Is your home router safe? It may not be!

WordFence the popular WordPress security plugin sent out a massive email blast today letting people know that their home router may be vulnerable. Although the vulnerability was first disclosed in 2014, it wasn’t taken seriously by many and as a result, hackers are now using it to hack home routers. As many as 41 million …

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Hackers Attack AVN

Cyber terrorists have been busy lately on their fight against porn.  First was the attack on Bluebird Films, then Brazzers and other Manwin related properties and just after that there was the major attack on Digital Playground, taking down all their sites for over a week.

Now today it looks like they got


Porn Hackers Strike Again

A few weeks ago news broke that Manwin’s sites have been compromised and tens of thousands of customers information may have been compromised.  This hack included the Brazzers’s forums.  Anyone who had an account there had their information compromised.  While they were busy backtracking claiming the hack was no big deal they apparently forgot to sure up the security on their other assets because on February 23rd YouPorn got hacked [source] which compromised an estimated 1 million accounts and the hackers even posted the list of YouPorn users and their email addresses.

This is a big deal for a few reasons …

  • First and foremost it directly links you to a site that illegal streams stolen porn which means that could potentially be used against you in those “John Doe Lawsuits” which could cost you hundreds or even a few thousands of dollars, depending on how active int he youporn site you were.
  • Next it’s a big deal because the hackers posted every users email address and that means every jack ass spammer out there has taken that list and put it in their database.  Now you are going to start getting way more spam.
  • Now people know you are into porn.  If you have enemies and are in a situation that viewing porn online could compromise you, well … an enemy could use that list against you.
  • And last but surely not least, it’s a big deal because more often than not people use the same email address and password for multiple sites so if they stole them for one site, they may now have access to your other accounts like paypal and amazon and whatnot.  So BE SURE AND CHANGE ALL YOUR PASSWORDS IMMEDIATELY!

So now it seems the hackers have struck another Manwin owned site again.  Manwin (aka Brazzers) recently took control of Digital Playground including their family of websites and what they apparently forgot to do is make sure security was strong, especially after the their other sites started to get hacked.

So tonight Jesse Jane tweeted about her site being down, it’s been down over an hour now and her site isn’t alone.  The main Digital Playground site is down as well.


There is no official news who has hacked the site yet or what information (if any) will be exposed for the Digital Playground customers but since their DVD store was also hacked, it could potentially be a very big deal, including the loss of username and passwords as well as email addresses and credit card numbers and maybe (possibly) your home address!