I’m so impressed with since you took over…The site fucking rocks now…The design, color scheme and total atmosphere has totally made a world of difference!

Keep up the good work!

Also, I am forwarding you my other email as below…

You should check out the SUPERMONKEYS when enjoying some herb, If you like their music/sound, I will send you a CD…

Take care my friend…

May the beaver be plentiful and your glass always full,

Maxxx Beaver
Maxxx Beaver Entertainment/Snatch Films


Visiting Tyler the other night, left an injured Rhiannon in the car with the windows down for about 20 minutes. When I came back, and was walking down the driveway I noticed three coyotes circling my car, the leader on its hind legs as it began climbing into the car.

Coyotes are tough. Scary, even, especially when in a pack. I thought of none of this as I sprinted towards them before they grabbed little Rhi and tore her fat little body into a thousand pieces.

Thankfully, the coyotes ran for the hills in fear. I have no clue what I would have done had they not. I’m sure I would have fought them to the death, I’m sure of that, whether it be mine or theirs. Luckily I never found out which.

Rhiannon was in the back seat still growling when I opened the door and got inside.

The Gods were looking out for me at that moment, and I thank them.

Oh, and to make this story have anything to do with porno, I noticed a copy of Sloppy ‘Hos on the floor of the back seat and threw it out as I drove down the street and towards the safety of Studio City.


Comparing Shy Love to Taylor Rain is like comparing a Porter House Steak (TR) to Dog Shit (SL)!

Did Shy Love have an auction up before? Yes, her husband commented that they posted an auction selling a date with her, but it was PULLED because of the embarassing fact that it received no bids.

The funniest part of this entire thing is Love calling herself the smartest girl in porn… I personally know Shy Love and I think she’s a complete dipshit who lives in a fantasyland.

What’s New at Defiance Films & Torrid Entertainment!

The bidding is over and the highest bidder of a whopping $3,900 won an ultimate all-expense paid vacation for two to porn valley. This lucky fan will hang out for two days on set with stars and the entire crew for an upcoming release directed by Taylor Rain . A yummy lunch with the stars is also included. The tremendous response to the contest sponsored by Defiance Films and Mallcom has fans begging for more, and we are in the business to please our fans.

Because of the overwhelming response to this contest, in September, Defiance Films, Torrid Entertainment and will sponsor an identical contest giving fans the opportunity to be on set for Lauren Phoenix’s directorial debut for Torrid EntertainmentsLauren Phoenix’s Worship My Ass. Email for details and prebidding info.

Lauren Phoenix is the reigning AVN Performer of the Year . She and Taylor Rain are both eager to please their fans. All distributors and store owners have the unique opportunity to grace their establishments with these mega stars for store signings or publicity events. This is a unique opportunity because Lauren Phoenix has not previously done many store signings. Now more than ever, she wants to see her fans. Both Lauren and Taylor are extremely excited about their upcoming projects, the contests and interacting with fans in store signings and events.

Defiance Films is currently working on a signing schedule for Contract Stars Taylor Rain and Lauren Phoenix plus other Defiance stars such as Bobbi Blair and Tory Lane during the next six months. Contact Keith O’Connor at 818-577-4575 ext 402 or to schedule a signing.

Also in Defiance and Torrid news, shooting has wrapped on some upcoming sizzlers!!! Defiance completed the follow up to their debut title Pleasure with Pleasure 2 directed by Vincent Voss . How do you top a movie that’s being considered for Best Gonzo of the Year? Well, you fill it with an extremely strong cast and make sure the sex is off the charts. Pleasure 2 stars Katsumi , Lauren Phoenix , Daisy, Jeneveve Jolie, Eva Evangelina, Avenna Lee, Ava Vincent, Tiffani DiGivanni and Vanessa Lane! WOW, enough to dry out any nut sack for days!!!! Taylor Rain wrapped shooting on her 2nd directing title called Spunk In My Trunk, an all anal cream pie movie starring Missy Monroe, Deja Daire, Nadia Nyce, Julie Knight, and Keanni Lei. Finally, as a follow-up to the smash hit Justine’s Red Letters, Vincent Voss directed Jade Marcela’s Asian Letters. This title featured superstar Jade Marcela in her comeback movie, reading 5 fan letters that were then acted out by such stars as Lyla Lei, Annie Cruz, Mya Luanna, Kaiya Lynn, Keanni Lei, Roxy Jezel and starring Jade Marcela herself in a hot lesbian scene!!

Torrid Entertainment WebsiteTorrid Entertainment has some big news! Torrid will start shooting a Christmas movie next week starring contract performers Lauren Phoenix and Taylor Rain and some SURPRISE appearances that will shock the industry! Also, editing has begun on Taylor Rain’ s big budget feature called Ass-ylum . Word has it this is one title that will send chills down your spine and stretch the seams in the crotch area of your pants! Expect Taylor and the title to be considered for several upcoming awards. This movie is dark, controversial, shocking and extremely sexual. The energy in this movie is enough to light up all of Times Square !! Aurora Snow is back, directing her first movie for Torrid. Aurora Snow presents Dirty Dykes , this one will shock you!! Featuring stars like Tory Lane and Vanessa Lane in a bathroom scene that will forever change your view on the uses of a bidet. Plus see Brazilian supermodel Paola Rey and stunner Bobbi Blair make love so hot that the two beauties were covered in dripping sweat head to toe.

For more info on Defiance Films and Torrid Entertainment , visit their websites, updated daily with photo galleries, start photos and bios, trailers, release schedules and news about the company, its’ stars and titles. For information on sales and distribution, contact head of sales Anthony Simone at 818-577-4575 ext 400 or

If you’re talent or wish to be talent, contact head of production Keith O’Connor at 818-577-4575 ext 402 or to be considered for one of our upcoming production, or better yet if you have the look you may even be offered a contract and join Taylor Rain and Lauren Phoenix as contract performers.

From the TMFR/LF Mail Bag:

#1 – hey taylor what’s up.I love your movies.I was wondering if u had a yahoo group that u posted in your self or would u like to have one started for u. I was asking because i have been searching all acroos the internet tryin to find one for u aand thats not filled up with if you dont have one or interested plz get back with me and we could talk about it ok. C-ya sincelry oshea

Taylor writes back – No Yahoo group, just been focusing on starting my website with my webguy Keith. I’ll have Live Chat, daily journal, weekly updates of photo galleries, behind the scenes photo and videos, plus I’ll have a store where I sell my videos, outfits, shoes, panties and will make custom videos for my fans, solo or POV hardcore. I’ve never dedicated myself to a website, so I plan on making this rock!!!! I’ll answer all my emails, I’ll have a webcam in my house on 24/7 and I’ll be able to get really personal with my fans. It launches in 2 weeks, check it out at

#2 – You probably will not get a chance to read this with fan mail etc, but as a passing fan who stumbled on the Luke Ford site by chance, I just wanted to say good work! Your writing was funny enough to make me read the whole site! Glad to see someone having fun with life (not to mention being hot as hell). Good luck with your work. By the way, I have oft wondered why no one has done a spoof film called Buffy the Vampire Layer (would be a fun one. Jenna HAze sort of sounds like Sarah Michelle-Gellar and would be cool if she did dudes gain). The other one I always wondered about was a Smallville spoof with Tera Patrick (she look slike a hotter, older Kristin Kruek). Seems like movie-style porn has fallen by the wayside in exchange for gonzo, which is cool, but I would figure the former would be a little more fun to do for the performers. Anyway, keep up the good work (all of it!). D4

Taylor writes back – I think the Buffy thing was done a few years back by crackhead Kristi Myst. I think Jenna Haze is thinking about doin guys again, if she does I hope she calls me so I can put her in my movies!! Tera Patrick ROCKS!!!! And thanks for the compliments!

#3 – God, trust me, I have seen many beautiful women around the world in my young life, but YOU are really something girl! Besides a fantastic body, you have absolutely gorgeous eyes.. I’m melting here in Amsterdam. When are you coming over visiting me?!X Rogier

Taylor writes back – Amsterdam here I come, I hear they have nice streets there!! Stop dude you make me blush!!

#4 – Why can’t you do an all internal cumshit -vaginal dvd???? Have you evr heard of this porn chick Honey–what happen to her???? EvlHdgeHog

Taylor writes back – I just shot SPUNK IN MY TRUNK, which is all anal, internal creampies. Starring Missy Monroe, Deja Daire, Nadia Nyce and some other hotties. I directed it. I shot some content with Honey for my website, which will launch in 2 weeks, don’t know what’s up with her since.

#5 – Taylor, My girlfriend is thinking about doing a porno. I love the idea – like the idea of watching. The only she won’t do is anal. My questions are – what kind of pay can she expect and that agency should she go through so she doesn’t get screwed by them too? Abraham

Taylor writes back – Non anal, expect between $700 and $1000 depending on how good her scenes areand what kind of reputation she has. Tell her to email me, because me and Kelly Erikson are going to be starting an agency, I am so sick of these suitcase pimp asshole guys running agencies and collecting all this dough from the girls (i should know it happened to me for a few years). These fucking cocksuckers ride around in their mercedes with their Platinum AmEx cards, all for doing nothing except pimpin. Scumbags!! Let them take a dick or two in the ass!! So who better to run an agency then TWO girls who have been there. We won’t be taxin the girls like these fucking scumbag pimps… tell you right now, we’ll take a small agency fee and that’s it!!! Any girl who wants more info, email me at

#6 – Hi there, Just a quick mail to say you are the best of the best – definetally a grade above the rest!! Oh, shit that ryms – sorry! Are you still keeping busy these days? Me and my english room mate will have a drink for you tonight and if you’re ever in Huntington – give us a shout! Take it easy, Wez

Taylor writes back – I’m so busy dude, I have a garden now, but it doies while i was on the boat trip so i have to fix it. I’m reading mainstream movie scripts. I’m getting ready to launch my website, and i’m directing for Defiance Films and Torrid Entertainment, plus still doping scenes. Yup, busy!If I ever head to Huntington, I’ll email you ahead of time, hav a few bowls ready for me!! Luv ya!!!!!!!!!

#6 – Hi Taylor, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think I know how Bandit #2 died. Sadly chocolate is poison to dogs.

The only reason I am letting you know is that I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to Bandit #3. I care a lot for dogs, and I currently
have 3 big dogs. Once again, sorry to be the one to give you bad news, but no more Hersey’s bars for your doggies ok. I’m a big fan, and good
luck in the future. Ben

Taylor writes back – Oh Fuck!!!!! Hey, will Fayner die if I feed him chocolate?

#7 – Hey Taylor. Have you thought about writing an autobiography? Tom H

Taylor writes back – Oh hell yes! I have some ghostwriter dude that’s gonna meet with me and start. Plus I have my new website where I’ll write an autobio whatever journal every day and stuff like that!