What does a porn star do when she’s not making movies?

So what does a porn star do when she’s not on the set of her latest movie or doing a photo shoot for some fabulous magazine?   Well if she’s on the Ideal Image Management roster apparently she can go hang out at the cam house and make some extra cash that way.

[source] Talent agency Ideal Image Management (IMM) has been around for about a year and a half—plenty long enough to know that finding work for all their talent is tough and getting tougher—so this week, the company has announced the launch of the Ideal Management Camhouse, a webcam studio currently consisting of four furnished rooms where models can earn extra income when they’re not shooting movies or other content.

“The way we look at it is, it’s a good way for the girls to earn money, and perhaps just importantly, it keeps them relevant from a publicity standpoint,” explained IMM co-founder Corey. “We continuously have meetings with people, especially producers, who hire talent based on the girls’ numbers of fan followers off of Twitter and things of that nature, and webcamming is an opportunity for the models to gain a higher fan base.”

“A lot of girls in the industry do it, but there’s a lot of girls that don’t do it,” he continued. “Not only that, but a lot of them don’t even know how to get involved in webcamming and they don’t have a facility to do it. A lot of them are living in ‘model houses’ and there’s nothing set up for them there; some of them maybe have a room but they don’t have a facility or a laptop or things of that nature, so we basically developed our studio webcam rooms where these girls can webcam out of.”

And while it’s not the lap of luxury, each of IMM’s webcam rooms is fully equipped with freshly washed sheets on the bed, a laptop with a high def camera, the best of high speed internet, a variety of toys, and a webcam set for duos and shows.

“Our camhouse environment is safe and professional,” Corey assured.

According to a press release recently issued by IMM, anyone choosing to webcam through the company can expect “a dynamic and passionate staff who use their superior marketing strategy to increase their web traffic.”

“Ideal Image Camhouse models are able to work from home or the studio, enjoy flexible schedules, and receive the all-important same day pay,” the company said.

Currently, the IMM feeds are being handled by Streamate, but the company is in talks with several ISPs to insure that the studio has enough speed and bandwidth to service multiple streams at the same time.

And perhaps best of all, the studio is available for both new models and experienced porn stars, and they don’t have to be IMM clients in order to take advantage of the offer.

IMM suggests that interested models should follow the company’s Twitter feed for updates and announcements, or for more specific information, email Fred, or call the studio at 818-886-4424 or visit their official website at www.idealimagemanagement.com