Ann Marie Rios Interview

Ann Marie Rios is scorchin’ hot!!!

August 23, 2010
Words & Interview by Steve DiLodovico | Smutlife

Anne Marie Rios is cute and perky, but don’t let that fool you: on screen she is hotter than napalm. This petite Latina is a total sweetheart with a sexy streak of innocence mixed with decadence. She has managed to sustain a career in adult for almost a decade. In that time she has produced some scorching scenes that would have made The Great Beast Aleister Crowley blush. She studied at the Van Mar Academy of acting at Hollywood before going into the real estate game. By 2001 she was fully immersed in sin and sensuality and quickly became a fan favorite. After a brief hiatus she returned in grand fashion, much to the delight of her arduous admirers and took off with a vengeance. Now the feisty firework is busier than ever, which means all you perverts will have brand new scenes to drool over…

SL: Let’s start with the basics. Tell us a little about yourself.

AMR: Well, I’m a California native; lived here all my life. Not like the people who moved here two years ago… I’m a hardcore baseball fan, a Dodgers fan.

SL: So you must have really hated that late-inning rally my Phillies put together to beat the Dodgers.

AMR: I hate it any time the Dodgers lose, especially to the Phillies! No, the Phillies are cool. Kind of. But I have to admit I am not a Shane Victorino fan at all. That’s really the only thing I have against the Phillies.

SL: What do you have against Shane?

AMR: He’s just a douchebag. He’s a bad sportsman and I just don’t care for him.

SL: Yeah, he’s not my favorite Phillie. So tell us how you got into the Adult Industry.

AMR: Back in 2001 I was working for a real estate company. It really wasn’t a conscious choice to become and Adult actor. I grew up about 30 miles away from where 90% of the world’s porn is shot and one day I was taking a ride to a set with a girlfriend who was going to do a movie. Somehow I ended up in the movie with them. She did a couple of movies and then went back to her life; she’s a nurse now, and I’m still here.

SL: Do you find there are more Latina performers in the Adult industry now as opposed to when you first started?

AMR: When I first got in the business there were probably about 7 Latin girls, including myself. When there was a Latin movie all of us were in it, you know? I think there is more of a demand in the market these days then there was before. People are realizing that a porn star isn’t always blonde with big, fake tits and hair extensions and all of that. These days we come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

SL: You’ve become pretty prolific for someone who kind of fell into the industry almost by accident.AMR: Yeah, I host Private Calls; it’s on right after Night Calls on Playboy Radio. It’s Sirius XM channel 99 every Wednesday. It’s a spin-off of my old TV show I hosted for Playboy TV. I like to keep busy. During the years I was under contract with Metro I started directing for them. That was actually the last thing I did before I took a break from the industry. Since I’ve come back I haven’t really pursued much directing a lot because the industry has changed a lot. Directors are trying to keep their jobs, too; as much as the talent is. I find most directors I speak with (except for the ones that work on the real big budget features) are editing their own movies just to keep their jobs. I’m mostly focusing on my Playboy radio and TV stuff and web-camming on my site. Mostly I like to keep the site fresh for all the fans that have been supporting me over the years. There are a few who have been with me since I was Spice TV host.

SL: You’re website is pretty interactive. It really gives your fans a chance to get to know you.

AMR: I definitely try to keep it that way. Every girl has a site these days, but a lot of girls don’t put very much into it and then they’re pissed when they get nothing back. I know people can go on free sites; they can go almost anywhere online and watch me getting screwed. So, on my site, not only do I have all of that stuff, I also try to give stuff that no one else is offering.

SL: And you’re still starring in films, right?

AMR: Oh yes! I just starred in two new features for Metro, so it was a lot of fun to be back on set with them again. I also just starred in a couple other features; one was for Penthouse, one was for New Sensations and I have multiple sex scenes in both of those movies. The one I did for New Sensations is called The Engagement Party and the one for Penthouse is called Screw Me To Death. It involves me and my husband taking out hits on one another… it’s kind of weird, but fun.

SL: How do you get motivated for a scene?

AMR: After doing it for this long, if I don’t have motivation there’s definitely something wrong! I always try to allow myself to be the character; to be in the moment. You have to leave your life behind for a few hours and be a performer. I don’t want anyone to say anything negative to me before I do a scene. If it’s not sexy or they’re just going to talk shit on people and put me in a negative mood I don’t want to hear it. I need to be in ‘sexy mode;’ I need to feel sexy and be turned on and I need to want to be in that mode. I try and steer clear of anything negative.

SL: What do you enjoy doing in a scene, what is your “signature move?”

AMR: (Laughing) I have quite a mouth on me! I like to talk a lot of shit, I like to talk dirty and I like people to talk dirty back to me. I don’t degrade people and I don’t want people degrading me, but I do like more than just moaning and all that standard crap. For me, being descriptive in what you’re doing and vocalizing that: it intensifies it for me.

SL: What’s your life like outside work?

AMR: I do a lot of Yoga. I’m a certified Yoga instructor. I practice Hatha and I’ve even recently gotten into the Bikram, even though it’s pure hell and torture it is so good for the body! I’m very into sports: I love going to Dodgers games. I love to travel, hike, surf… I love to be anywhere near the ocean. And I love my dogs!

SL: Where can your fans find you?

AMR: The best place to find me is my personal blog: Anne Marie’s Adventure. It’s pretty much an online journal. There are a lot of pictures from my travels and stuff. It’s completely free, there’s nothing hardcore there, but I do blog on there. There’s also a calendar on there that tells what my shooting schedule is; all my appearances and web-camming. There’s a direct link to my Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

SL: Last words?

AMR: To the fans that are already familiar with me and have been supporters I’d like to say thank you! Every day there’s a new girl who wants to be a porn star and I think part of my ability to sustain a career for almost a decade (and still be pretty damn busy) is because I have such awesome, amazing supporters and fans. I always love to send a shout-out to all my men in uniform, because I really do love a man in a uniform. Especially firemen! I love the veterans, all the men and women who support us and allow us to be as crazy and free as we are. I send love to all of our troops, wherever they are, so that they are safe.

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