Chasey Lain on-air tonight!

Chasey Lain on ‘Inside The Industry’ August 18th

(Los Angeles, August 16th, 2010)

Beautiful Adult Film Legend Chasey Lain will be the very special guests on Inside the Industry with hosts James Bartholet and co-hostess Emy Reyes, for another fun, sexy, and informative night this Wednesday, August 18th.

The program is heard Wednesday nights from 8:00pm to 9:00pm PST and rebroadcast daily, on LA Talk Radio and

Tony Batman will also be calling in with his on going report on the road from gentleman’s clubs throughout the United States. Batman’s official site is

Lain was one of the biggest names in the 1990’s in the adult industry, and was immortalized in the song “The Ballad of Chasey Lain,” by the Bloodhound Gang. She will be discussing her career and latest projects.

There’s also a great contest this week on the program: listeners can win a signed picture of Emy Reyes, or Chasey Lain. Listeners can win by calling in during the show at 323-203-0815 or by emailing James at: Listeners can also call in to win an official “Inside The Industry” T Shirt or a signed DVD.

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Booble Sucks — No Really It Does

A press release came out today that informs us all that Booble redesigned their website. To be exact the press release said “The Internet’s top adult search engine and porn directory, has officially launched a fresh new look for their website.”


Only thing is, there are two problems with that statement ….

1) The website looks pretty much the same as before. It’s a little bit of text with a lot of ads. So what exactly is so new that it requires an entire press release to tell us about it?

2) And last but not least, the new website, like the one before forgot to upload any content. In their press release they claim this website is a “adult search engine” yet when you actually enter the names of famous porn stars you don’t actually come up with any real relevant results.

Booble claims they are the best adult porn search engine and sex search directory online, only how can it be a search engine when you can’t actually SEARCH for any actual porn stars? I’m so confused on this website and even more confusing to me is why sites like XBIZ and AVN continue to post any press releases these guys submit?

Booble describes themself in their press release as a search engine. They claim this shit, not me. What they say exactly is, “Since its humble beginning as a parody of a popular search engine, Booble has since grown into a powerful porn search site“. So you know what I did? I used their site to search for some of my favorite porn stars.

I did a search for Chasey Lain and found not one link to any Chasey Lain content.

I did a search for Hanna Hilton. I found 6 links come up including 1 for the Paris Hilton video “1 Night in Paris”, yet no links to anything actually relevant to Hanna Hilton.

What you will find at is a bunch of paid ads, that may or may not be relevant to what you are searching for.

I did a search for Casey Parker.

Sorry, no results were returned for your search; you could have misspelled your search term, or you are on to a new porn craze that we have yet to catalogue.

Okay so let’s search for Sunny Leone. Surely they couldn’t claim her to be some new porn craze, right? WRONG.

Sorry, no results were returned for your search; you could have misspelled your search term, or you are on to a new porn craze that we have yet to catalogue.

Now seriously, how the fuck can you claim to be an adult search engine and not have one single link to anything relating to Sunny Leone?

In the end all I really have to report is this has to be the worst search engine to ever exist.

Chasey Lain vs Donny Long

Chasey Lain vs Donny Long is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. The Donny Long vs Chasey Lain fight brings HE SAID SHE SAID to a whole new level.   Even more notable is that this fight with Chasey Lain has brought Donny Long more press than he’s probably ever gotten his entire career.

The Porn Whore versus The Dumb Ass

But let me start at the beginning so that you fully understand the story.  First there is Chasey Lain who has been in the business for quite awhile now.  Her first movie was in 1991 and during the last 17 years she’s performed in about 100 movies, directed a handful and even has some writing credit to her name and in 2003 Chasey Lain was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame.  Throw in the television shows, mainstream movies and the rock videos she’s appeared in and well you have someone that you might call a seasoned pro on your hands.

Recently however Chasey Lain hasn’t quite been as active as she was in her early days and there have been unconfirmed rumors of her having some problems with drugs.  Whatever the truth may be, we know that by all accounts Chasey Lain did not age gracefully, but that being said it doesn’t make her a “crack whore”.  Here is an image of Chasey Lain from a movie she just did (released in 2008).  You can decide for yourself what you think.  Honestly I think they photoshopped the fuck out of her face so much I couldn’t even tell it was her if it were not for her tits.

Then there is Donny Long.  He started out in the business in 2005 with his performance in the movies Mexicunts 3 and Chica Boom 36.  In late 2007 he decided to start a content production company.  This basically means he shoots photosets and video clips for adult websites.  In his press release for AVN promoting his new company he claims to have been in 500 titles.  Yet IMBD could only come up with 81 titles throughout the entire span of his career and keep in mind some of those may very well be compilation titles.

Long, a performer with a résumé of over 500 titles, now appears exclusively in the scenes he produces, and is catering mainly to internet affiliate-based clients.

The biggest project he seems to have been involved in is a scene in the recently released Vivid feature My Big Fake Wedding with Brea Lynn.  He performed in this scene with Carmel Moore, Jack Venice and Jada Fire.  And this performance is only notable not because of the budget of the flick but because he performed in a scene with Jack Venice who you might have heard recently is dating the newest Vivid girl Hanna Hilton and is up on rape charges.  He’s being accused of breaking into some college girl’s place and raping her.  Which seems odd since he’s a porn star and gets Grade A prime pussy all day long but hey whatever.  I’m not a lawyer so what the fuck do I know?  Back to Donny The Douche Bag Long … his blog brags about their new big project which is midgets. Yes, midgets.

So here we have a guy who’s been in the business about two years, hasn’t really been in any big budget productions, doesn’t really have any writing or directing titles to his credit who started his own company to make his own scenes and take his own photos to sell to others that in the press, fudges a bit on the truth and where was I going with this?  I’m so bored with this douche I fucking forget already.

It seems this isn’t the first time Donny Long has had problems.  There is a cute little up and commer named Roxy Deville.  She isn’t BIG in the industry just yet but her fame is growing.

According to a story I read over at AdultFYI, Donny Long had it out with her as well when she chose not to work with him because of his bad reputation and he tried to get around booking her through her agent to screw him out of money due and probably try to get her for cheaper.  Donny Long’s response?

ok be a stupid tranny lover whore go fuck yoursself you sick fuck. I just saw that your a tranny fucker lover now i get it. you a c3x both can go to hell.

But this story isn’t the only one. There is a story like THIS one which goes on about how he’s a homo and how nobody wants to work with him and how he’s a liability to the industry, blah blah.  I think Donny Long’s reputation speaks for itself.

Now for the Chasey Lain vs Donny Long fight

So one day Donny Long’s new company decides to hire Chasey Lain for two scenes.  According to Donny Long’s blog, one of the scenes was for boy/girl sex and the other was for a gagging blow job.  She was late and this was wrong of her.  But she wasn’t just a little late, she was insanely late.  She was due on the set at 9 am.  She didn’t show.  However at 8 pm that night, some 11 hours later she showed up.  By anyone’s standards being 11 hours late is beyond unacceptable.

So for some reason they spend 3 1/2 hours in makeup.  Donny Long claims it is because Chasey Lain won’t shut up but even then, how fucking hard is it to put on makeup?  Seriously, wtf is wrong with his makeup artist?  Oh I see, he said that he’s paying her double time for this job so that bitch is no doubt milking it for all the overtime she can get.

When we see the video footage of this 3 1/2 hour makeup session we find that where Donny The Douche Bag Long says Chasey Lain won’t shut up is the part where she is standing up for her rights.  To make a long story short, Chasey Lain has some concerns about her contractual agreements.  She stated that she was hired for two scenes and he insists she do hardcore stills in addition to her scenes and she says they can just screen capture them from the video footage.  He argues with her about this and she says that she’ll agree to it but only if they write in on the contract that he won’t be using these for other things.  Basically Chasey Lain has been around the block long enough to know that once a scumbag like Donny Long gets his hands on some photos of her, he will sell and resell them every chance he gets and she’s not interested in that kind of deal.  Chasey Lain, like many stars like to have more control over their image. If you want to learn more about this concept you can click here to read a great article on it from porn star Kayden Kross over at Xbiz.

Next Chasey Lain goes to find something to wear for the photo-shoot.  What she selects something in black, Donny Long doesn’t like so she has to change.  She spends some time trying to find something while Donny Long continually yells NO NOT THAT, PUT THIS OR THAT ON.  This goes on for about an hour.  No doubt by now any female talent would be flustered and frustrated.

She pulls herself together and begins to position herself on the couch for the first set of still shots.  With her 17 years of experience in doing this I’m pretty sure the bitch knows how to do her job but Donny Long continues to berate her.  She tries to explain that something with this position doesn’t feel right and he insults her some more.  She sucks it up and gets through to the next part where she standing in the same dress, in what appears to be 6 or maybe 8 inch spiked high heels, with one leg on the ground and the other one up, exposing her leg.  it is while attempting this balancing act, she stumbles then gets back up and goes right back to her poses.  What does Donny The Douche Bag Long do? Why he yells at her of course for not standing still. Saying that all this moving around is ruining his shots.

This kind of bullshit goes on for the duration of the movie while Donny Long continues to tell the camera what a crack whore, dumb bitch  Chasey Lain is.  This of course is coming from the mouth of a man who records his “talent” going to the bathroom.  In this particular case Chasey Lain is on her period and tells the camera to please leave her alone while she changes her tampon that she is having an unusually heavy flow.  Does Donny The Douche Bag Long give her privacy to take a piss?  Of course not.

The video footage ends by Donny Long chasing her out of his crack whore looking warehouse which I can only image him and his heroin junkies hang out, to film Chasey Lain get into a car with tinted windows.  He confirms on the video that he can’t see into the car but them tells the cameras that she is in her car (that remember he can’t see into because it’s night and the car has dark tinted windows) that she is in her car smoking a crack pipe.


I’m going to have to go with Chasey Lain on this one.


Fayner Posts: By now we all know that Chasey Lain is not dead. The batteries in her vibrator, I’ve heard, are though. That’s a bummer.

Gene Ross had a chat with Chasey and it is on his site Here

I’ve posted it below. Enjoy

Las Vegas- No one was more surprised than Chasey Lain this weekend when she learned she was dead- yet again.

There’s been so many stories about Lain expiring that cemeteries should be named after her. The latest story went out over the Internet when picked up comments made by Olivia O’Lovely on MySpace that Lain had died recently. Lain says she doesn’t even know O’Lovely but would certainly love to have a chat with her.

“I’m doing good- I’m not dead, not even close to it,” Lain is saying. “I’m shocked. Is that girl as dumb as dirt or what- that Olivia O’Lovely? I don’t even know her.”

Some people had told Lain that O’Lovely might have been trying to make a point.

“What do I have to do with her point whatever it was?” asks Lain. “If this was spinning off of what happened years ago, that was a federal investigation surrounding a homicide.”

But with the O’Lovely story, Lain said her phone had been ringing off the hook.

“People were asking me am I okay?” says Lain who had just spent some time in New York and Philadelphia. Lain then flew to Vegas over the weekend to attend her son’s birthday.

“My birthday was Friday and his was Saturday,” she continues, noting that she had taken her son and his friends to see a jousting show at the Excalibur Hotel.

“Actually his father is remarried and has another child,” says Lane. “But we all get along. And I live down the street from them. I just had dinner with my son- I mean do you honestly think my son’s dad is going to let me have him if I’m coming back from a heroin overdose? Give me a break.”

Lain talks about the homicide case she referred to earlier.

“I was not cooperative with the Feds,” explains Lain who at the time had been friends with a Russian mobster named Dimitri who was gunned down. What brought Lain into the investigation was that Dimitri’s name had been tattooed on her hand. He was shot nine times.

“He was someone close to me,” says Lain. “I didn’t want his father talking to the Mafia in Russia. I didn’t want to speculate on it. I didn’t want any part of it. They were going to make my life hell. The San Francisco Chronicle wrote a story that porn star’s mob boyfriend was executed. Jesus Christ.”

Lain also claims that the P.R. person for one of the top video companies is a Federal snitch.

“A lot of people know that,” states Lain. “It’s not a secret.”

Regarding the story reported in AVN that Lain was found dead at AEE of an overdose, she notes that Tim Connelly was the one at the time who reported the story. Lain said the AEE incident took place a month after the hit on the Russian guy.

“I was with Heather Hunter in Vegas,” says Lain noting that the girl who died outside the Venetian was found with a badge saying she was Tiffany Chase. Lain, whose name is similar.

“Leaving Las Vegas going back to L.A., everyone started calling me about that too,” she says. “By that time, Tim had already printed front page that I was dead.”

According to Lane, Chase was the doctor of Ali Joone.

“The guy who owns Digital Playground- the Syrian trying to be Armenian,” Lane continues.

“And Seymore Butts was the one who supposedly ID’d the body in the morgue,” Lane adds. “Seymore Butts’ son’s mother lived with me for five years. Seymore would know me dead or alive. And so when I confronted Seymore about it I’m like what the fuck? Are you a fucking moron? He goes Adella [from Digital Playground] made me do it. They made me do it. I go who’s they?”

Lain’ also s claiming that the Chase girl had been given a hot shot intentionally.

“Tim Connelly had done the investigating and all the security tapes were available,” states Lain. “They had me going into a cab with Heather Hunter. Hunter’s manager put me in the cab to go back to my hotel. But everything on tape at the Venetian from that hour disappeared. They’ve never been found. But Tim after that printed an apology and a retraction.”

Besides that, Lain said she was doing extremely well and has her own company, Forbidden Cinema. Her partner, Sonny, owns Forbidden City, a niteclub on Hollywood & Vine.

“We’re up for a Critics Choice award,” she says. “Our first release Chasey Reloaded which was released is nominated. And I just locked down a spot on the Howard Stern show. I’ll be a monthly guest.”

According to Lain, Adam & Eve and the Spice Channel are interested in the softcore version of the movie.