What voting means

I’m sure by now you are probably sick of hearing people say VOTE VOTE VOTE and I wouldn’t normally post about the subject but someone said something to me today that I just really couldn’t believe I was hearing.  My sister and I had just gotten home from voting and a friend we knew from school called.  We asked if she had voted yet and she said something to me I won’t ever forget, “Oh I don’t vote.  My husband votes for us and he went early this morning.”

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Wait, what?  Your husband votes for “us”?  In an age where girls are so proud to should GIRL POWER how could any modern woman say such a thing?  You have a voice too and if you don’t express your views then the luxuries you enjoy such as the right to work, equal pay and issues like Health care may go unheard.  YOU HAVE A VOICE SO USE IT.  Don’t count on others doing the right thing.  You do the right thing.   Please, it’s so important that you vote.

Every single vote counts!  STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!

  • 1845 – ONE vote brought Texas into the Union
  • 1868 – ONE vote saved President Andrew Johnson from impeachment
  • 1876 – ONE vote gave Rutherford Hayes the presidency of the United States
  • 1939 – ONE vote passed the selective service act
  • 1960 – ONE vote per precinct elected John F. Kennedy President
  • 1978 – in Fullerton, California, a Democratic candidate for the State of California’s legislature lost by TEN votes in a primary election where 32,000 votes were cast

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