Attention Bloggers — WE WANT YOU


Love to talk?  Do some people say you never shut the fuck up?  Do you have this overwhelming need to tell others what you think about things even if they don’t ask?  Want to express your opinion to thousands of people a day?  Have something interesting and significant to say specific to the adult industry?  Then we have a little something you may be interested in.  We are looking for contributing editors for Luke Ford.  In return for your contributions to the site (by making no less than 6 meaningful posts per month) you will get a text link from our site to yours on every post you make and in addition those who go beyond the call of duty will earn themselves a banner ad that will rotate on every single post made on this site and all previous articles … thousands of them!!  Here are the details ……

  • We ask that you post original stories.  Do not just copy and paste what someone else has already written.
  • Your articles should be specific to the adult industry or at least remotely related.
  • You will need to write no less than 6 meaningful posts per month (posting 1 liners is not meaningful).
  • We ask that you at least spell check your work before posting it.
  • You should not post affiliate links in your stories unless they are pre-approved.
  • Do not post flat out lies.  If you heard a rumor, be clear that it is a RUMOR.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in click the SUBMIT NEWS link (to the left toward the top) and tell us what makes you a great potential Luke Ford blogger. Tell us of any industry experience you have and what kind of stories you would like to post about.

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