Trouble in Teradise? Is Tera Patrick Now Single?

Tera Patrick tweeted two days ago that she was moving.  It was odd to schedule a move that day considering she was due to be across the country in just 24 hours for the Exxxotica NY show.

Well it turns out there may be more to the move than expected.

Here is a Twitter conversation between three people at the show today and two of them are saying that Tera Patrick and Evan Seinfeld broke up, one says otherwise but clearly heard the rumors from other people because she wouldn’t have a need to have to seek out “sources” if she hasn’t.  So something clearly went down at the show today with Evan Seinfeld.  Could him and Tera Patrick really be over?  Well here is what is going on right now on Twitter about it ….






Nikki Benz – I’m proud and glad Tera finally left Evan

jovine76 – @NikkiBenz Whoa! Stop the Press! Ur Serious?! Tera Patrick left her hubby Evan Seinfeld AKA Spyder Jonze!!! My Goodness,My Goddess is Free!!

Stun Tazian – Where did u hear this? Bcz I saw something!

Nina Mercedez – Nope called a reliable source they’re still together they’re gonna b together at exxxotica tomorrow infact. Kisses babe!!

Stun Tazian – Ok your source is better than my eyes! Lol! That’s good though!

Nina Mercedez –  yea but Lupe is not his type. Besides Tera let’s him fuck other girls in movies and website. Those two will always b together

You can see more of Tera Patrick getting down and dirty at

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