Jenna Presley Lands November Cover of Xcitement

Jenna Presley on Cover of November Xcitement – Five-Page Interview Details Incredible Career

While images of Jenna Presley and the giant $5000 check she won on the Howard Stern Show last week have burned up the internet, there’s another hot image that has fans pulling at their hair and no doubt something else: The November cover of Xcitement magazine.

A star of both screen and the stage, the big-breasted beauty is a natural for the cover. In a magazine where editorial is at a premium, Xcitement features a five-page interview by legendary porn journalist Cindi Loftus.

Things start off with Cindi complimenting Jenna’s incredible tits and things take off from there, covering her amazing dancing career, her years of fantastic performances in the movies and just about everything sexual, including some intimate details about her scenes with Mandingo and Lexington Steele.

“I figured if I am going to do it, I am going to do it right,” she said of her entry into the interracial realm, “I wanted to please the interracial fans.”

She’s been pleasing fans since 2005 and she won the 2006 NightMoves Award for Fan Choice for Best New Starlet.

Dig the new issues of Xcitement at

To hear her appearance on the Uncle Eddie Ham Radio Show at or download the Paulie K Show podcast on iTunes or at For the official Howard Stern synopsis of the Dumber Than a Box of Rocks segment go to Read her XCritic interview at


Jenna Presley on ImLive

Busty brunette bombshell Jenna Presley is getting ready to give you the wildest night of your life! This sensational starlet is known for her sexy squirting style – and now she’s coming to ImLive! You really don’t want to miss this brazen beauty’s stunning performance on October 13th as she broadcasts LIVE from her home!

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( VAN NUYS, CA ) – Evan Seinfeld’s has hosted some of the hottest stars in the adult industry. Babes of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities have been given the first class treatment that only true rock and porn stars can handle. With the latest Iron Cross release “Smokin’ Hot Spinners” a white-hot collection of petite ladies prove that bigger is not necessarily better.

Spinners brings porn fans the sort of high-impact sexual intensity that they are used to as five pint sized pleasure seekers venture into Spyder Jonez’ studio. They are interviewed and treated to a ferociously good time. Every scene features rock hard energy and big facial finishes just like the fans love.

Smoking little Jenna Presley takes her turn on the couch and proves that despite her size, she can’t be intimidated by the “dickfold.” Rocking Rachel Roxxx really earns her name, pushing it to the limit in her scene. Hottie Heather Vahn knows how to keep a man happy and shows Spyder a few new tricks. Miniature Morgan Layne proves that she is up to the challenge and little Lexi Stone shows why she is such a huge star.

Who needs a DJ when you have a collection of spinners like this?

Iron Cross’ “Smokin’ Hot Spinners” is all the proof you will ever need that good things do indeed come in small packages.

Pot Calls Kettle Black

Once again the mental case Shawna Lenne make headlines -wow what a fucking surprise! How many times does Shawna have to show us what a crack pot she is before the porn industry realizes this? As I have posted previously how deranged she is, here is a reminder of past mental craziness:

This just in, Penthouse Pet of the year for 2009 runner up Shawna Lenee has mental breakdown live on the Opie and Anthony show. What makes this story so interesting is this isn’t the first time. Shawna Lenee is also the porn star known as Kara Bare and Kara Mynor. As Kara Bare she had a big ordeal in 2006 when trying to kill herself and as Kara Mynor she had a big ordeal claiming that she was locked up and held prisoner in a cage.

Now Shawna is Claiming all sorts of fucking wild accusations of fellow porn star and room-mate Jenna Presley. Thankfully Jenna immediately sent out her side of the story (and most likely the TRUE version). See press release below.

***Adult Superstar Jenna Presley Addresses Accusations of Vandalism & Violence

(August 6, 2009 – Los Angeles, CA) This morning via today’s most popular form of social networking, news, and more importantly gossip, Shawna Lenee announced that Jenna Presley had vandalized her apartment after the two had a falling out earlier this week, and concluded her “tirade” by peeing on her new rug. As embarrassing as an event as this is to Jenna, she wanted to step forward and give her side of the story, one that is involves a very personal side of her life.

“Normally, I wouldn’t address gossip, but when accusations have been made that I am violent and a drug user, I feel the urge to respond. Add to the mix that I am a drive by pisser, and I had to say something. I am not interested in bad mouthing Shawna Lenee in any way, and I do want the best for her, and I am sorry things didn’t work out with us living together. It happens with roommates.

I have had Epilepsy since I was 8 years old, I have been taking Keppra (my seizure medication) since then. About 3 days ago I ran out of my medication and I just got back in town from feature dancing and did not have time to fill it. I thought because I have been on my medication for so long I would be just fine till tomorrow, but apparently not. I have Grand Mall seizures and one this morning around 11:30 a.m. (I don’t remember doing this bc I have no memory from right before I have a seizure till about 10 minutes after the seizure is over) I walked in Shawna’s room and had a seizure in her bathroom. The rumor of vandalism is false. I did NOT put a hole through her wall however, when one has a seizure they lose all control of their muscles. So yes, during my seizure I peed on her bathroom rug. Embarrassing? Yes. But not intentional and not something I would do when angry. She said she will be suing me for vandalism for peeing on her rug even though I offered to pay for a new one or take it to the cleaners. I am NOT on drugs I truly do have epilepsy. I was taken to the E.R. at Saint Jude’s Hospital. They did a drug test and everything came back negative. The doctor also gave me an I.V. With liquid Keppra to get it in my system as soon as possible. I was at the hospital from about noon till 3:30 p.m.

I have been living in LA for 4 years and I have been seeing a Neurologist since then. His name is Dr. Peter Kim and he is located in Simi Valley, California. Every 6 months I go in and see him and he writes me enough refills till the next time I see him. I have provided pictures of medication as proof. I would like to thank everyone for their concern, everyone has been really sweet to me asking me if I’m okay and not even questioning if what is being said is true or false. Thanks guys AND girls!!”

pills1pills2Jenna Presley-0001


Fayner Posts: I just got off the phone with Jenna. She was unharmed. Here is what she said transpired.

“I went out shopping to Beverly Hills ’cause I found some extra money in Travis’ wallet, right? I mean, why should he get to spend money on himself?! Anyway, I pulled up to the valet and I guess when I was removing the seat belt my shirt got caught ’cause the next thing you know I’m looking down at my right tit hanging out! But before I could pop it back in it caught the attention of some guy in a SUV in a bad way cause he slammed into a parked car on the other side of the street. That in turn made the car behind hit him. It was an ugly mess. And sure enough, along comes the Beverly Hills police! And they’re asking me questions, asking witnesses questions, everyone who was in a five block radius it seems got questioned about it! I just said sorry, my boob popped out by accident, I didn’t mean for this to happen! He let me off with a warning! He said, be sure to keep them things where they belong! Anyway, it didn’t ruin my shopping spree. Thanks, Travis!”


Tera PatrickFayner Posts: I’m talking about Jenna Presley, not Jameson.

You see, as I wrote at the beginning of last week, Jenna Presley made her fiance Travis throw away all of his porn a couple of months ago. And although the two have a wonderful sex life, Travis, like all men, needs in addition to a real vagina a bunch of porn DVDs to further satisfy himself.

But for months he had none.

This made him sad. Overstocked in semen, too.


But all that has changed thanks to TeraVision, who happily contacted me days later asking for a mailing address to send some porn to.

Well, last night Travis and Jenna came over for our weekly big dinner and Travis left with his box of TeraVision porn under his arm and a huge smile on his face.

He may have even had a boner. In which case I have been asked to thank TeraVision from his penis for helping it please itself.


Fayner Posts: I wrote about this a long long time ago. Seems the L.A. Times picked up my story and ran with it. Bastards.

Chatsworth, CA – Adult performer Jenna Presley is not your normal sex worker. She’s kind to animals, comes out during the daylight and fights for what is right.

In this case, what was right was ending a horrible trend inside the Albertsons. It may have taken close to a year to do so, but the fiesty bombshell has finally won.

“Listen,” Presley said outside the L.A. County courthouse, “I saw an injustice, and I made it right.”

She is, of course, referring to her lawsuit against the supermarket company, which innocently began one day outside their Chatsworth location as she picketed against the vile uniforms employees are forced to wear.

“LIke I said before, no one should have to endure such eye garbage as what they’re wearing at that damn market. Didn’t anyone teach them about color coordinating? I guess not.”

Presley’s refusal to quit eventually led to a lawsuit, in which she proclaimed the supermarket’s uniforms caused her massive nightmares and a phobia of supermarkets altogether.

“Believe me, I want to go food shopping. You think I enjoy letting my boyfriend do all the shopping? Hell, no!”

But today the fighting is over. Albertsons has settled with the young star for an undisclosed amount of money, and plans are already in motion to change the hideous uniforms at all 500 locations across the West.


Fayner Posts: Most couples bicker all night and day about nothing of real importance. It makes me sad.

But not Travis and Jenna. These two share everything, from their love of weed and pizza to sleeping late and watching cartoons. It is really cute.

But what about normal television? Do they fight over what to watch when primetime comes around.

“Hell, no!” Jenna barks. “We enjoy all the same shows! Our favorite show ever is My Super Sweet Sixteen! I love watching all the funny drama, and Travis, well, is it wrong to say he likes looking at the young girls? It is? Okay, so he likes all the funny drama too.”

“No, I don’t,” Travis annnounces. “I like all the young girls!”



She writes:

Thank you all for all of your kind words! They mean a lot to me. However, many of you are saying that you like my new blonde SHORT haircut. I just wanted to let you all know that my hair is the same exact length that it was before (as a brunette). I was at a BBQ when the pictures were taken and I had my hair clipped back because we were outside and it was so freakin HOT outside. Ill take some new pictures soon with my hair down =D I LOVE long hair so I do not think I will EVER chop it off. =D

Anyway, I am soooo HAPPY you all like my new look. I was blonde all throughout middle school and high school but when I moved to LA I wanted a change so I went to Rite Aid and bought some brown hair die in a box haha. So i have been brunette for the past 2 years and I have been missing my goldie locks ever since I went brown =D I FINALLY I had the courage to trust someone to make me blonde again and I think she did an AMAZING job. If you live in LA you should DEFIANTLY go see her. Her name is Lindsay and she works for Salon La Fontaine (there might not be an E at the end of fontaine… NOT SURE LOL)

K…. I love you guys! Thanks for ALWAYS being SOOOO SWEET!!
Hugs and KISSES

xoxo Jenna Presley