Lovely Questions

Since my sister and I started blogging here at some questions have started to come in to Ryan and he sent them to us in hopes that we might answer a few of them.   I wil post a few of them along with an answer for each.  They are in no particular order really and some of them have been asked more than a few times.

Are you really identical twins and can your family tell you apart?

Yes, had you read the FAQ page on our official website you would have seen that it is the first thing we answer.  We are in fact identical twin porn stars.  Here is a photo that might help you tell us apart.  Lyndsey is to the left and I am to the right.  In the photo you see that although we do look very similar there are small differences between us.  Our close friends and family can tell us apart.

Lyndsey Love (left) Lacey Love (right)
Lyndsey Love (shown left) and Lacey Love (pictured right)

Do you have sex together?

Well kind of.  We don’t have sex with each other if that is what you mean but often in our movies you will find we both have sex with the same guy at the same time.   As far as having sex with each other goes, that is illegal.  It’s called incest and it’s not something we would do.

How big are your boobs and are they real?

We see a lot of different measurements posted about us in various places on the Internet.   I’m not really sure where all the confusion comes in but my sister and I both have natural 36B breasts.  Neither of us have ever had plastic surgery, so yes our boobs are real.

What color are your eyes?

Our eyes are brown.

Do you share boyfriends?

No sorry, we don’t do this either.  Honestly I think it’s just a matter of that prior to entering porn we didn’t really have a lot of them.  Each of us had only been with two men before becoming porn stars.

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