Enough already Wicked Pictures with your Fake “Sex Expert”

I hate to be a bitch and I’ve quite honestly fought really hard with the other posters and owners of this site to clean up the kind of articles that get released lately at LukeFord.com.  I want the site to be an informative news source about the adult industry and not a pile of bullshit posts with rumors, slander and pissing matches that this site really used to be.  I’m really happy to say that over the last year things have really cleaned up the site.  But that doesn’t mean from time to time we have to speak out and point out some negative issues that go on in our industry and today is a perfect example of that.

It’s an election year and that means porn is always in the spotlight and anything any of us do can be a huge problem because the media or some jack ass politician looking for an easy target can make it out to be a bigger issue than it really is.
I’ve been seeing a lot of press releases lately from Wicked Pictures promoting one of their contract stars as a sex expert.  Today I seen a blog post calling her an “Emerging Sexual Wellness Authority”.  That bothers me.

Turns out it is a felony for anyone to pretend to be a medical expert when they are not.  You can’t just going around saying you are a doctor when you aren’t or in this particular case without actually saying “doctor” they are instead implying expert or authoritative knowledge in this specific area of study which is usually attributed to those with a degree in psychology or related area of study.  So telling people you are an authority when you aren’t really can be a very big deal … perhaps even fraud and a felony.

So today when I seen this porn star promoting them self as an “Emerging Sexual Wellness Authority” it really bugged me a lot.  This bothers me greatly because in the end the actions of those in the spotlight in our industry has great influence over all of our lives and careers.

If someone goes around pretending they are an expert or promotes themselves as a doctor or some kind of actual medical expert and they aren’t, then it can have a negative impact on all of us.  Because much like the condom issue, we have all seen how quickly an issue can get out of hand.  All it takes is the right fuck up in the wrong hands and things can get ugly really quick.

I have 52 different press releases from Wicked Pictures that in some way shape or form refer to Jessica Drake as a “sexual wellness authority”.  Not 1, not 2, not 10 but FIFTY TWO!!!!!!!

I looked into it before making this post just to make sure I’m not mistaken but as I suspected, it turns out Jessica Dake, who has been promoting themselves as a “sexual wellness authority” doesn’t have a degree in that area of study or actually any degree at all from what I can find.

Despite some people in our industry like say Dr. Victoria Zdrok who actually has a PhD in Clinical Psychology who also happens to be a former Playboy Playmate and Penthouse Pet of the Year.  She also did a few adult movies as well.  But again she has a PhD and that makes her an actual AUTHORITY on sexual wellness.

Apparently just having sex with a lot of men makes this porn star and Wicked Pictures and their related PR team feel entitled to call her an “Emerging Sexual Wellness Authority” and that is a huge problem.

We have enough issues in our industry right now … do we really need to add to it by letting the mainstream media or politicians know that a porn star who no degree in this area of study and has spent years in a damaging relationship with a married man, is claiming to be an “authority on sexual wellness”?

She isn’t a doctor.  She has no degree of study in this field.  SO QUIT PROMOTING HER AS AN AUTHORITY IN THIS FIELD!  SHE’S A PORN STAR NOT A CERTIFIED MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL  Believe it or not there is a major difference between the two.

Sucking a lot of cock doesn’t make you an authority on sexual wellness.  Nor does sleeping with a married man make you an expert of relationships.  It actually kinda makes you just the opposite but that’s another story for another day.

I have no problem with porn stars.  Love them.    In fact, I’ve worked very hard to help many of them improve their lives for years now.  Think what they do is great but trying to saying a porn star is an expert on sexual wellness is just asking for trouble and more government regulation or other related troubles for our industry.

There are a lot of porn stars out there who are highly educated with advanced degrees.  And to those girls I say good for them!   I truly hope that one day you can use those advanced degrees like Victoria Zdrok has done and combine what she has learned in the porn industry with her degrees to write books and even get hired as a legal expert and she regularity speaks on the talk show circuit and I think writes article son sexual wellness for Penthouse too – well at least she did for awhile.

But for those of you who don’t have a degree in clinical psychology or a related field, just being a porn star doesn’t make you an authority on all matters.  You make be able to suck a hell of a cock but that’s a far cry from an authority on sexual wellness.

So to make this clear so there is no confusion … while there are porn stars with advanced degrees, Jessica Drake does not seem to have one, at least not one that I found after reading numerous published biographies and interviews about her.  She most especially does not have a degree in psychology or any related medical field that make make her an expert or authority on sexual wellness.  She’s a porn star.  Making porn is her area of expertise.  Sexual wellness is not and continuing to say you are is fraudulent and quite possibly criminal.

And calling me a bitch doesn’t make this fact any less true.  Fraud is fraud and liking me or not liking me doesn’t really change that.




Who Really is the Smartest Porn Star?

So I have to ask the question, what’s the big fucking deal? The Porn world is all abuzz with “AJ Bailey is the world’s smartest Pornstar“.   I thought, “wow, is she a fucking genius or something?” Wasn’t Asia Carrera a member of Mensa?  So wouldn’t she be the smartest porn star?   Then I saw that AJ Bailey only earned a Master’s degree in anthropology and museum studies.   I mean that’s impressive but how does that really make her so much smarter than all the other chicks with degrees in our business?  So I got to thinking, she can’t be the only porn star with a degree.   So I did my research and I found a shit load of stars with degrees.   Some even have duel degrees for fuck sakes, so why is all the buzz about AJ Bailey?  There are a lot of porn stars out there with half a brain.  She’s not the only fucking one.

Here is some of what I found, I got bored and lazy after the first few but I think with this list you more than get the point that AJ Bailey isn’t the only broad who has tits and brains:

Victoria Zdrok

  • Joanna Angel – has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature with a minor in Film Studies from Rutgers University.
  • Tera Patrick – BS in Biology and an AAS degree in nursing from Boise State University.
  • Victoria Zdrok – This Penthouse Pet of the Year, Playboy Playmate and star of her own line of lesbian movies, speaks something like 7 languages.  She graduated from high school at 16, went on to college to earn her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, as well as a law degree, oh yes she is a licened entertainment lawyer.  And if all of that wasn’t enough she is also a noted author and regular guest speaker on shows like MSNBC, CNN, and the likes.
  • Bobbi Starr – Holds a music degree from San Jose State University. She is currently a pre-med student, aiming to become a gynecologist.
  • TJ Hart – Graduated with a triple major in psychology, sociology and art, with a minor in early childhood education from the University of Colorado. She was also member of the 1988 US Olympic swim team.
  • Ron Jeremy – (former Teacher) Bachelor’s degree in education and theater and a master’s degree in special education from Queens College in New York.
  • Nina Hartley – Not only is she a Registered Nurse, she graduated magna cum laude from San Francisco State University’s nursing school.
  • Audrey Hollander – Graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a degree in Elementary Education.
  • Lexington Steele – Earned a double degree in History and African-American studies from Syracuse University
  • Mika Tan – Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and an Associates degree in Psychology.
  • Shy Love – A certified public accountant, having earned both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in accounting.

Taya Parker on Rock of Love Bus

After being named the 2009 Penthouse Pet of the year to be honest you didn’t really hear much from Taya Parker. I mean you heard more about Teagan Presley as the January 2009 Penthouse Pet of the Month than you ever did about Taya Parker. Hell to be honest Kayden Kross promoted her own appearance as a Penthouse Pet of the Month on the blogs far more than you heard anything about this Pet of the Year chick.

I began to wonder, did Penthouse perhaps make a bad call? Did the girl turn out to be uncooperative, was she just not that interesting so nobody noticed any publicity she was doing? Did they maybe regret not picking Hanna Hilton who would have later gone on to be picked as a Vivid girl and as such is now starring in a reality TV show starting tomorrow? That would have been some great free publicity for them. All of these thoughts at random times where going through my head. That is until now. I think I figured out why the fuck we haven’t been hearing about the Penthouse Pet of the Year for 2009 and that is because she was tucked away on the set of a reality TV series for VH1 and Brett Michaels called the Rock of Love Bus.

And this Sunday she is going to host a screening party along wtih Bret Michaels and the one and only Dr. Victoria Zdrok who herself was a former Playboy Playmate turned Penthouse Pet of the Year.  She is now their resident Doctor of Love, aka Dr. Z.


2009 Penthouse Pet of the Year Taya Parker to Host Rock Of Love Tour Bus With Bret Michaels Screening Party


2009 Penthouse Pet of the Year, Taya Parker is hosting the hottest post-Valentine’s party in New York City. Along with this years’ Penthouse Pet of the Year runner-up Shawna Lenee, Krista Ayn (2007 runner up) and Victoria “Dr. Z” Zdrok, these girls will be hosting the Rock of Love Tour Bus Screening Party.

The event will be held on Sunday, February 15th 2009 from 8pm-10pm (est) at


532 W. 27th Street

NYC, NY 10001

All drinks made with V2 Vodka are free!

Dr. Z will you come make a house call to me?

I got a press release today that I want to share with you. Not because I really like to share press release but because of who the press release is about. I mean let’s be real, we all know I don’t really publish press releases that often, only on a rare and special occasion but this is one rare and special lady its about. Her name is Victoria Zdrok.  Her personal bio describers her as a hottie and a smartie.  And while that may be true, it’s far from really capturing all that is Victoria Zdrok.

As you might have imagined by the name Victoria Zdrok is originally from Russia.  She came to the U.S. during the times of the cold war in a specially arranged student exchange program.  Victoria Zdrok was brilliant and went on to graduate high school a very young age.

She graduated from Pensacola Junior College in Florida at age 17 and West Chester University in Pennsylvania at age 18 with a B.A.   She speaks like 6 languages (English, Ukrainian, Russian, French, Spanish and German), has a law degree and a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

If all that wasn’t impressive enough she also happens to be hot as fuck and a former Playboy Playmate (October 1994) who years later would go on to be a Penthouse Pet (June 2002) and eventually the Penthouse Pet of the Year (2004), exactly 10 years after she was first named a Playboy Playmate.   Victoria Zdrok once told me that when she first became a Playboy Playmate in 1994 she thought it would change her life and in fact it did but not in the way she had imagined.  She had big dreams of going on to be a movie star and not be hit on and felt up by the likes of Donald Trump.  Her acting career never took off but for many years after she would be a very active Playboy model appearing several more times in Playboy either in International editions or in special editions  of the magazine like the Playmate Review or the Book of Lingerie.

Even more impressive she was an Internet pioneer, starting her official website in like 1998.    And no I don’t mean she had someone do it for her like many models of today. She was very hands on in the entire website creation process and ran her website almost entirely by herself, teaching herself how to upload photos and even did live web chats and posted on her message boards to her fans non stop.  It was during this time she also did some softcore porn with Danni Ashe and Nikki Nova.

Victoria Zdrok took a big yet calculated risk by going on with her own website.  At that time being independent was highly frowned upon by the Playboy machine and it cost Victoria several modeling jobs with them.  But in the end it was clearly the right thing to do because she became far more famous than just some chick who once was in Playboy.  She would go on to be hired as a spokesmodel for countless companies, raking in the cash and eventually she gained some fame from her work with Penthouse.  All of that was great but it was when she decided to be the Dr. Ruth of the Internet Generation that she really got what she secretly had desired all along, fame.  Everyone wants Victoria on their shows now and in their magazines.

Dr. Z Makes ‘House Calls’ On PenthouseStore.com Thursday!

(Hightstown) September 19, 2008 – Get your speed-dial fingers ready! PenthouseStore.com is pleased to announce that the incomparable Dr. Z will be taking calls – live – from our call center this week!

On Thursday, Sept. 25th, the one-and-only Dr. Victoria Zdrok will be answering the phone lines at PenthouseStore.com’s customer service headquarters…dishing out sex advice and sending customers in the right direction with what to buy, what toys to use for the best orgasms, and what DVDs fulfill the wildest of hardcore fantasies!

From 12:00pm to 2:00pm, adult fans can ‘ask Dr. Z’ whatever their heart’s desire by calling 877-702-0857. Check out the Penthouse store at www.penthousestore.com. The former Penthouse Pet of the Year (2004) is the hottest Ph.D.-holder in the universe, and her sexology advice is spot-on!

More on Dr. Z: the Ukrainian-born beauty is considered the world’s greatest ‘sexpert,’ who knows everything about love, sex, and healthy relationships in the 21st century! She’s a hottie who’s also a smartie: Dr. Z has a law degree and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She’s been a commentator on Fox News and has posed nude for several national magazines (including several of her own sex advice-websites). Check out her profile on MySpace!