say bad things about them just isn’t cool.  If it were not for girls like this “hooker” then where would he be?  These girls expose themselves for his cameras and it’s wrong that he is is talking about them in the way that he does.

He is the front man for a multi-million dollar corporation.  He should act a little more discreet and mature when it comes to these kind of legal matters.

He expects people to have sympathy for him in his legal woes but he doesn’t seem to have any for anyone else and this case actually has a lot to do with his other legal troubles.  I was reading previously that he had gotten himself in some trouble, including some issues of underage girls lying about their age.

I was looking at my sister’s ID on the way to the set of one of the movies we were filming two weeks ago and I realized how much the photo doesn’t look like either of us, keeping in mind that we are identical twins.

The pictures from our ID were taken 4 years ago.  We don’t even have the same color hair as we did when we took those pictures.  So how can you really know that a person is who they say they are when photo id’s in the form that they are now aren’t all that reliable?

I think about being on the set of a movie and all of those girls who are having over their IDs and how many of them do that each and every day.  There are hundreds of movie studios and probably tens of thousands of porn stars and out of all of those no doubt some one of them are fake.  I even recently heard a story about a rather famous porn star under contract with one of the top movie studios using a fake id, not because she was under age but I think because she was a little older and didn’t want people to know her real age but either way it’s still a fake id and still just as illegal.

So with all of this technology, why have we not come up with a better means of identification?

And when people lie and present false identification, why is it the fault of the person they lied to?  That I don’t understand at all.  Why is Joe Francis at fault because someone gave him a fake ID?  How was he to know it was fake?  The whole thing is just not right.  What do you think?

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  1. Joe Francis is at fault because he has a history of abusing many young underage girls and older women and drugging them and raping others. And his whole “empire” is from taking advantage of high school and college girls who had a bit too much to drink on Spring Break.

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