Review of Teagan Presley’s The S!X

I’ll be honest with you, I chose to review Teagan Presley’s new movie The S!X based solely off of the box cover.  There are just so many new movies out anymore it is hard to decide which one may be worth watching.

The first scene featured Teagan Presley with Alexis Texas.  Talk about an industry darling.  People lately seem to be just obsessed with her.  I think she is the porno industries answer to Kim Kardashian.  I personally think I prefer Alexis Texas over Kim Kardashian but that’s another story for another day.

Actually what I liked about this movie was the first thing you see not only in this scene but in every scene.  They all have this sexy, erotic openings.  It’s very reminiscence of those Taylor Rain movies from years ago.  Needless to say, I like those kind of fantasy opening sequences a lot.

The next scene is with Bobbi Starr and Spanish stud Toni Ribas.  I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever met a straight man who spells his name Toni instead of Tony.  Toni is typically a more feminine spelling.  I don’t know why but I find it very strange.

I kinda figured he was one of those gay/bi cross over stars you’ve been hearing about so much lately but after looking into it some, turns out I was wrong.  He just spells his name weird.  He’s very much a straight male and in fact, he’s appeared in over 500 scenes in the last 10 years.  That means he’s banged more girls in the last decade that most men will even dream of being with in an entire lifetime.

So back to the scene.  The two had rather good chemistry.  Lots of heat and passion.  They almost seem to go out of their way to make this movie more attractive to couples with extra affection and kissing.

The next scene features Andy San Dimas and the very sexy Rocco Reed.  You could almost not fuck this scene up.  Rocco Reed is so attractive, is there really anything he could do wrong?

The next scene also comes with one of those fantasy, sexy and erotic opening sequences.  The scene is with Asa Akira and Evan Stone.  Evan Stone is a very powerful male performer.  He’s extremely good looking, that could easily be confused with the male models on the cover of those romance novels, so I was really looking forward to this scene but to be honest I wasn’t impressed.  I don’t know what it is but I’m just really not a fan of Asa Akira.  She wasn’t really into it.  She just seemed so fake to me for some reason.  Her fakeness really distracted me and kept me from truly enjoying the scene.

The last scene features Lexi Belle and Mr. Pete.  The passion in this scene was wrong but the performers seemed rather out of place among a cast of what could easily be confused super models.  You have all these chiseled males and super hot females and then the last two.  They are okay, rather decent looking but by no means ugly just not in the same caliber of the other performers.

Overall I rated the movie very well.  I think Adam and Eve did a great job adding little touches to make the movie more couples friendly, despite it being in the gonzo / all-sex category.  For that I gave the big credit.

I liked the movie a lot.  I liked Teagan Presley and Alexis Texas more than probably anything.   So if you are looking for a good movie to watch, this is probably one you want to check out.



CNBC’s Dirty Dozen

CNBC released a report on who they think are the most popular porn stars as part of their porn convention coverage.  Let’s see if you agree ….

  • Ashlynn Brooke
  • Jenna Haze
  • Jesse Jane
  • Lisa Ann
  • Evan Stone
  • Tori Black
  • Bobbi Starr
  • Lexi Belle
  • Kayden Kross
  • Belladonna
  • Sasha Grey
  • Joanna Angel

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The Most Popular Porn Stars

Popularity in the porn industry is often fleeting. Some performers experience a meteoric rise and fall in the course of a year. Others connect with the audience on a different level and manage a multi-year ride at the top.   Though there is no real formula for success in this industry, these 12 performers have proven to be more than just a flash in the pan, with tremendous staying power over the past few

Popularity in the porn industry is often fleeting. Some performers experience a meteoric rise and fall in the course of a year. Others connect with the audience on a different level and manage a multi-year ride at the top.  Though there is no real formula for success in this industry, these 12 performers have proven to be more than just a flash in the pan, with tremendous staying power over the past few years. What’s more there are no signs their careers are in danger of waning anytime soon.

So, with the industry’s annual expo underway in Las Vegas Jan. 6-9, we’ve assembled porn’s dirty dozen—the most popular porn stars, based on our reporting and analysis.   By Chris Morris, Special to

Ashlynn Brooke

Brooke has been working in adult films for nearly five years, earning multiple award nominations. She also appeared in last year’s “Piranha 3D,” which has helped escalate her earlier porn films.   These days, however, she’s focusing more on work behind the camera, directing parody-film versions of “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Wonder Woman”.

Jenna Haze

The 28-year-old Haze is arguably the most popular performer in the porn today. She has been nominated for the “Female Performer of the Year” award for three years running at the AVN Awards (porn’s equivalent of the Oscars).   Haze also picked up a similar nomination at the 2009 Xbiz Awards. Meanwhile, she is one of the most popular stars with members of the Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network (AEBN) – the industry’s largest Internet video on demand provider.

Jesse Jane

Jane is, for many, the face of modern porn. She was one of the top-line stars of the smash “Pirates” films (two of the biggest porn movies of all time).   Jane is also hosting this year’s AVN red-carpet ceremony and received performer of the year nods in 2009 and 2010. She’s nominated for the same category in this year’s Xbiz Awards, which she will also host.

Lisa Ann

The 38-year-old Lisa Ann had a run in the 1990s as a porn actress, but quit in 1997, eventually returning as an agent. In 2008, though, her meteoric rise to fame came when she portrayed Sarah Palin in a porn parody. She has since gone on to be one of the most popular on-demand stars with AEBN.

Evan Stone

Ron Jeremy is the industry’s most famous male performer, but 46-year old Stone could be his successor. His sense of humor makes him one of the most popular leading men in the industry among female performers – and fans enjoy a male actor who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Tori Black

A three-year veteran of the industry with more than 200 films under her belt, Black began as a Penthouse Pet. She won 2010’s AVN performer of the year award and is nominated again in 2011. The story’s the same with the Xbiz Awards. And, like Haze, Black is one of the top stars at AEBN. Among her highlights in 2010 was a spin as Catwoman in Vivid’s incredibly popular “Batman XXX: A Porn Parody”.

Bobbi Starr

A finalist in “America’s Next Hot Porn Star,” Starr failed to win the 2007 pay-per-view reality show, but that hasn’t slowed her rise. She has racked up more than half a dozen awards and may be the industry’s next crossover star, having been cast in the upcoming film “Drive” with Ryan Gosling, Albert Brooks and Christina Hendricks.

Lexi Belle

One of the younger superstars of the industry at 23, Belle has earned top-performer nods for two years running from AVN and Xbiz. She is, perhaps, even more popular with the Web audience, which has made her website one of the biggest in the industry.

Kayden Kross

Kross has been a contract star with both of the production firms Adam & Eve and Digital Playground, making her one of today’s most in demand stars. She will cohost this year’s AVN red carpet with Jesse Jane and is nominated for best performer for the second consecutive year.


While Belladonna appears to be stepping back from performing in porn films, this 29-year old actor/director/producer has one of the most loyal fan bases in the industry. Both straight men and lesbian women have kept Belladonna among the most popular stars – even when she shaved her head. She has been nominated for 42 AVN awards (and won 10) through the course of her career.

Sasha Grey

Grey’s not actively making porn films at the moment, but her push into mainstream acting – including a lead role in Steven Soderbergh’s 2008 film “The Girlfriend Experience”, and a recurring role on HBO’s “Entourage” – has kept her porn works popular. Several companies are also putting out compilation titles with select scenes of her uninhibited past, which fans continue to buy.

Joanna Angel

Like Belladonna, Angel owns her studio – meaning she makes money from sales, not just performances. The punk look she and her actors share has given rise to a new segment in the industry, dubbed alt porn.

Two more pornstars try their hand at mainstream

Bobbi Starr & Andy San Dimas Cast in Mainstream Film ‘Drive’

(—Two of adult’s current biggest names, Bobbi Starr and Andy San Dimas, will make their mainstream debuts in the big screen adaptation of the James Sallis novel Drive, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (Bronson, Valhalla Rising) and co-starring Hollywood luminaries including Ryan Gosling, Albert Brooks, Bryan Cranston and Christina Hendricks.

Both represented by talent agent Mark Spiegler, Starr and San Dimas shoot their portions of the picture this week and next.

“I’m the wife of an abusive husband, and my character is horribly fucked up and trapped in an abusive marriage,” Starr told AVN. “I have battered wife syndrome. Basically, one of the main characters comes in, witnesses me and my husband fighting several times, and then one night he just gets fed up and threatens to kill my husband.”

Though San Dimas doesn’t know as much about her character at this point, she is plenty thrilled to have been cast.

“I auditioned for this movie a few months ago,” she said. “About 40 different industry babes were there auditioning as well. I walked in a little intimidated—I’d never read for a mainstream part like this. I memorized my script in five minutes and gave it my best. I honestly thought I had no chance, especially when I didn’t hear back from them for so long. When Spieg called me with the news, I was stoked!”

Why the call for all the porn actresses? Explained Starr, “[Refn] said none of the girls in the casting had any portion of reality that could mesh with the character. The main character [being played by Brit actress Carey Mulligan] is a woman who gets high off of really dangerous experiences. She hangs out with criminals and gangsters and stuff like that, and she gets adrenalin off of that. And so he told the casting director, ‘I only want to see strippers, hookers and porn stars.’”

What impressed Refn enough about Starr for him to cast her, she related, was her seemingly antithetical nature to the part. She said Refn told her, “‘You are engaged in this world, but externally you don’t look it. And verbally, you don’t act like it, and you don’t dress like it.’ He said he saw a couple of girls that had skirts where you could totally see their vaginas, and their tops left nothing to the imagination. He said, ‘But you walked in, and you’re buttoned all the way to the neck!’ I was like, ‘That’s called style.’”

Drive is slated to premiere in early 2011.

Bobbi Starr & Andy San Dimas together in The Big Lebowski: A XXX Parody

Bobbi Starr & Andy San Dimas together in Pretty As They Cum 2

Who Really is the Smartest Porn Star?

So I have to ask the question, what’s the big fucking deal? The Porn world is all abuzz with “AJ Bailey is the world’s smartest Pornstar“.   I thought, “wow, is she a fucking genius or something?” Wasn’t Asia Carrera a member of Mensa?  So wouldn’t she be the smartest porn star?   Then I saw that AJ Bailey only earned a Master’s degree in anthropology and museum studies.   I mean that’s impressive but how does that really make her so much smarter than all the other chicks with degrees in our business?  So I got to thinking, she can’t be the only porn star with a degree.   So I did my research and I found a shit load of stars with degrees.   Some even have duel degrees for fuck sakes, so why is all the buzz about AJ Bailey?  There are a lot of porn stars out there with half a brain.  She’s not the only fucking one.

Here is some of what I found, I got bored and lazy after the first few but I think with this list you more than get the point that AJ Bailey isn’t the only broad who has tits and brains:

Victoria Zdrok

  • Joanna Angel – has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature with a minor in Film Studies from Rutgers University.
  • Tera Patrick – BS in Biology and an AAS degree in nursing from Boise State University.
  • Victoria Zdrok – This Penthouse Pet of the Year, Playboy Playmate and star of her own line of lesbian movies, speaks something like 7 languages.  She graduated from high school at 16, went on to college to earn her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, as well as a law degree, oh yes she is a licened entertainment lawyer.  And if all of that wasn’t enough she is also a noted author and regular guest speaker on shows like MSNBC, CNN, and the likes.
  • Bobbi Starr – Holds a music degree from San Jose State University. She is currently a pre-med student, aiming to become a gynecologist.
  • TJ Hart – Graduated with a triple major in psychology, sociology and art, with a minor in early childhood education from the University of Colorado. She was also member of the 1988 US Olympic swim team.
  • Ron Jeremy – (former Teacher) Bachelor’s degree in education and theater and a master’s degree in special education from Queens College in New York.
  • Nina Hartley – Not only is she a Registered Nurse, she graduated magna cum laude from San Francisco State University’s nursing school.
  • Audrey Hollander – Graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a degree in Elementary Education.
  • Lexington Steele – Earned a double degree in History and African-American studies from Syracuse University
  • Mika Tan – Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and an Associates degree in Psychology.
  • Shy Love – A certified public accountant, having earned both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in accounting.

Bobbi Starr Joines The Popporn Family

Adult star begins column for adult blog. Adult blog has announced that adult superstar Bobbi Starr, will begin contributing a regular column to the ever growing adult blog.

Bobbi Starr

26 year-old Starr, the winner of the 2009 XRCO Superslut award is a California native. Graduating from San Jose State University with a Bachelors of Music in Performance (she plays the oboe) Starr entered the adult industry in 2006. Since then, she has gone on to be known as one of the dirtiest performers in the business winning CAVR’s Starlet of the Year in 2007 and CAVR’s Star of the Year in 2008. In addition, this super slut has multiple AVN Award nominations to boot.

About joining the roster, Bobbi Starr said, “My rhetorical skill needed quenching and was the perfect glass of literary water!”’s editor-in-chief Brian Bangs said, “We had the pleasure of working with Bobbi on our upcoming POPPORN – The Guide To Making Fuck film and we were immediately impressed not only by what an amazing performer she is, but what an incredibly smart, funny and interesting person she is as well. She has an incredible life story so far and we’re excited as hell to have her document her life on our site.”, updated every weekday, features interviews and articles about adult performers, product reviews written by wildly sexual young women with no sense of shame, webisodes and news articles about the adult industry and porn in general. With numerous writers on the roster, including Digital Playground contract starlet, Stoya ™, AVN Hall of Fame member, Tom Byron, Bobbi Starr, Faye Reagan and the lovely Stevie Hart, offers something completely different to the adult industry.

Jennaration X — Jenna Haze Makes her move!

So much going on in Vegas, so little time to talk about it, so I am going to be a lazy bastard and take the cheap way out and just copy and paste the XBIZ report on Jenna Haze’s newly formed studio.  Let’s be real, it fucking Vegas and I don’t have time to type all this out.   What I will say is this is quite a year for start ups.  First you have Sunny Leone with SunLust Pictures then Briana Banks with Briana Banks Entertainment and now Jenna Haze with Jennaration X.  I get that they all want to do it their way but with the economy the way it is right now is this really the time to take such risks?  I don’t know about the others but it seems for Briana Banks it was the perfect time, whose first movie includes her first ever double anal and I predict sales of this movie will be huge as a result.  So I guess only time will tell how it works out for the others.

The XBIZ report on Jenna Haze’s new studio : Popular porn star Jenna Haze is launching her own brand of erotica through a newly created production company. Jennaration X Studios, headed by Haze and distributed through Jules Jordan Video, debuts with its first release next month. Haze, who spoke to XBIZ today on the floor of the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, was positively giddy with excitement and anticipation over the creation of her new studio.

It’s a little scary and totally rad at the same time; I have my reputation riding on this company,” she said. “I dreamed about directing and releasing my own movies when I first started and now I worked hard to make it a reality. I’ve learned so much along the way.

The first movie from Jennaration X also marks Haze’s directorial debut. “Cum Spoiled Sluts” stars Nikki Rhodes, Riley Evans, Alyssa Hall, Bobbi Starr, and Haze in three out of the movie’s six scenes.  Haze does have some directing experience filming scenes for her website and said she embraced the challenge of helming her first full-length movie.

I want to make what I think is hot and what my fans will like,” Haze said. “Directing some stuff for my website was to get my feet wet so I could be comfortable taking on bigger projects. I’ve been studying, and my years in front of the camera has been the best classroom I could have ever been in by analyzing different directors’ styles, how sets are run, the lighting, the location, the flow – everything it takes, down to the smallest detail, to make a hot movie.

Plans call for Jennaration X to release six to eight movies this year, ramping up to one per month in 2010. Haze said that fans could expect to see all-natural girls (“It’s just a personal preference,” she said) in “elegant but nasty hardcore gonzo sex scenes.”

Haze said she has a wish list of performers to direct, some of whom she’s already directed for future Jennaration X movies, which includes Alexis Texas, Missy Stone, Monique Alexander (fresh off ending her Vivid Entertainment contract), Kiki Vidis and Belladonna.

I have a great company handling my distribution [Jules Jordan Video] and I have my boyfriend, Jules Jordan, helping me every step of the way – he’s a great businessman,” Haze said. “It’s like a family and I know I’m just the baby in the family, but I’m ready to make some noise!