Why are there so many fucking liars in our business?

Have you ever noticed how totally and completely full of shit people are sometimes?

People give themselves titles and act and then get so full of themselves they sort of start to buy into their own bullshit.

While it is true a lot of the world is full of dumb shits like this but the adult industry seems to have a large number of them.

Not a single day goes by in a week that I don’t check my email and have some new outstanding claim, like the director who claims to invented the entire parody genre, despite the fact that he’s only been directing movies since 2004.

Apparently he forgot that for the previous 10 or 15 years companies like VCA and Sinderella had been putting out parodies themselves.  Hell even Vivid had some pornographic parodies in the 1990’s.

Can’t remember any of the details off of the top of my head right now but I can recall a Buffy The Vampire Slayer parody.   Buffy The Vampire Slayer was a series on TV from 1997 to 2003 so since it was off the air before he even started directing, how the fuck could Will Ryder possibly have created the entire parody genre.  Are you fucking kidding me?

But you know he’s not alone.  He isn’t the only one out there blowing enormous amounts of smoke up our asses.

Who remembers the bullshit press releases from Vivid over the past few years with news of sales that weren’t true?  Wasn’t like the Montana Fishburne bullshit story of 50,000 units sold was the first time they bullshitted about their numbers.   Now the person who used to be in charge of their sales has moved on and as of late he seems to have a big interest in Penthouse DVD and even making some Vivid style big claims of his own.  Triple their sales almost overnight?  Really?  After being fed so many fucking lies over the years from his team I’m going to have to call bullshit on this one as well.

I know people say it’s all a part of the PR game but really how effective is lies as a strategy?  I would think that after so many years of bullshit that people start seeing those people as a joke who they have no respect for.  So since they lied so fucking much now people lost respect for them so how the fuck is that working out for them as a PR strategy?

So it got me thinking.  Why do people do this?  And why is it so common in the adult business?

This chick I know always goes on about how a person is only as good as their word.  She says it a lot and it used to annoy the fuck out of me but you know maybe that bitch was on to something.  I mean fuck how many more fucking times a day can we go through a day when some dip shit isn’t trying to feed us a line of bullshit?

I got an email today with what they called an “important update”.  Really?  You think it is really “important”?  Important to who?  I visited your site and it isn’t even a Page Rank 1 site.  So how fucking important is your site really?  If you can’t even figure out how to get your site a page rank 1 and it’s been around since 2004, how fucking important can your site really be?

Next I noticed your site talked about having over 300 full length movies for your members so I decided to check out your movies page.  When the fuck did a 7 minute scene count as full length?  And I’m not just being a dick here, this site had about 40 listed as newly added about of those 40, not any of them were longer than 12 minutes and most of them were about 7 minutes.

I can remember when people would bitch about a 20 minute scene being to short.  But we have come to accept scenes as 7 to 12 minutes as full length.  What the fuck is wrong with people?

Man there are some lazy ass, lying fuckers in this business.


Montana Fishburne – Playboy Playmate Reject

Before aspiring to be a porn star apparently the train wreck known as Montana Fishburne aspired to be a stripper, then a hooker and then a Playboy model. They rejected her but not before doing a test shoot and stashing the photos. They said after all, even though she was using a fake name, they recognized who she was by her famous last name.

Playboy is now sharing the photos with you here.

Montana Fishburne was recently in the news claiming she never signed a model release for the work she did pre-Vivid with Brian Pumper.  Brian Pumper however said she’s one crazy bitch and not only did she sign, but he has photos and videos of her doing it and acknowledging that she knew what she was signing.  So in other words, she flat out lied yet again for publicity.  Big shock there.  Only this time her lie cost a guy some series legal fees.

Speaking of train wreck Montana Fishburne and her lies, do you remember her going on TMZ recently claiming her famous father cut her off and won’t have anything to do with her?  Well apparently that was a lie as well.  Her father is footing her very expensive legal bills in regard to an arrest from last year.

TMZ reported that It was Laurence who hired Montana’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, to represent her in an ongoing assault with a deadly weapon case … in an attempt to help her out and get her life back on track. Our sources say Laurence continues to foot the bill for Montana’s defense.

Brian Plumper Fucked Up Big Time

In what is turning out to be the be the biggest OOOOPS of the year, it seems that someone forgot to get a signed model release when they filmed Montana Fishburne in her first sex scene which he was trying to rush to release before Vivid released their sex tape with Montana Fishburne.

Only ya, the dumb ass can’t legally release it without her having signed on the dotted line and what do you think the chances of her doing that now are going to be?

And today TMZ reveals ….

Montana Fishburne Demands Halt to Sale of Pumper Video

Montana Fishburne claims she got screwed by her sex tape partner … over footage of some eXXXtra-curricular work they did on the side — and now she’s hired some lawyers to clean up the mess.

TMZ has obtained several letters that Fishburne’s legal team fired off to a porn star named Brian Pumper — demanding that his production company immediately stop all sales of “Phattys Rhymes & Dimes 14” … which features a scene between Montana and Brian.

According to the letters, Montana never signed a release for Brian to use the X-rated material in his video.

As for why Montana agreed to engage in coitus in front of Pumper’s cameras in the first place — Fishburne tells us Brian offered to help her “practice” for her big debut with Vivid Entertainment … and the footage wasn’t supposed to be sold.

So far, we’re told Pumper has not responded to the letters.

Can anyone say OOOOPS???!!

So now the question is, did she really sign the releases and this is just another publicity stunt or is what she saying true?  Did Brina Plumper make this hugeeeeeeeeeeeee huge mistake?

Guess we’ll find out soon enough!  Either way it’s some amazing free press for her Vivid movie which I am told is still selling insanely well.

Vivid laughs all the way to the bank

For all the people who love to talk out of their ass about how much Vivid sucks … well apparently, they are sucking all the way to the bank.  Their latest release starring Montana Fishburne, who Mike South recently said “Montana Fishburne may have a famous father, but she’s a nobody. Sorry.” Well that nobody just moved over 25,000 pieces in the first 30 days. Just so we can get some perspective here, many studios are reporting that they aren’t moving more than 1,000 in the first 30 days of release and a really good release will move 2500 in the first 30 days.  2,500 vs 25,000.  That is off the charts amazing.  So let’s do the math.  If a good feature film will move 2500 pieces at a rate of $12 (typical wholesale cost of a quality feature film) – that’s $30,000.  Montana made Vivid $300,000 just on first month wholesale DVDs.  That doesn’t include future DVD sales, international distribution, VOD, cable and hotel rights, and the projected shit ton of money they will make on her website they created.

From TMZ – Montana Fishburne officially has plenty more opportunities to piss off her father — we’re told her first XXX movie was such a hit … the porn company that shot it just offered her a multi-picture deal.

Vivid Entertainment prez Steve Hirsch tells TMZ, the first shipment of Montana’s porn sold out across the country — more than 25,000 copies in total — and we’re told even more DVDs were placed on backorder.

According to Steve, Vivid has officially offered Laurence Fishburne’s 19-year-old daughter — aka “Chippy D” — a multi-picture deal to cash in on all the success … although it’s not clear how many adult flicks that actually entails.

As we first reported, Laurence’s close friends offered to buy up every last copy of Montana’s porno for $1 million — but by then it was too late … the DVDs had already been sent out.

No word yet if Montana will take Vivid up on their new offer.