Saya Song Lands Cover of “Anal Fuck Dolls 4” from

Thursday, August 28, 2018

Saya Song Lands Cover of “Anal Fuck Dolls 4” from

Saya Song Lands Cover of "Anal Fuck Dolls 4" from

(Hollywood, CA) – Asian porn star Saya Song brings her A-game for the latest release from ‘Anal Fuck Dolls 4″ is all about extreme anal with submissive fuck dolls, who will do anything to please their man and that’s just up Saya’s alley.

“I love being in a movie that I get to go all out,” says Saya Song. “I like to do movies like this where I don’t have to hold back. I love just going crazy and letting whatever happen, happen.”

In Saya’s scene in the movie, she was teamed up with Tommy Pistol where she submissively waits to serve is every need.

“Finally working with Tommy Pistol was everything I imagined. He’s such a great performer,” exclaims Saya Song. “I had so much fun getting weird with him. I had a great time overall shooting for

“Anal Fuck Dolls 4” is almost 3 hours long and was directed by James Deen. The movie is now available on DVD at retailers nationwide. You can see a preview of the movie by clicking here.

To keep up with all that Saya Song is doing you can follow her on Twitter @savagesaya or on Instagram at savagesaya.

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Saya Song was born in South Korea but raised in America where she found the freedom to express herself and that eventually led her to perform in the adult industry in 2015. The petite starlet has worked with some great studios including Evil Angel, Elegant Angel, Devil’s Film, Reality Kings and Wicked Pictures. She’s been nominated for several awards including AVN’s Favorite Female Performer and her showcase “Saya Song’s Anal Initiation” was nominated last year for AVN’s Best Ethnic Release.

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Kelli Roberts’ Novel “Bad Night” is now available on Amazon

Wednesday, February 27, 2018
Kelli Roberts

Kelli Roberts’ Novel “Bad Night” is now available on Amazon

Kelli Roberts' Novel "Bad Night" is now available at Amazon

(Houston,  TX) –  Out today on Amazon is the latest book from industry veteran Kelli Roberts. “Bad Night” was originally released as a short story and later expanded into a full-length book.

“I’ve been int he adult industry since 1996. During those 22 years, I’ve done just about every job you can think of from affiliate marketing, PR, producing a movie or two, talent wrangling, and social media management. I love wearing all of those hats but every once in awhile I get a few free minutes to tell a story or two. Writing erotica gives me a way to express myself that the other things I do in the adult industry just can’t offer.”

“Bad Night” is an adult romance the follows the life of Alison, who’s had a run of bad luck in the love department.

Amazon provides a plot synopsis, which reads in part, “Sometimes things just don’t work out like you thought they would. Guess that’s why they say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. This is something Alison can relate to. Just 24 hours ago she thought her life was perfect and now everything has changed.”

To purchase the book from Amazon, click here.

Other books by Roberts include A Walk in the Woods, Letting Go, Jingle My Bells and How to be a Porn Star, all of which are available on Amazon.

Fans can follow Kelli Roberts on Twitter at @MissKelliXXX, on Instagram at klubkelli.


Kelli Roberts releases Book about Making Money in Porn

For years people have been making money in the porn industry.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could too?

Kelli Roberts (@MissKelliXXX on twitter) has spent more than 16 years in the adult industry and she’s decided to compile all she’s learned in that time and share it with you in a step-by-step guide on how to create your first adult website.

The Absolute Definitive Guide to Creating Your First Adult Website” includes 20 chapters that covers absolutely everything you need to know about creating your first adult website and actually make money doing it from picking a niche for your website to companies to advertise on your site, getting content legally and even some basics of search engine optimization that you’ll need to know to help you generate traffic for your new website.


The Absolute Definitive Guide to Creating Your First Adult Website

The book covers all you need to know, is easy to understand and includes actual examples.  So if you were ever even considering making some money on the side in the porn business, this is the book for you.  As the book cover says, making money in porn has never been so easy.

For a mere $7, “The Absolute Definitive Guide to Creating Your First Adult Website” is available from Amazon and more details about the book can be found at




Bluebird Films Announces iPad Winner

Bluebird Films is a global producer of premium adult content, headed up by Paul Chaplin and producer and director Nicholas Steele, with working studios in Los Angeles, London and Prague.

Last year Bluebird Films ran a contest, offering fans who viewed the trailers for their two epic blockbuster releases – BATFXXX; A Dark Night Parody and Bonny & Clide – the chance to win a full-loaded, Ipad 3g. The contest, which was heavily promoted online using social networks and viral marketing, had literally hundreds of thousands of entries from all over the world.

The contest closed before awards season began, before BATFXXX: A Dark Night Parody had taken in a large number of awards including AVN’S Best Parody – Drama and earned Nicholas Steele Director of the Year – Individual Project from XBIZ. With the rush of award seasons behind them and production ramping back up Bluebird Films is pleased to announce that they have randomly selected a winner. The winner of the Bluebird Ipad contest is none other than Kelli Roberts from Fame Registry.

It’s the best kind of surprise I can imagine,” Kelli gushes. “When I got the call I couldn’t believe I had won! I never win anything. Shortly afterward I received a brand new 3G Ipad and a huge collection of Bluebird Films releases including all the award winners, all for watching porn trailers and punching a code into a website. This is unreal! It’s like a dream come true!

Bluebird Film’s Marketing and Publicity team, Rising Star PR, are pleased with the results as well.

This couldn’t have worked out better,” offers Devan Cypher. “Kelli is a true fan of porn. She is also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I’m glad that someone won who can really appreciate what they received. It’s like good karma.

Bluebird Films announced the exclusive signing this week of another rising star, Dylan Ryder.The statuesque beauty impressed the studio with consistently powerful performances in every scene, evident in BATFXXX; A Dark Night Parody, Bonny & Clide, Inside Story and Cranked, and her talent, drive and sex appeal are the perfect fit with the company’s stellar stable of glamour girls.

Dylan has more than earned the right to call herself a star,” says Nicholas Steele. “We are lucky to have such a gifted and gracious star to work with this year. Dylan has the beauty, poise, talent, passion, and intellect to do anything she sets her mind to. Together we are going to blow minds.

Ryder is thrilled with the agreement and the projects that the company has planned for her, most particularly the chance to step into the latex skin and star as Bluebird’s Katwoman this year.

I’m really happy to officially join the Bluebird family,” gushed the busty brunette. “I love working for this company with all their hot talent and am very proud to represent them. I’m super excited to be the new Katwoman and look forward to the challenges and opportunities…and especially the sex!

Check out Dylan’s daily updates on her Twitter, @dylanryderxxx.

If You’ve Seen It Before You’re Not Watching Bluebird.

Charlie Sheen and his 2 1/2 porn stars

It seems Charlie Sheen has himself 2 1/2 porn stars and this time they aren’t the ones having sex with him.  Recently Charlie Sheen began a search for a paid internship through none other than  He sent out a single tweet looking for applicants and it is said some 74,000 people applied.  From there they narrowed it down to those they were actually interested in and asked for more information – this would be round 2 and included some very basic questions like education and previous job history.  This round ends on Wednesday, March 16th at midnight.

While TMZ may have already reported that Isis Taylor has advanced to round 2 of the Charlie Sheen Internship search, what they didn’t report is that she isn’t the only porno in the running.  Turns out popular stunt cock James Deen also made it to round 2 as well as Kelli from Klub Kelli.  The one thing all three seem to have in common is their background in pornography.

From TMZ : Charlie Sheen narrowed his Tiger Blood Intern search down to the second round today … and one of the lucky applicants moving on is — SHOCKER — porn star Isis Taylor. Isis was among the 74,000 people who applied last week for the job with team Sheen … and today she tweeted that she got an email informing her she’s moving on to the next round. We know what you’re thinking — and you’re probably 100% right — but Isis tells TMZ she’s actually qualified for the gig. Isis says her application included this powerful promise … “I’ll do your social media right.” Isis says she also added something about prior relations with “goddess” Bree Olsen … just for good measure.

Less is More when it comes to Banner Ads

Hello my name is Kelli and I’ve been in the adult industry now for almost 15 years. I wanted to share some of my advice with others in hope that it can help them improve their site and make more money. So here is an article I wrote about posting banners on your website and how to make more money with sponsors. You can find more of my advice articles at Porn Royalties under the webmaster tips.

So you’ve created your adult site and you want to make money with it. Great? But now what? Well the most obvious thought would be to try and get someone to buy a banner ad from you. But there is a problem; most people just flat out don’t buy banner spots outright on websites anymore. Instead what they say is something like…. we have no real way to know how your traffic will perform for us. Why don’t you go ahead and put up our banners anyway, but instead of us paying you outright or pay you a flat fee, we’ll pay you only if your traffic converts for us. In other words, if your traffic makes us money, we’ll pay you. If it doesn’t, because their site is poorly designed or for whatever reason, it just sucks to be you, because you get paid nothing.

Then they offer you the option of being paid a flat fee per sale (also known as PPS) or a % of the sale for as long as that person stays a member of the site (rev-share). Since you don’t really have many options you pretty much have to agree to it. This is a very common practice in the adult industry. There is nothing wrong with it … it’s just sort of the way things are in our industry. So then the question becomes, how can you make sure you are maximizing your earnings?

Most people for some reason or another think that the best idea is to sign up for as many affiliate programs as they can and post a crazy amount of banners all over their site.

There is a guy who recently launched his site. This is a guy with more than a decade’s experience in this business so you can’t exactly say he’s making a noob mistake. He’s been around the block a few times so he really should know better. Obviously not. It was actually his website that convinced me to write this article.

So the guy calls his website “an electronic trade show”. You load the page and you get his log. Below that there is a banner spot 728×90 Directly below that there are 8 – oh yes EIGHT 100×100 banner icon spots available. Then the site is broken down into 3 columns, much like the design of a blog.

Of the left sidebar they are offering 3 text links, then banner ads at the sizes of

  • 160×107
  • 160×107
  • 100×100
  • 160×600
  • 100×100
  • 100×100
  • 125×350
  • 160×600

The right hand side bar offers 5 banners in a row, each one about 180×300 in size. Then if that wasn’t enough there are ads available in sizes

  • 120×240
  • 125×350
  • 180×150
  • 150×220
  • 125×350

All of that and I still haven’t even gotten to the middle column yet. There he offers 7 banner spots 468×60 in size. And between each of those 7 banner spots he offers a row of icon banners – 5 icon banners of 100×100 each. That’s 35 ads on the front page middle column alone!

You notice the one thing I never mentioned was any sort of content at all?

That’s right, because there is none. The only text on the page is to tell you that the site is an “electronic trade show” and that you have the opportunity to place your ad on his site by and that you should hurry and act now to get your banner on his new site.

Search engines typically consider any site with more ads than actual content spam and those types of sites get SEO penalties, but even worse, they pass those penalties over to the sites listed on them. It’s a guilt by association kind of thing. So in terms of SEO you can see why having a ton of banners on your site is a bad thing.

There are other reasons though not to add too many.

The more ads you have on your page, the longer it takes your page to load and the longer it takes your page to load, the more likely it is to leave. Long page load times are the kiss of death. Even 1 extra second is a bad, thing. On that note, your page should never take longer than 8 seconds to load. Well that’s what the experts say. 8 seconds seem rather long to me but that’s an issue for another day.

The next reason not to have a ton of ads on their site is a quality issue. If your site has a bunch of ads on it, your site may appear junky and as such lose trust with the visitor. Loss of trust means they are less likely to buy anything from anyone associated with your site. So it hurts your overall signup ratios.

In addition, it increases your bounce rates. A bad bounce rate not only hurts your overall site SEO but also the value of your ad space and the site itself. What if one day you want to sell your site? If you have crappy bounce rates you will flat out lose money in the sale price. People pay more for a site that has better bounce rates. The same goes for selling ad space. There will come a time (later on in this article) where you will get people to pay you for links on your site and they will pay you more if you have a better bounce rate.

When it comes to putting ads on your website, it’s all about quality over quantity.

You want to only put a few ads per page, ever.

I have my own personal websites, about 91 at last count and I have almost no ads on any of them because I learned a long time ago the value in having less. LESS IS ALWAYS MORE! And that plays a big part as to why my affiliate signup ratios are very good – with some programs 1:200 and better.

So now what you have to do is figure out what affiliate program is best for you. Since you only have a limited number of ad spots available now on your site, you want to use the ones that make the most money for you.

Look carefully at the people you have already done business with. Hopefully you have been charting your relationship and by that I mean, keeping a spreadsheet that says each month how much traffic you have sent to each affiliate program, and how much money you have made. Is it extremely important that you do that, no matter what – at all times for every company you do business with. How in the world are you going to improve upon your success if you don’t know what you have to work with in the first place?

So look carefully at the numbers month to month. Which of these programs has done well for you? Those that you already have been doing well with are obviously the ones you want to continue working with. Which is also why you always need to keep up with a monthly sponsor spreadsheet. If you don’t know who is making good money for you or who is sucking, then how do you know who to keep sending your traffic to?

So now you have the few companies you want to work with. Look carefully at the pages within your website. Don’t just throw up a few banners and hope for the best. Did you know that sometimes the beds ads are those less obvious?

For example, on one of my porn star sites sure I could throw up JOIN VIVID NOW ads everywhere but instead, I use no Vivid banners. Not a single one. Instead what I do is talk about how great one of her movies is, and then say something like “oh by the way if you like this movie you can click here to watch it online right now from the official Vivid website” and I now do this with Erotic Videos. I have like 50 links out there on my various porn star websites, each talking about a certain movie and in there I’m like “click here to watch this movie now” and then provide a link to the movie on Erotic Videos or Klub Kelli or Amateur District, depending on what the movie in question is.

The click through ratio on something like that is so much higher than if I put up a bunch of banners and hoped people clicked on them because they thought the banner might be pretty.

Let’s be real, banners aren’t what they used to be. You have to get creative in the way you promote your sponsors.

Every website is different so I can’t just give you a general –THIS is what you should do- statement because what one person needs to do to is very different than what another person should do. All I can suggest is that you look at your website, consider the type of content you have then from there consider ways you can work links to your sponsors within the content itself. On one site I did these detailed movie reviews and then within the review was like “now available on DVD” and then put in a link to my DVD retail store which I had setup through Mallcom.

So in closing I just want to make sure that you understand the overall point of this article and that is that trying to throw up to many ads on your web page is a very bad thing. Be selective and unique in how and who you deal with.