Is your home router safe? It may not be!

WordFence the popular WordPress security plugin sent out a massive email blast today letting people know that their home router may be vulnerable. Although the vulnerability was first disclosed in 2014, it wasn’t taken seriously by many and as a result, hackers are now using it to hack home routers. As many as 41 million …

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#NEWS: VR XXX Queen ELA DARLING Guests On Vivid Radio’s The Tanya Tate Show


This coming Tuesday Ela Darling joins Tanya Tate for an hour of sexy fun on the Tanya Tate Show.

March 7th, Ela Darling will stop by Tanya Tate’s SiriusXM / Vivid Radio show. The stunning starlet will be on hand to talk about all of her exciting projects including Virtual Reality porn. Ela is well noted as one of the genre’s champions and has discussed this evolving media in seminars at several adult conventions. Ela's company teamed up with CAM4 to release CAM4VR in the summer of 2016, after her company created the first live Virtual Reality webcam platform, bringing intimacy and immersion to a thrilling new level.

The Tanya Tate Show is broadcast live every Tuesday at 1pm PST on and SiriusXM 415. Listeners can call in to the show by dialing 855-998-4843.

Interview requests for Tanya Tate can be made to Star Factory PR:

What does a porn star do when she’s not making movies?

So what does a porn star do when she’s not on the set of her latest movie or doing a photo shoot for some fabulous magazine?   Well if she’s on the Ideal Image Management roster apparently she can go hang out at the cam house and make some extra cash that way.

[source] Talent agency Ideal Image Management (IMM) has been around for about a year and a half—plenty long enough to know that finding work for all their talent is tough and getting tougher—so this week, the company has announced the launch of the Ideal Management Camhouse, a webcam studio currently consisting of four furnished rooms where models can earn extra income when they’re not shooting movies or other content.

“The way we look at it is, it’s a good way for the girls to earn money, and perhaps just importantly, it keeps them relevant from a publicity standpoint,” explained IMM co-founder Corey. “We continuously have meetings with people, especially producers, who hire talent based on the girls’ numbers of fan followers off of Twitter and things of that nature, and webcamming is an opportunity for the models to gain a higher fan base.”

“A lot of girls in the industry do it, but there’s a lot of girls that don’t do it,” he continued. “Not only that, but a lot of them don’t even know how to get involved in webcamming and they don’t have a facility to do it. A lot of them are living in ‘model houses’ and there’s nothing set up for them there; some of them maybe have a room but they don’t have a facility or a laptop or things of that nature, so we basically developed our studio webcam rooms where these girls can webcam out of.”

And while it’s not the lap of luxury, each of IMM’s webcam rooms is fully equipped with freshly washed sheets on the bed, a laptop with a high def camera, the best of high speed internet, a variety of toys, and a webcam set for duos and shows.

“Our camhouse environment is safe and professional,” Corey assured.

According to a press release recently issued by IMM, anyone choosing to webcam through the company can expect “a dynamic and passionate staff who use their superior marketing strategy to increase their web traffic.”

“Ideal Image Camhouse models are able to work from home or the studio, enjoy flexible schedules, and receive the all-important same day pay,” the company said.

Currently, the IMM feeds are being handled by Streamate, but the company is in talks with several ISPs to insure that the studio has enough speed and bandwidth to service multiple streams at the same time.

And perhaps best of all, the studio is available for both new models and experienced porn stars, and they don’t have to be IMM clients in order to take advantage of the offer.

IMM suggests that interested models should follow the company’s Twitter feed for updates and announcements, or for more specific information, email Fred, or call the studio at 818-886-4424 or visit their official website at

Comcast is fucking pornography downloads

A story came out today in USA today that said consumers by and far are ditching their land-line phones, instead going wireless or using Internet net based phone technology, such as the digital phone packages offered by companies like Comcast. According to the article in New York land line usage has plummeted 55% since 2000 and Texas has dropped 20%. 20% may not seem much but considering how fucking big Texas is, I would consider even a 5% drop significant enough to mention.

But how you answer your phone or make telephone calls isn’t really the point of me writing this story. It’s actually about your cable company. With more and more consumers moving away from dealing with the phone company and to using the Cable company for multiple services, we run into a tiny problem. Cable companies now offer not only Cable TV, digital telephone service but also Internet Access.

Some people enjoy the high speeds of cable Internet, but what they don’t realize is that Big Brother (that would be the cable company) is monitoring their ever move and every click!

Comcast is the nation’s second-largest Internet service provider. They are not stepping in and deciding what you can and can’t do with your Internet usage. More important …….


they are only one step away from cutting you off from porn all together. How it all began is that Comcast decided certain people were using the Internet far to much. So for those excessive users, they set a cap. Anyone who went over will have to pay additional fees, pretty much doubling your Internet usage bill and for those REALLY into downloading movies, porn, etc. they can expect to surpass that cap often and pay WAY more. Maybe as much as an additional $45 to $150 per month. Or even worse HAVE THEIR INTERNET ACCESS COMPLETELY CUT OFF. Their excuse?

As more consumers download movies and music online, Internet service providers have to grapple with how to manage their traffic so that bandwidth hogs don’t slow down the network for the lighter users among the company’s 14.1 million subscribers. For years, Comcast directly called customers who used up several times more bandwidth than the typical subscriber’s 2 gigabytes per month — for instance, by downloading hordes of movies. The big users were asked to reduce their use or have their accounts canceled.

Comcast is currently considering an option to cap the bandwidth usage at 10, 20 or 40 gigabytes per month. And by currently considering I mean ALREADY IN TESTING IN SELECT CITIES. Hence the given nickname of CAPcast by their adoring customers. Anyway how it works is if users exceed that cap, they could be charged $15 for every 10 gigabytes they go over. This new system has already started in some cities and yours could be next. If you aren’t aware of just how little 10 gig is, be prepared to be hit with a ton of $15 overage charges. Some ideas being thrown around would be a fee of $1.50 per gigabyte. By today’s porn standards that’s a lot of fucking overage fees. I thought we got rid of this shit when we all stopped using AOL?

I decided to monitor (as best I could) my download usage yesterday. I downloaded 6 wordpress templates. I wanted to try them out and see how they looked on one of my sites. That was about 15 meg in all. I found a new script that helps manager images but downloading that cost me 34 meg. It’s a great program but it cost me 34 meg of my already limited allotment (had I been with Comcast and thank fucking god I’m not with those cock suckers).

I downloaded a new movie to review. That was 119 meg. I downloaded a few episodes of Chuck I missed over at In all probably about 6 episodes which each one might have been about (estimating here) 40 meg, so that’s another 240 meg gone. And this is all just in one day.

During research for articles on, I probably visited about 19 porn star fan pages and siffed through about 3 to 5 pages each. Each of those pages had graphics on them that ranged in sizes so we’ll have to give a rough estimate of about 3 meg per website (some more, some less). That’s another 57 meg of my allotment gone.

So what are we at so far? 465 meg and that’s just what I was actually keeping track of. I’m sure it was significantly higher overall but the point is, if this is a typical day for me and it is, I would have went over my monthly allotment by 3,950 so I would have had to pay at least another $15 to $29.95 as a penalty fee for that. In reality I download more than 1 movie a day. If you count the days I download 10 or 20 movie trailers, that shit adds up too.

But maybe you aren’t like me. But that doesn’t mean you are in the clear. Every single website you visit that has images counts against you. Every time you download a picture of your favorite porn star, that counts too. Some of those pictures are 1 to 2 meg each.

So the question is, who is Comcast really hurting my capping what you can download? Hopefully not you because I hope you are smart enough to cancel your account with them and move over to DSL. Look into programs like uVerse through AT&T.

Next thing you know they will decide we are watching to much TV and start charging each household for every 30 minutes to much they watch over your alloted 2 hours a day. Then they can decide adult sites all together are naughty and block anyone using their Internet from seeing any adult related material. Think it won’t happen? FoxNews who owns Myspace already agreed to such a thing for Myspace usage and later Facebook agreed to it, so why is it such a stretch that they don’t start asking Internet companies like Comcast to do the same?


Record numbers of Australians are visiting pornographic websites, including sexually explicit dating sites – and one in three of them is a woman.

Surprising new figures show more than one-third of internet users visited an adult website at least once in the first three months of this year.

Almost one in five was under 18, and 5 per cent were 65 or over.

The data, provided to the Sydney Morning Herald by Nielsen Net Ratings/NetView, a world leader in internet analysis, reveals 4.3 million Australians viewed pornography or visited a sex-oriented matchmaker site on the internet at least once in the quarter ending in March. This was 35 per cent of all those who used the internet in that period.

In March alone, 2.7 million Australians went to an online adult website, an increase of half a million in 18 months, or 23 per cent. The richer people were, the more likely they were to have viewed a pornographic site.

Australian psychologists and relationship counsellors say internet pornography is a new and growing cause of relationship strife and breakdown as increasing numbers of men become compulsive users.

Brett McCann, a senior lecturer in the sexual health program at the University of Sydney, said: “It’s a growing problem with big implications for the public health dollar.”

An investigation by the Herald has uncovered the destructive impact obsessive pornography use can have on couple’s sex lives, women’s self-esteem, and sense of trust.

At the same time, others are warning against a moral panic, citing research that shows pornography consumers overwhelmingly report positive benefits. Alan McKee, of the Queensland University of Technology, who with colleagues conducted a survey of more than 1000 self-selected pornography users, said 58.8 per cent said it had a positive effect on their attitudes to sex and only 6.8 per cent said it was negative.

“Australians who use pornography say it not only gives them pleasure but broadens their minds, and provides a valuable sex education,” he said.

And while some women have suffered from their partner’s internet porn obsession, women in general are considered the new consumer growth market, according to Fiona Patten, chief executive of the Eros Association, the adult retail industry’s peak body.

Despite the internet having transformed the way pornography is consumed, the number of sex shops has also burgeoned, Ms Patten said.

There were 500 shops in 2003 and there are 900 today. Besides DVDs, they now carried a much bigger range of sex toys, erotic clothing and other paraphernalia, she said.

Big stores covering 1000 square metres had opened in some states over the past five years. The SexyLand chain in Victoria, for example, had taken advantage of changes in zoning laws to establish huge stores in commercial areas. “They are the Bunnings and Officeworks of the sex industry,” Ms Patten said.

The X-rated video mail-order business had halved in size since its heydays in the 1990s because of the internet and the expansion of retail outlets. But Australia’s lack of a fast broadband network, which made it difficult to download sexually explicit feature films, had helped maintain the popularity of DVDs. “We’re still selling at least 10 million DVDs a year, mainly through retail outlets and by ordering through the internet,” Ms Patten said.

The “pornification” of society, as described by US author Pamela Paul, has sparked a call for an investigation.

The former head of the Office of the Status of Women, Helen L’Orange, wants a royal commission or other form of national inquiry into the effects of the internet on society and relationships, with a focus on pornography.

“We’ve seen momentous changes in the way more people meet over the internet and the huge amount of pornography being viewed, and these changes merit investigation,” she said. “It’s worth taking stock and finding out what impact it is having on relationships.”

She said the Whitlam government had established the Royal Commission into Human Relationships in 1974 at another time of social change to report on many aspects of male/female relationships as far as they were relevant to the federal government. The aim of the proposed inquiry would not be increased censorship but to inform, educate and raise awareness, she said.