We have a new movie coming out!

We just got the news that one of the movies we made recently is being released and it’s called Old Enough To Be Their Mother #5 from Porn Fidelity.  There is both the DVD version and the movie and a version coming out on Blu-Ray which is pretty cool.   I don’t really know the difference between the two but my sister said “it means it’s in high dev”.   So there you have it.

To be honest it was a pretty fun movie to make.  My sister and I enjoyed it a lot.  For those who would like to know what the movie is about I have put that for you next.  It’s sort of a really long description but I think it better explains it than me trying to tell you.

The Madison’s (That’s Ryan and Kelly) are extremely excited about providing you, the viewer, with the best, high quality adult movie on the market.   Not only is the picture by far the cleanest and crisp it has ever been but also, they put together some of the sexiest younger ladies around to provide you with even more viewing pleasure.  Sit back, relax and enjoy as Kelly shows these teenyboppers the right way to please a man.

This is Old Enough to be their Mother #5 in Blu-Ray, pure hi-definition video! First up for the lesson of love is Christine Alexis. Cute, bubbly and barely legal, Miss Alexis went to the mall to take her yearly picture with the Easter bunny. It’s a traditional picture that she takes especially for her parents. Little did she know the naughty bunny was in the alley taking shots of Jack and smoking his cigar.

Ryan’s assistant Kelly, assured Christine that the Easter bunny would be back shortly and ready for pictures. Instead of being presentable, Ryan was now a horny bunny feeling up on his customer. Although she was young, Kelly knew a great situation when she saw one and took full advantage of teaching a young girl some of her and the bunny’s old tricks. Christine’s night ended with a special treat when the Madison’s sent her home with an Easter photo in hand and a cream covered face! Next on the agenda was a two for one deal… twins!

Ryan and Kelly were in dire need of some action but they weren’t together at that moment to satisfy each other, so they improvised.   The Madison’s individually planned a secret meeting with two different girls at the same time.   Little did they know… the girls were twins and had a little secret of their own. Lacey and Lindsay met Kelly and Ryan, pleased their assigned spouse and schemed up a plan to switch so they could both have the best of both worlds.

Upon switching back to their original partner, Kelly and Ryan caught them mid switch! Upset but equally turned on, the Madison’s decided it would only be right if they twins paid their dues… in sexual favors. This really gave “two heads are better than one” a whole new meaning! Kenzie was done with her work for the week and was ready to call it a day when her boss, Ryan, asked her for one more favor. He had just wrapped up on one of the longest days in awhile and was in desperate need of some TLC, blow job style. Kenzie got onto her knees and serviced her boss like any good employee should.

If Kenzie played her cards right, this would definitely be terms for re- evaluation of her position. I think someone deserves a raise, on top of the one her boss’s dick gave her! Last but not least on the agenda of this pleasing parade we have a set of sisters who had been eyeing their sexy neighbor for quite some time now. After all, when the wifey is away, the hubby will play! Nikki and Scarlett pranced their two tight, teenaged asses over to Ryan.

They were bored and were desperately seeking something to do. They had envisioned something long, hard and attached to two balls in and around their mouths. Lucky for them, Ryan had just what they were looking for. The twins put good use of their time by taking care of Ryan, after all, it would be in their best interest to do just that. Kelly wouldn’t want it any other way. Enjoy all of these hardcore scenes plus much more with the purchase of this DVD.

The Love Twins, Lacey and Lyndsey Love

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