Are you dancing with the devil?

Mike South make a post today that I think everyone should read.  Especially those in our industry, those directly effected by piracy and all those porn stars who bitch about not getting paid as much or making as many movies as before because of piracy and those tube sites.  So before you book your next job with certain people, I just want you to remember what this story says – word for word.  Because you may very well be working with the same people who are in fact stealing from everyone else.

If you book even one job with these people or have anything to do with them business wise, you are directly contributing to their stealing everyone else’s content and that means you are helping them fuck everyone else.

It Ain’t About Piracy, It’s About The Money

Back in August of 2007 a California Judge awarded 5.4 million dollars to Jules Jordan in a copyright infringement case against a company called Kaytel. The amount was substantially reduced on appeal on the grounds that Jordan had no standing to file the suit. Yesterday the ninth circuit court of appeals re-instated the original judgement. At first glance one looks at Jules and thinks good for you man. But anyone who knows the facts knows this isn’t about fighting piracy, after all Jules Jordan distributes for Brazzers, whose owners own 5 of the 5 largest tube sites in the world. Tube sites that infringe the copyrights of every single company in this business. Brazzers, in the name of Mansef Inc. is currently under federal indictment on money laundering and other charges. Additionally Brazzers is facing a civil suit from Pink Visuals in the amount of 6.75 Million dollars for…you guessed it…. copyright infringement. So when this sanctimonious little douche bag starts wrapping himself in the “I’m fighting piracy” flag, remember he is doing way more to enable it than he is to fight it. Actions speak WAY loader than words.

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