Is your home router safe? It may not be!

WordFence the popular WordPress security plugin sent out a massive email blast today letting people know that their home router may be vulnerable. Although the vulnerability was first disclosed in 2014, it wasn’t taken seriously by many and as a result, hackers are now using it to hack home routers. As many as 41 million …

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Porn stars change your passwords already!!!

Yahoo recently released the list of the most popular passwords of 2012 and while this doesn’t surprise me for most people it does for porn stars.  I don’t think most of the girls seem to understand that they are famous and as such become targets for jack asses who have nothing better to do with their time than screw with people.  It’s important very very very much so, that you don’t let your twitter passwords be any that you see on the naughty list below.

1. password (Unchanged from Last Year)
2, 123456 (Unchanged from Last Year)
3. 12345678 (Unchanged from Last Year)
4. abc123 (Up 1)
5. qwerty (Down 1)
6. monkey (Unchanged from Last Year)
7. letmein (Up 1)
8. dragon (Up 2)
9. 111111 (Up 3)
10. baseball (Up 1)
11. iloveyou (Up 2)
12. trustno1 (Down 3)
13. 1234567 (Down 6)
14. sunshine (Up 1)
15. master (Down 1)
16. 123123 (Up 4)
17. welcome (New to the List This Year)
18. shadow (Up 1)
19. ashley (Down 3)
20. football (Up 5)
21. jesus (New to the List This Year)
22. michael (Up 2)
23. ninja     (New to the List This Year)
24. mustang (New to the List This Year)
25. password1 (New to the List This Year)

Chances are if your twitter account gets hacked you won’t get it back.  Just ask  Dylan Ryder.  She lost her account and had to rebuild it from zero.  Do you want to do that too?  So what can you do?  GO CHANGE YOUR TWITTER PASSWORD RIGHT NOW!  Here are some tips …..

Take two words and put a number in the middle and at the end.  For example instead of the password letmein put let3me9in7 or instead of iloveyou as a password why not try replacing the letter 0 with the number zero.  So it would be i6l0ve9y0u.

Instead of sexy you password could be s3x1.  Actually 4 characters is far to short for a password but that’s a GREAT start of a password. s3x1b1tch

So instead of sexy bitch as a password you have s3xib1tch.   You replaced E with 3 and I with 1 and y with i.  Well anyway you get the point.  Sexy Bitch is an easy to remember password, right?  You just made a few tiny changes to it.  How about I Love Sex as your password?  1l0v3s3x.  Instead of I you use the number 1.  Instead of the letter o you used the number zero and instead of E you used 3.  So ILOVESEX now becomes iL0V3S3X.

How about having PORN ROCKS as your password?  Here is how you can change that up to be more secure — P0RNR0CKZ or even better P0RNR0X69.  Again replacing the letter o with the number zero, changing rocks to rox and putting a 69 at the very end.  Or you can be really fun and make your password Gossip Girl and for that we go G0ZZ1PGR1.  So what we did again was make the letter o a zero and ss became zz and and i and l became 1.

Porn stars are famous both male and female and the more famous you are the more of a target you become, so please whatever you do make sure you have secure passwords.