As you might have guessed …

As you might have guessed I’m bringing in some help.   This is not really that unusual as for years now Luke Ford has had contributions from a variety of colorful characters.  I will be wading through the applications I have over the next week for contributing editors and also sending out some private invitations to porn stars and rising starlets for their unique insight on a variety of subject matters.

My first invitation to contribute to the site from a special guest blogger has been accepted.  I think it’s pretty well known that I’ve long had a thing for twins and most especially if those twins are porn stars.  That’s right boys and girls we have Lacey and Lyndsey Love … the infamous Love Twins, to act as contributing sex bloggers and they will be contributing articles on a variety of adult related subjects in the coming months.  I suspect their first submission will be posted within the next couple of days so keep your eyes out.  I will also hopefully be announcing one and possibly two more sexy contributors.  We’ll see.

For those of you still interested in being a contributing editor at Luke Ford remember to click here to read about what you will need to do.  I will be considering all submissions over the next week.

The Love Twins, Lacey and Lyndsey Love

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