Montana Fishburne – Playboy Playmate Reject

Before aspiring to be a porn star apparently the train wreck known as Montana Fishburne aspired to be a stripper, then a hooker and then a Playboy model. They rejected her but not before doing a test shoot and stashing the photos. They said after all, even though she was using a fake name, they recognized who she was by her famous last name.

Playboy is now sharing the photos with you here.

Montana Fishburne was recently in the news claiming she never signed a model release for the work she did pre-Vivid with Brian Pumper.  Brian Pumper however said she’s one crazy bitch and not only did she sign, but he has photos and videos of her doing it and acknowledging that she knew what she was signing.  So in other words, she flat out lied yet again for publicity.  Big shock there.  Only this time her lie cost a guy some series legal fees.

Speaking of train wreck Montana Fishburne and her lies, do you remember her going on TMZ recently claiming her famous father cut her off and won’t have anything to do with her?  Well apparently that was a lie as well.  Her father is footing her very expensive legal bills in regard to an arrest from last year.

TMZ reported that It was Laurence who hired Montana’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, to represent her in an ongoing assault with a deadly weapon case … in an attempt to help her out and get her life back on track. Our sources say Laurence continues to foot the bill for Montana’s defense.

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