Little Lupe is “Super Pooosey”

Brand New Lupe Fuentes Trailer Receives 22,000 views in 5 Days

Lupe Fuentes of the “Little Lupe” fame is in a brand new movie with her real -life boyfriend, Evan Seinfeld, called “Super Pooosey?” Who is Super Poosey? A villain? A heroine? A victim? While the truth is far from being revealed at this time, what we know for certain is that “Super Pooosey” is the character portrayed by Lupe Fuentes, the four-foot-nine-inch Latin Bombshell (formally known to the porn world as Little Lupe as she portrayed herself as a kid). Feisty, tough, and able to give it out as good as she can take it, Fuentes, whether battling thugs, goons, henchmen, bad guys, concubines, sex slaves, or even the epicenter of the forces of evil, Dr Malo himself, is the future of the world. Lupe says:

“We wanted to make a mainstream movie that played off some of my sound bites from the Howard Stern show. Everyone thinks it is so funny when I say “my pooooosey.” This is for the fans. I love acting and working on fun sexy films like this. Although I am small, people are going to find out that I pack a real punch. How the rest of the project is coming out is still top secret, but I promise, it is just going to get sexier and sexier.”

Evan Seinfeld, who plays Dr Malo in the film, exclaimed:

“We announced the trailer last week on the Howard Stern show and have had 22,000 plays on YouTube already. People are not sure what they are seeing; is it porn? Is it a mainstream movie? When everyone finds out what this really is, I think they are going to be very surprised. Lupe is a superstar who transcends mainstream to hardcore, and Maro is a genius.”

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