Jewelz Blu Takes On Tentacles In’s “Under The Bed”


The erotic model is seduced by a monster in this naughty nightmare.

For Immediate Release: September 13th, 2023

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Prepare to be entranced as the alluring Jewelz Blu ( faces a naughty nightmare in the scintillating video "UNDER THE BED," exclusively presented by Directed by the multi-award-winning filmmaker Ricky Greenwood, this fiery production pushes the boundaries of seductive storytelling, weaving a tale of tentacles, arousal, and the supernatural.

In "UNDER THE BED," Jewelz Blu immerses herself in the role of a captivating protagonist who finds herself in a spine-tingling scenario at a mysterious motel. As the night unfolds, Jewelz's character is awakened by the enigmatic monster living beneath the bed, plunging viewers into a world where desire and the supernatural collide.

"My recent performance in Hentaied ‘UNDER THE BED’ pushed my boundaries as an actor/performer in the best way possible, really teaching me to ‘let go’ of any inhibitions and fully give myself to the scenario," said Jewelz. " It was truly such an exhilarating and intense experience for a solo performance. I’m so amazed at myself for playing into the part of being terrified under the bed but also making something so hot that it leaves the viewer turned on and perplexed. Big shoutout to Ricky Greenwood for his amazing directing and the crew for being part of bringing this to life!!"

Stream "UNDER THE BED" at

Jewelz Blu's involvement in "UNDER THE BED" reaffirms her status as a dynamic and versatile model who fearlessly ventures into new realms of storytelling.

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Model Catherine Knight Stars in Exclusive DP Debut Scene For Tushy


"Naughty Catherine Gets Her DP Fantasy Fulfilled" sees the superstar performer getting double penetrated by Vince Karter and Alberto Blanco.

For Immediate Release: August 23rd, 2023

(LOS ANGELES, CA) Acclaimed model and content creator Catherine Knight ( is set to captivate audiences once again with her scintillating performance in her eagerly anticipated debut Double Penetration Tushy scene, "Naughty Catherine Gets Her DP Fantasy Fulfilled." Directed by Julia Grandi, the nearly 40-minute exclusive video is a showcase of hardcore passion that features Catherine sexing up co-stars Vince Karter and Alberto Blanco.

"Naughty Catherine Gets Her DP Fantasy Fulfilled" is an erotic masterpiece that promises to leave viewers spellbound. Catherine's sizzling presence and undeniable chemistry with her co-stars create an electrifying dynamic that unfolds on screen under the skillful direction of Julia Grandi. The scene explores the fulfillment of Catherine's deepest desires, capturing the essence of sensuality and intimacy.

Catherine Knight expressed her excitement about the new release, stating, "I am beyond thrilled to share 'Naughty Catherine Gets Her DP Fantasy Fulfilled' with my fans. This scene was a fantastic experience to film, and I can't wait for everyone to watch it. I poured my passion into every moment, and I'm sure viewers will feel the intensity."

"Naughty Catherine Gets Her DP Fantasy Fulfilled" can be viewed at

As Catherine Knight continues to make her impact in the adult entertainment industry, her performance in "Naughty Catherine Gets Her DP Fantasy Fulfilled" is a testament to her talent, dedication, and ability to bring passion to the screen.

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Jenna Starr: Exclusive Interview on Awesome Sauce Radio!


Exciting news for fans of sexy model and erotic entrepreneur Jenna Starr (! She recently made a special appearance on the popular show, Awesome Sauce Radio, where she discussed her latest projects, new naughty scenes and even gave a sneak peek into what subscribers to her OnlyFans can expect. It was a captivating interview that leaves viewers eager for more.

During the show, Jenna opened up about her ongoing ventures and shared insights into her journey in the adult industry. From her entrepreneurial endeavors to the hardcore scenes that have made her one of the popular new stars in the biz, she left no stone unturned. If you're a fan or simply curious to learn more about Jenna's work, you won't want to miss this interview.

To catch all the exciting details, indulge in this captivating conversation with Jenna Starr and head over to the Awesome Sauce Radio YouTube channel at or watch the interview right here:

Be prepared to be entertained, inspired, and perhaps even tempted to join her growing community of satisfied OnlyFans subscribers. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get an inside look into the world of Jenna Starr!

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Catherine Knight Stars in SexArt’s “Passion Between Us”


The erotically charged scene features Catherine in a fiery affair with Jimmy Bud.


(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Model and content creator Catherine Knight ( has captivated audiences once again with her latest appearance in the erotic video "Passion Between Us," available now on the SexArt platform. Directed by Andrej Lupin, the film showcases Catherine in an intimate and passionate scene with co-star Jimmy Bud.

In "Passion Between Us," Catherine portrays a cute and alluring character who shares a special moment with her lover while looking through photos. As the scene unfolds, viewers are drawn into the erotic atmosphere as Catherine and Jimmy's chemistry ignites a loving and passionate encounter.

"I love this scene," said Catherine. "It's romantic, sexy, and very intense. Viewers will be as turned on as I was."

Directed by Andrej Lupin, "Passion Between Us" embodies the essence of sensual storytelling. Catherine's performance radiates sensuality and authenticity, captivating audiences with her charm and undeniable presence on screen.

"Passion Between Us" is now available for streaming exclusively on the SexArt platform at SexArt is renowned for its high-quality adult content that combines artistry and sensuality, and Catherine's latest appearance in this film is a testament to her talent and ability to bring organic passion to her performances.

Watch Catherine Knight's latest video on SexArt. The sultry model delivers another breathtaking scene in "Passion Between Us."

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Indica Gets Street Jaxed! The Flourish XXX Drops New Captured Series Scene

Indica Monroe and Jax Slayher Get Darkly Erotic in Taboo New Release

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish XXX is proud to announce the release of the next scene in their popular Captured series. Episode two, Indica Gets Street Jaxed, stars hot blonde seductress Indica Monroe with Jax Slayher in a darkly erotic encounter of humiliation, bondage, submission, and hardcore sex.

Indica is caught walking in the neighborhood talking loudly to a girlfriend about all the money she has been stealing it from the LA Syndicate when one of their main collectors, Jax Slayher, spots her. He forces her to see the Boss, Mr. Marsellus Flourish, who explains they’ve got her on camera. That’s when she decides fucking her way out of the $20,000 hole beats a trip to the kennels. Marsellus instructs Jax to go hard on her in the bedroom.

The erotic roleplaying gives way to an incendiary display of sexual power as Jax drives deep into curvy Indica’s incredible insides, gripping her ample ass cheeks and making her cry out in bliss. The wild tryst ends with her swallowing his huge load.

“This was one of our top 5 scenes as far as pure intensity,” The Flourish CEO TJ explains. “I felt they took turns really going at one another and it shows in the fireworks. Both of their adaptation was top of the pyramid!”

But just because it’s a high intensity, dark taboo scene doesn’t mean they didn’t have fun filming.

“Creatively we had flexibility,” says Indica. “Jax actually came in my nose! My experience was beautiful!”

Her costar agrees.

“It was a damn good shoot, man,” Jax enthusiastically offers, smiling and laughing in great spirt. “We weren’t playing. The Flourish let me do my thang.”

See it now at

The Flourish XXX also launched a trailer for the full season of Captured, their taboo series, this week. The slick clip features the twisted realities and fates of several people in the LA Underground.

It stars Troy Francisco, Savannah Bond, Isiah Maxwell, Jax Slayher, Indica Monroe, Hannah Grace, Marica Hase, Air Thugger, Keira Croft, Jovan Jordan, Charly Summer, Margarita Lopez, Anthony Pierce, Oliver Davis, Desiree Nevada, Mr. Flourish, Apollo Atlys, and more. See it now at

Scene one stars Hanna Grace. Having been a very bad girl, the feisty redhead ends up getting taken off the street to pay her debts with a scorching threesome with Anthony Pierce and Charley Summer. The dark erotic vision really resonated with fans, with the scene racking up over 1 million views in just a few months!

See the trailer now at

TheFlourishXXX, TheFlourishFetish, and TheFlourishPOV offer fans a wide variety of content, with over 200 scenes featuring premier industry performers including Kenzie Reeves, Kali Roses, Isiah Maxwell, Isabella Nice, Hannah Grace, Aria Carson, Sabina Rouge, Keira Croft, Destiny Cruz, and many more. Members enjoy exclusive access behind the scenes interviews and more. Sample their vast collection and sign up today at

Main XXX Twitter: @theflourishxxx
BDSM Fetish Twitter: @flourishfetish
Instagram: @theflourishphoto
OnlyFans: @theflourishxxx
Spotify: The Flourish Podcast
YouTube: The Flourish

Full Moon Features Invite You To Experience Erotic Escapades In CASSEX


A haunted VHS unleashes a mischievous 80's porn superstar who is hellbent on the seduction and corruption of a young couple.

For Immediate Release: June 25th, 2021

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Full Moon Features ( and Surrender Cinema proudly present a sexual odyssey with CASSEX. The mainstream series was directed by Lindsey Schmitz, based on an un-filmed Charles Band Empire Pictures project from the 1980s. Featuring stellar performances by a cast of notable erotic actors, CASSEX stars Anna Claire Clouds, Jazmin Luv, Lexi Luna, Lauren Phillips, Jayden Cole, and Michael Vegas.

In Chapter 1: The Temptation of Doreen Dukes, a married couple unearths a mysterious naughty home movie from the eighties. The vivacious VHS tape not only spices up their love life but transports them to a twisted dimension of danger and seduction ruled by a legendary eighties porn star.

"An ode to the nudie cuties of yesteryear!” said Lindsey Schmitz, Director of CASSEX.

"The actors are incredible and gave fantastic performances," noted CASSEX casting director Tanya Tate. "While some of the performers already had mainstream credits, for a few, this is their first significant acting roles, and it came together fabulously. CASSEX is a fun, exciting, and definitely erotic, adventure."

"If you want to see Lexi Luna as the 80s sex goddess of your dreams, you must tune in to see CASSEX from Full Moon Features," exclaimed Lexi Luna who portrays Cassandra Essex. "Rather than Lexi as a teacher or Lexi as the MILF, you can watch me as a whole new character in a way you've never seen before!

"I had so much fun doing this project! I was blown away by how skilled and professional the whole team was, the amazing costuming that brought my character to life, and truly acting and performing in new ways. The work really paid off because when I saw the first screening of it, I couldn't be more proud to be part of this project."

CASSEX: Chapter 1: The Temptation of Doreen Dukes is available for streaming now via the Full Moon Features channel - Chapter 2 will premiere on Full Moon Features on July 2nd, 2021. Both installments will subsequently launch on Full Moon's Amazon Prime channel.

Are you ready for an erotic adventure? Full Moon Features and Surrender Cinema will tell you a tale of seduction and naughty fun in CASSEX!

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Full Moon Features Taps Tanya Tate As Casting Director For Surrender Cinema’s Cassex!


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Video Version of this Press Release:

Tanya opens the casting process for the upcoming erotic comedy.

For Immediate Release: February 17th, 2021

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Full Moon Features ( has hired multi-award-winning performer Tanya Tate ( for casting director duties on Surrender Cinema's Cassex. A well-regarded actress, director, and producer in her own right, Tanya has previously booked talent for all of her own movies. Hot on the tails of his steamy sci-fi feature Femalien: Cosmic Crush (Trailer), writer/director Lindsey Schmitz once again teams up with legendary independent studio Full Moon for Cassex, a dark comedy with a sexy twist.

"I'm excited to be working with the Full Moon family again," said Tanya. "I am very thankful for all the opportunities that Charles Band has provided me, including this new one. I look forward to casting this fun and sexy movie."

"Tanya has been a friend and ally to Full Moon for many years, so the decision to offer her an official role as Casting Director for our Surrender Cinema line was only natural," said Charles Band. "Her knowledge of the adult entertainment industry is only matched by her professionalism and work ethic. We look forward to building our relationship with Tanya over many projects to come."

Cassex will begin filming in Las Vegas this April. Some of the parts require nudity and simulated sex. Tanya is now accepting submissions at

When a married couple digs up a dirty home movie, it not only spices up their love life but transports them to an erotic dimension haunted by an eighties sex icon. Is it real, or is it Cassex?

Cassandra Essex (Female, late 20s – early 40s)
An eighties sex goddess with a chiseled frame and an even stronger personality. Possibly Eastern European (think Brigitte Nielsen) or other type of exotic/foreign with less than a complete grasp on the English language. No tattoos.

Jane Fortune (Female, late 20s – late 30s)
An old-school Bohemian hippie who practices divination and possesses psychic abilities. A simple beauty with a cool and calm demeanor that hides a brooding intensity. No tattoos.

Maya Llewellyn (Female, 30s)
Funny and charismatic, she's a relatable girl-next-door, but with a modern, punk rock twist. The type of gal you can take home to mom, but watch out for that temper.

Doreen Dukes (Female, 30s)
A smokey and sultry vamp with a biting sense of humor. A Yoga instructor capable of delivering deadpan sass. She's the girl that taught you how to smoke cigarettes in high school.

Starhawk (Female, early/mid-20s)
A bubbly bombshell, she's always upbeat and down to party. While being a source of comic relief, behind her airhead façade, she hides a simple inner wisdom.

Tanya's lengthy connection with Full Moon includes having appeared in movies (Evil Bong 420, Evil Bong 777), written for the Full Moon produced magazine Delirium, and made appearances for the company at pop-culture conventions like San Diego Comic-Con.

Tanya Tate is now casting for Surrender Cinema's Cassex! If you fit one of the roles, you might star in this exciting erotic adventure from Full Moon!

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