“X romance” worth $3 million?

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Sex sells. If it involves a big boy like Colin Farrell, it booms. And if it involves a glam girl with one-fourth desi genes, the price can simply shoot up to many many millions.

Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain (

 BEIJING, March. 17 (Xinhuanet) — Sex sells. If it involves a big boy like Colin Farrell, it booms. And if it involves a glam girl with one-fourth desi genes, the price can simply shoot up to many many millions.

    The former glamour model Nicole Narain – Playboy’s Miss January 2002 — has been seeking to market a videotaped sex session with the ‘Alexander’ of Hollywood-Colin Farrell and if the buzz is to be believed, the Indian-American model could get a whopping a $3 million as advance payment from an Internet porn outfit for this.

    According to thesmokinggun.com, Nicole Narain is stipulated in an October 2005 option agreement she signed with Internet Commerce Group (ICG), the Arizona firm that would be poised to distribute the 15-minute video if Farrell’s Los Angeles Superior Court legal challenge fails.

    Nicole Narain dated the Hollywood hellraiser three years ago.
   The video reportedly shows the movie hunk engaging in sex acts with the former model during their brief romance.

    Narain has insisted the pair never agreed to keep the tape private, and hoped to have the case dismissed in order to benefit financially by its public release.     

    Leodis Matthews, an attorney for Narain, said: ‘Sales of the videotape could represent significant income for my client.
    “It would rival that of the notorious Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape,” he said.

    There is a rider though. To get to that point, Nicole needs to prevail in her lawsuit against the Hollywood star, who is suing to keep the steamy video under wraps.


Fayner Posts: So they’re sitting here, Taylor Rain and Keith and Fayner, and Fayner asks Keith why he gave him a copy of Trantastic, and Keith says "I want you to see how vulgur it is" and Fayner says "Fuck that, Dawg!" and TR says "Fuck that, Dawg!" and Keith says to TR "You’re in it!" and TR says to Keith "What?" and Keith says "In the BTS (behind the scenes), you’re walking down the stairs all fast saying ‘I’m out of here’" and TR says "Let me watch it, if I’m in that damn tranny movie I want all the copies pulled off the shelves!" and then to Fayner she says "Go get the copy ’cause I wanna see" and then Keith goes back to work and like 20 minutes has passed since then and TR has forgotten all about issuing a recall and the world has avoided yet another catostrophe because someone was too stoned to remember.


Hi There,

Was wondering if you could give me some advice.. I am working on setting up a small video company with my photography studio, and I was wondering if you knew what the standard rates were for actors/actresses in the biz?  Or if you knew anywhere that I can find out.

My company is in Canada, so I don’t have easy access to ask many people here, but I do want to be fair to my people and offer them normal going rates.

Thanks for anything,

Fayner Says: Canada has always fucked America over, what with Brian Adams and that God-awful Celine Dion, so I’m here to return the favor.

Going Rate for women per scene are as follows

Girl/Girl: $2,000

Boy/Girl: $3,000

Boy/Boy/Girl: $3,500

Anal: $4,500

Double Anal: $6,000

Going Rate for men per scene are as follows

Anything: $75

I hope this helps you more than Rush still making records helps America.

Have a nice safe Canadian Day!


from the AP

TROY, N.Y. Five men were arrested after police say they found customers of an Albany-area adult theater engaged in sexual activity.

City officials then closed the Cinema Art Theatre in downtown Troy and cited code violations.

State police said Thursday’s raid followed a three-month investigation.

Four men were charged with public lewdness and loitering.

The theater manager was charged with several counts of criminal nuisance.



Second family opposes agent’s planned release of adult film.

By Chris Foreman

Another family opposes a California pornography agent’s plan to sell a sex video featuring Mark Kraynak, a Fayette County college student whose suspicious death in Canada last year remains under investigation. But Stephan Sirard, the owner of French Connection Francaise, or FCF Agency, is unapologetic about his intention to donate the film’s proceeds to the biological mother of Steven Wright, the California man whose fractured body was discovered with Kraynak’s in a Quebec quarry in September.

The film, scheduled for a March 1 release, features Kraynak and Wright each in three scenes with a woman. It was filmed last summer in Toronto, where the two men worked as dancers at a strip club after Sirard helped them receive temporary work visas.

Sirard has pledged all the film’s profits for a college fund for the two young daughters of Wright’s biological mother, Cheryl Crockett.

Wright’s stepmother, however, said Wednesday that Sirard has been distorting Crockett’s finances to make her sound like a down-on-her-luck single mother.

Instead, Tawni Wright said she and her husband, Frank, who is Steven Wright’s biological father, raised Wright. Crockett only became involved with Wright’s life when he was a good-hearted but defiant teenager coming of age, Tawni Wright said.

The 20-year-old Wright didn’t have a relationship with the girls who are supposed to benefit from the film, Tawni Wright said.

“For her to represent the Wrights like this is appalling,” said Tawni Wright, of Santa Rosa, Calif. “We just want people to know this is wrong. This is very wrong.”

Crockett has an unlisted number and was unavailable for comment. Sirard has spoken on her behalf regarding the video.

In the months since the men’s deaths, Kraynak’s mother has been the most vocal of the survivors.

Janice Harshman Kraynak criticized a Laval, Quebec, police theory that the men accidentally fell into the poorly barricaded quarry after skipping out on a $40 cab fare when they arrived at an after-hours club about 3:30 a.m. Aug. 22.

Tawni Wright said said she broke her silence yesterday to clear the Wright name. She has established a memorial benevolent account to assist her family with its investigation of the deaths.

Sirard countered yesterday that Wright was proud of his pornography work and didn’t have a good relationship with the Wrights.

“Steve had no relationship with his father or Tawni. None. Zero,” Sirard said. “He had a relationship with the mother, Cheryl.”


Fayner: It was an obvious product placement if I ever seen one. Not as bad as the Pepsi in Sly Stalone’s bad-as-they-come Cobra, but one can’t think either some money or sex came one way or another at some point in time or another to issue treatment like this.

Or maybe they just liked the poster.

That makes a lot of sense.

So, anyhoo, on the newest Sopranos I noticed like anyone would how there’s a Vivid Video Briana Loves Jenna movie poster on the wall (where else would it be? The ceiling? Now that would be downright cooky!) of the office, I mean Headquarters. It shows Little Steven from the E Street Band standing in front of it for a good 10 seconds.

I’m gonna send the Producers of the Sopranos a movie poster of Trantastic and see if they’ll use it one on the remaining episodes.

Now where’s my envelope?


Taylor Rain writes in her journal at www.clubtaylorrain.com:


TMFR WRITES: Dogs love me because i treat them like platinum!! Scott and i cruised to the dog park with the top down with the chromes spinnin, listen to Bob fuckin Marley!!!

Had a relaxing day at the park and visited a friend that lives above the dog park!!! Now thats ballin out of control!!! Had some Italian grub and some Merlot!!!! And rolled out!!!

Anyways the dogs enjoyed the park!!! I got high and enjoyed watching them play!!!! It was the first time the puppy went to a dog park!!! She was such a good girl and she got all the attention!!!! And everyone was looking at my fine ass!!!!!

Then two dirty puppys got in my new 645 conv!!! Fuck it!!! Thats what rockstars do!!! Love life and just be happy!!!! Peace out!!!!



Russian Grandfather Becomes Porno Star

FROM Ayinde O. Chase – All Headline News Staff Writer

Russia (AHN) – A 75-year-old Russian grandfather has found a new career as a porn star after wandering into a porno audition by mistake.

David Bozdoganov wandered into the Gorodcki production company’s studios after mistaking posters for new erotic actors as an advertisement for a muscle man show.

Director for the blue movies, Alexander Plahov says, “We were auditioning for a new film and had a number of couples on stage simulating sex when I saw an old guy standing at the back.”

The director set his sights on Bozdoganov, signed him and his intuition was right – all of the movies starring the “Grandpa,” have been huge successes.

Some of their biggest hits have been “The Old Neighbor” and “The Handyman at Work.”


Online porno ring busted
VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) – Police in BC are looking for more possible suspects linked to an international online child pornography sting.

Nine of the 27 suspects are Canadians, including two men from BC.

Sergeant John Ward with the RCMP’s E Division in Vancouver says their Integrated Child Exploitation Unit was contacted by investigators in Toronto and Edmonton, "There are two people that were ultimately arrested. They haven’t been charged yet, but they have been arrested and hard drives and other evidence has been seized. One is from Prince George, the other is from Courtenay. They have been released under conditions."

Ward says this case is unique because a normal website was not used.