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How often do condoms fail?

Nina Hartley recently tweeted that condoms fail as much as 30% of the time. 30% WOW?!  With only a 7 out of 10 chance of working, why bother? Doesn’t seem worth it. Or is it more likely that she pulled that statistic out of her ass? My research (source) shows some very different statistics, showing that there is only a 1-5% chance of a “slip down” and an almost 100% chance of protecting you from HIV and other STDs when condoms are used properly.

In the United States, most studies of breakage caused by fault in the condom itself have shown breakage rate is less than 2 condoms out of every 100. Studies also indicate that condoms slip off the penis in about 1-5% of acts of vaginal intercourse and slip down (but not off) about 3-13% of the time. Again, these rates are influenced by the care one takes when using a condom.

Studies have shown that if a latex condom is used correctly and consistently (every time you have sex), they are a highly effective barrier against infection. This has been demonstrated most clearly by studies of “discordant” couples in Europe. A “discordant” couple is one in which one partner in infected with HIV and the other one is not. In a study of 123 couples in which condoms were used consistently, none of the infected partners became infected.

I wonder why she would say that they fail 30% of the time? Why would she go out of her way to promote UNSAFE sex? I thought she once said she was an advocate for the industry? Hmmm. Sounds like someone has some sort of agenda of her own.

I won’t say if I’m for or against mandatory condom use but what I will say, if you are going to give “FACTS” give real ones and not just bullshit you make up.

If you can’t just tell the truth than just shut the fuck up already.

You do more harm than good for your cause by spreading false information.


The Irony of this recent HIV scare

A few months ago the industry pretty much flat out ignored the fact that a person known to be HIV+ was having sexual relations with talent on the set of his movies. Everyone was like ‘eh whatever. One girl sued the guy over it and people were even kinda shitty to her about it. At that point I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe people didn’t think HIV was that big of a deal, like they did years ago.


I just couldn’t understand how a man that people knew for a fact was HIV positive could take ram his fingers up a girls pussy or ass hole and sometimes even take his dick out of his pants on set and rub it against a girls pussy or ass and nobody give two shits about it and the one girl who did speak up about it, was treated like she was the bad guy.

Was it possible that performers just didn’t care if they put themselves at risk for catching HIV anymore? Were we living in the twilight zone?

Then the worst imaginable thing happened, two performers tested positive for HIV, a male and one female. Then all of the sudden people started freaking out.  Wait .. what? Why do you care about it now? Why didn’t you care about it a month ago?

Someone said, well performers just don’t fully understand the risks. HUH? How is it possible?

So I decided to share a story with you about car wrecks. Chances are the average person will never be in a car accident. The odds are very slim. But the more times you are in a car, the increase those odds just slightly, but the more you start doing things like speeding, or running stop signs, you know the riskier driving stuff, the likely hood of you getting in an accident increases dramatically.

The very same concept applies to HIV. Chances are the average person isn’t going to catch HIV but the more they exchange bodily fluid, they increase those odds. And the more riskier behavior they take part in, the more those odds increase.

And just in case there is any confusion, having any sort of sexual relations with a man who you know for a fact is HIV positive is extremely risky behavior, increasing your odds of catching HIV yourself astronomically.

“It won’t happen to me” syndrome is common with performers. But you know what? It can happen to you. Just ask the chick who tested positive on Tuesday for HIV. It can happen to you. Even if you don’t go out there and let John Stagliano from Evil Angel rub his cock against your pussy, what if the girl you are doing a threeway with today, did? Her risky behavior is now your problem because you two are about to exchange a whole hell of a lot of body fluids.


Take a stand and say, you know what … I won’t book scenes with Evil Angel under any circumstances because I don’t think it’s okay what he is doing.

Take a stand and say, you know what … I want to use a condom when I am on set. I know some companies claim that it will hurt sales, but Wicked Pictures uses condoms and they don’t seem to have a problem selling their movies. Gay porn uses condoms and you know what? Gay porn has no problem selling either. And these companies claiming that bullshit about how condom porn won’t sell knows for a fact that there are clear condoms, that if done right won’t show up on film.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not for ANY form of government intervention. The more the government stays the fuck out of our business, the better for the rest of us. But what I am for is your safety and your well being. So we need to be the ones who say, I want to use condoms when I fuck this guy today.

We need to say … I don’t want to book any scenes with anyone who has recently worked on any Evil Angel movie. Their risky behavior just isn’t worth it for me.

We don’t need the government to come in and tell us what to do. But we do need you to stand up for yourself, your body and your own well being and say enough is enough!





There is no excuse for this laziness Lexi Belle

I have a new pet fucking peeve.

You know I don’t like when I hear about porn chicks getting taken advantage of with their website. It really pisses me the fuck off.

I don’t like that agents like Derek Hay from LA Direct Models take a cut of a girls official website. His job as their agent is to make his money getting a client new jobs, not try and scam a piece of her pie.

But you know what else fucking annoys me?

When a girl who is active like Lexi Belle has on the front page of her website features that haven’t been updated since 2011.

Are you going to tell me that in now 2 fucking years you couldn’t be bothered to make a single fucking update? That’s just fucking lazy.

If that is the case they why fucking advertise blog entries on the front page of your site?

lexi belle website

You want fans to pay you to join your site then get off of your fucking ass and some some real updates.

Post some personal pics every week.

Update your fucking blog just as often. Tell them about what the fuck you are doing. Tell them some interesting stories about your life, being on the set, dates you’ve been on or what the fuck ever. Just don’t be fucking greedy. You want their money, then stop being fucking lazy and update your fucking site.



HPV is no big deal, eh?

Got a letter today from a concerned citizen. I thought I would share it with you because some of this needs to be said.

For a long time now people like Mike South and others have been bitching loudly about the porn industry testing standards. Case in point … HPV. We can test for it, but we don’t. “It’s not a big deal” says one industry big shot.

Well I wonder what Michael Douglas has to say about that … he now suffers from throat cancer, which has now been directly related to HPV he contracted through oral sex.

HPV is no big deal huh?

If we really want to protect the talent then why the fuck aren’t we actually doing it with the most basic of services like mandatory HPV testing?

Stop with all the bullshit full body suit ads. That’s so fucking stupid. It makes me want to punch that bitch in the nose who came up with that stupid shit.

Let’s instead talk about real solutions.

Spend time and money on things that fucking count.

Testing your fucking talent for shit that can actually kill them.

Cancer is serious shit.

But in the end you really only care about one thing and that is the bottom fucking line and the bottom fucking line is, it is far to cost prohibitive to test for things like HPV.

 So please shut the fuck up with your full body shit ads already and stop pretending like you fucking care about anything but your big fat 6 figure a year paycheck to stupid cunt.

Fuck you. Do something that really matters.

And by really matters I don’t mean try and spend your time covering up where all the fucking money went for the talent pool that got donated that magically disappeared.

In closing, fuck you Diane Duke. May you contact a plethora of diseases and go to jail for stealing that money. Oh sorry forgot, “misappropriation of funds”.

Hey Porn Stars … Don’t Make the “JILLIAN” Mistake

As a porn star, your name is everything.  It is your brand.  It is you.  It is your means to make money.  Fans know you by your name.  Agents book you by your name.  I mean it’s a pretty simple concept … without a name, how would people know who you are, right?

Your name needs to be unique to you and that is why it’s better to have a first and last name.  Sure they are a lot of Jenna’s out there, but there is only one Jenna Jameson.
But don’t just take my word for it.

Let’s look at the case of the former Good Day LA host, Jillian Barberie Reynolds has been working hard these last 10 years to build up her career on a national level.  On the local scene, she had more than made it.  Everyone knew who Jillian Barberie Reynolds was.  But on a national level she wasn’t quite as famous.  But she got lucky and she did start to expand her brand nationally.  She even got not one but two different gigs as a weight watchers spokesperson and on a few reality TV shows.

The problem is, when she started accepting these international jobs she often times would only identify herself as just Jillian.

Well it turns out if people are looking for a famous Jillian they would find Jillian Michaels and not her.  Why?  Well because the other Jillian is far more famous.  It was a huge branding mistake and has no doubt cost her a lot of promotion for her brand.

So, what does all of this mean to you?

It means get a unique, easy to remember name and use it.  Don’t go around just using your friend name.  Remember your full name is your brand so use it every chance you get.
If you search IAFD you will find there are 30 different porn stars who have used or are currenly using the name “Audrey”.   But you know what?  There is only one Audrey Hollander.  That is how her fans know her.  That is how they identify with her brand.

Just something to keep that in mind next time you are working on building your brand.