Little Lupe is “Super Pooosey”

Brand New Lupe Fuentes Trailer Receives 22,000 views in 5 Days

Lupe Fuentes of the “Little Lupe” fame is in a brand new movie with her real -life boyfriend, Evan Seinfeld, called “Super Pooosey?” Who is Super Poosey? A villain? A heroine? A victim? While the truth is far from being revealed at this time, what we know for certain is that “Super Pooosey” is the character portrayed by Lupe Fuentes, the four-foot-nine-inch Latin Bombshell (formally known to the porn world as Little Lupe as she portrayed herself as a kid). Feisty, tough, and able to give it out as good as she can take it, Fuentes, whether battling thugs, goons, henchmen, bad guys, concubines, sex slaves, or even the epicenter of the forces of evil, Dr Malo himself, is the future of the world. Lupe says:

“We wanted to make a mainstream movie that played off some of my sound bites from the Howard Stern show. Everyone thinks it is so funny when I say “my pooooosey.” This is for the fans. I love acting and working on fun sexy films like this. Although I am small, people are going to find out that I pack a real punch. How the rest of the project is coming out is still top secret, but I promise, it is just going to get sexier and sexier.”

Evan Seinfeld, who plays Dr Malo in the film, exclaimed:

“We announced the trailer last week on the Howard Stern show and have had 22,000 plays on YouTube already. People are not sure what they are seeing; is it porn? Is it a mainstream movie? When everyone finds out what this really is, I think they are going to be very surprised. Lupe is a superstar who transcends mainstream to hardcore, and Maro is a genius.”

Evan Seinfeld hosts Tattoo show

Evan Seinfeld to Serve as Master of Ceremonies and “Host” of “The Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth”

October 1-3, 2010 at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

Los Angeles, CA/September 27, 2010 – Sinnergy Entertainment is stoked to announce that Evan Seinfeld, owner/founder of , Iron Cross Entertainment, and front man/bassist of Biohazard, and The Spyderz will be this year’s celebrity emcee at “The Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth,” taking place in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center on October 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

The convention, which expects to exceed last years’ attendance, drew 50k attendees – complete with musicians, artists and fans.  Scheduled to join Evan are rocker Tommy Lee, actor Sylvester Stallone, world renown tattoo artists and of course Evan’s girlfriend, wicked pictures contract star and Latina sensation  “Little” Lupe Fuentes. Fresh off their already famous appearance together on the Howard Stern show, the two set their sites on Vegas and The BTSOE.

This is the second consecutive year that the convention exists and the main stage duties are being handled by Evan. Countless trophies and awards will be given out in every conceivable tattoo category. The top Tattoo Artists from around the world gather every year as Mario Barth, world famous artist and owner of Starlight Tattoo, puts together what is considered the Mecca of the tattoo world. Evan and Lupe Fuentes will also be hosting several of the hottest parties in Vegas that week including a huge blowout at Mario Barth’s King Ink Tattoo lounge in the Mirage hotel, this Friday night, Oct 1st.

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Lupe Fuentes and Evan Seinfeld live on-air

TUESDAY 1/19/10 7PM

”UNVANILLA with Harley and Baadmaster,” LA Talk Radio’s newest hit show, continues to live up to its title with a special appearance by porn super star and lead singer for the heavy metal band Biohazrd, Evan Seinfeld. Joining Evan is his new girlfriend, the ultra hot porn actress, Lupe Fuentes.

Lupe Fuentes, also known as ‘little lupe’, one of the highest converting stars in the teen niche, is all grown up and hitting the big time, starting with PrivateCamZ! And you can see her LIVE every week PLUS her live FEATURES will be the hottest shows of the year!

Fresh off her multiple AVN nominations for best new web starlet and best interactive movie, lupeinteractive and getting ready to launch her all new site, with tons of brand new EXCLUSIVE HARDCORE content.

Evan Seinfeld has been in the news a lot lately, due to his high profile breakup with his now ex-wife, adult megastar Tera Patrick. Seinfeld has been very vocal about the split; expect his appearance on UNVANILLA to be even more explosive!

“I’ve been with Tera when she was having sex with other guys, which brings up very powerful feelings,” Seinfeld said. “If you had asked me before I ever agreed to be with her while she was having sex with other guys, I would have told you I never would have been able to handle it or tolerate it.”

Now that he’s split from Tera, Seinfeld has found love with another porn actress, Lupe Fuentes. The Colombian bombshell has already created a huge buzz. Her exotic beauty, perfect body and alluring sexuality make her the perfect fantasy girl.

“I knew when I signed with Teravision that the bar would be set quite high,” says Lupe. “Tera is the top adult star in the world and being a Teravision contract star means that I have to be the very best as well. The fans expect nothing less than the very best and I intend to give it to them every time.”

In this no-holds-barred hour on , Evan And Lupe will be taking calls. No questions are off limits, so this should be one incredible hour of talk radio. Friend of the show Tony Batman will call in with some up to the minute Adult News

The “UNVANILLA” show covers all aspects of “wine, women and song,” and a lot more — basically anything that is “not vanilla.” Porn stars, inked celebrities, alternative film makers, cheating athletes, sword swallowers, bisexual circus clowns, dominatrixes, nymphomaniac contortionists, madams, pimps and hos will all be guests on this uncensored, edgy, envelope-pushing show hosted by Harley Fire and Baadmaster.

Harley and Baadmaster will also be giving away a free Unvanilla T-Shirt to a lucky caller, courtesy of

Fans can call 818 602.4929 7 PM PST To talk to Evan and Lupe Live!

So join the action this Tuesday, 7-8 PST, on LATALKRADIO.COM

Lupe Ftentes DVD release party and Halloween bash


( HOLLYWOOD, CA ) – The Spyderz bring their incredible brand of balls-to-the-wall rock and roll to Hollywood tonight for a special show. The event, taking place at Les Deux on Las Palmas in Hollywood is to celebrate the release of Teravision’s latest hit DVD “Lupe Fuentes: Interactive Girlfriend Sexperience.”

A Hundred copies of “Lupe Fuentes: Interactive Girlfriend SEXperience” will be given away at the event. Lupe will be on hand to sign copies of her DVD and take photos and meet fans in a relaxed party environment.

“This is the first party I’ve ever been asked to host and I’m so excited and honored to be doing it at such an exclusive night spot like Les Deux.” Says the beautiful young starlet. “My friends back in Spain are all so jealous.”

“We are very proud of Lupe,” says Teravision’s Evan Seinfeld. “Her Interactive DVD is tearing up the charts and she is the next superstar in our industry. We are happy to introduce her to all of her new fans.”

Sponsored by Big Love Talent, Iron Cross, Pornstar Skateboards and JLA Productions the release party will feature celebrities, porn stars and great music from the Spyderz.

Who: The Spyderz.

What: Release party for Teravision’s Lupe Fuentes: Interactive Girlfriend Sexperience DVD.

When: Monday, October 26th 2009 at 10pm

Where: Les Deux – 1638 N. Las Palmas, Hollywood, CA

Sponsors – Big Love Talent, Porn Star skateboards, JLA Productions, Iron Cross


Lupe Fuentes – movie release Interactive Girlfriend SEXperience

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Evan and Tera Split!

I was right fuckers! You should always listen to me you ass hats who said I was full of shit and these two would stay together forever.   Apparently forever means 3 days.  As sure enough Tera Patrick and Evan Seinfeld have called it quits and sent out an official statement.  Well actually I guess we should credit the initial find to Nikki Benz.  She is the one I heard it from.  But still, to all you nay-sayers, look who looks like a dumb ass now?


( VAN NUYS, CA ) – In an effort to prevent the rumor mill from running wild with speculation and gossip, Teravision releases the following statement about Tera Patrick and Evan Seinfeld. After 7 years together the couple have officially separated. Tera and Evan remain the best of friends and business partners. They share a mutual respect and a commitment to continue to grow the Teravision and Iron Cross labels together.

“Tera is a huge star and a benefit to both adult and mainstream entertainment. I feel fortunate to have shared so much of her life and career,” says Seinfeld. “Teravision and Iron Cross are going strong and I look forward to continuing to represent the Tera Patrick brand and support all of her endeavors. She is forever in my heart.”

Tera echoes Evan’s sentiments. “Evan helped me build this company and take my career to new heights. For that I am eternally grateful. I look forward to remaining hands-on with Teravision and working closely with Evan on all of our joint endeavors. He is truly an amazing person.”

You can see more of Tera Patrick here

Trouble in Teradise? Is Tera Patrick Now Single?

Tera Patrick tweeted two days ago that she was moving.  It was odd to schedule a move that day considering she was due to be across the country in just 24 hours for the Exxxotica NY show.

Well it turns out there may be more to the move than expected.

Here is a Twitter conversation between three people at the show today and two of them are saying that Tera Patrick and Evan Seinfeld broke up, one says otherwise but clearly heard the rumors from other people because she wouldn’t have a need to have to seek out “sources” if she hasn’t.  So something clearly went down at the show today with Evan Seinfeld.  Could him and Tera Patrick really be over?  Well here is what is going on right now on Twitter about it ….






Nikki Benz – I’m proud and glad Tera finally left Evan

jovine76 – @NikkiBenz Whoa! Stop the Press! Ur Serious?! Tera Patrick left her hubby Evan Seinfeld AKA Spyder Jonze!!! My Goodness,My Goddess is Free!!

Stun Tazian – Where did u hear this? Bcz I saw something!

Nina Mercedez – Nope called a reliable source they’re still together they’re gonna b together at exxxotica tomorrow infact. Kisses babe!!

Stun Tazian – Ok your source is better than my eyes! Lol! That’s good though!

Nina Mercedez –  yea but Lupe is not his type. Besides Tera let’s him fuck other girls in movies and website. Those two will always b together

You can see more of Tera Patrick getting down and dirty at



( VAN NUYS, CA ) – Evan Seinfeld has worn many hats during his years in the spotlight; rock star, porn star, film maker, entrepreneur. Through every phase of his life however, Evan has always worn his passion for body art quite literally on his sleeve. Next month Evan will join other celebrities, tattoo artists and thousands of fans at an expo unlike any other.

Though Las Vegas has hosted some of the biggest conventions the world has ever seen, none has been quite so colorful as Mario Barth’s Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth. The spectacular Mandalay Bay Convention Center will play host to a three day show, organized by Mario Barth of Starlight Tattoo that features the most influential artists in the industry as well as a huge list of A-list celebrities. All aspects of tattoo art, body piercing, body modifications and the newest trends in laser removal are covered during this comprehensive event.

“Tattoos are more than just a way to express yourself,” says Seinfeld. “They are an art form and a way of life. For people dedicated to this lifestyle they represent something much larger than themselves. Tattoos are something very personal to me. It’s a lifestyle that I appreciate and we try to reflect that in our Teravision products.”

Evan has been on the forefront of the tattoo scene in America since his early days with his band Biohazard. As one of the first heavily tattooed bands in the world, Evan and Biohazard helped blaze a trial followed by countless other bands.

Joining Evan at Mario Barth’s Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth will be other celebrity body art aficionados Mark McGrath, Jack Osbourne, Steve Jones (The Sex Pistols) and many others. Tommy Lee will also being doing a special guest DJ performance.

Porn stars, rock stars, celebrities, fans and lovers of tattoos are invited to join Evan Seinfeld at Mario Barth’s Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth Oct. 2nd – 4th at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

For more information or to get tickets visit

Evan would cordially like to invite stars from the adult industry who are interested in the tattoo culture to be guests on the red carpet at this star studded gala. Anyone interested should make their submissions to





( VAN NUYS, CA ) – Evan Seinfeld’s has hosted some of the hottest stars in the adult industry. Babes of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities have been given the first class treatment that only true rock and porn stars can handle. With the latest Iron Cross release “Smokin’ Hot Spinners” a white-hot collection of petite ladies prove that bigger is not necessarily better.

Spinners brings porn fans the sort of high-impact sexual intensity that they are used to as five pint sized pleasure seekers venture into Spyder Jonez’ studio. They are interviewed and treated to a ferociously good time. Every scene features rock hard energy and big facial finishes just like the fans love.

Smoking little Jenna Presley takes her turn on the couch and proves that despite her size, she can’t be intimidated by the “dickfold.” Rocking Rachel Roxxx really earns her name, pushing it to the limit in her scene. Hottie Heather Vahn knows how to keep a man happy and shows Spyder a few new tricks. Miniature Morgan Layne proves that she is up to the challenge and little Lexi Stone shows why she is such a huge star.

Who needs a DJ when you have a collection of spinners like this?

Iron Cross’ “Smokin’ Hot Spinners” is all the proof you will ever need that good things do indeed come in small packages.