Fayner Posts: By now we all know that Chasey Lain is not dead. The batteries in her vibrator, I’ve heard, are though. That’s a bummer.

Gene Ross had a chat with Chasey and it is on his site Here

I’ve posted it below. Enjoy

Las Vegas- No one was more surprised than Chasey Lain this weekend when she learned she was dead- yet again.

There’s been so many stories about Lain expiring that cemeteries should be named after her. The latest story went out over the Internet when picked up comments made by Olivia O’Lovely on MySpace that Lain had died recently. Lain says she doesn’t even know O’Lovely but would certainly love to have a chat with her.

“I’m doing good- I’m not dead, not even close to it,” Lain is saying. “I’m shocked. Is that girl as dumb as dirt or what- that Olivia O’Lovely? I don’t even know her.”

Some people had told Lain that O’Lovely might have been trying to make a point.

“What do I have to do with her point whatever it was?” asks Lain. “If this was spinning off of what happened years ago, that was a federal investigation surrounding a homicide.”

But with the O’Lovely story, Lain said her phone had been ringing off the hook.

“People were asking me am I okay?” says Lain who had just spent some time in New York and Philadelphia. Lain then flew to Vegas over the weekend to attend her son’s birthday.

“My birthday was Friday and his was Saturday,” she continues, noting that she had taken her son and his friends to see a jousting show at the Excalibur Hotel.

“Actually his father is remarried and has another child,” says Lane. “But we all get along. And I live down the street from them. I just had dinner with my son- I mean do you honestly think my son’s dad is going to let me have him if I’m coming back from a heroin overdose? Give me a break.”

Lain talks about the homicide case she referred to earlier.

“I was not cooperative with the Feds,” explains Lain who at the time had been friends with a Russian mobster named Dimitri who was gunned down. What brought Lain into the investigation was that Dimitri’s name had been tattooed on her hand. He was shot nine times.

“He was someone close to me,” says Lain. “I didn’t want his father talking to the Mafia in Russia. I didn’t want to speculate on it. I didn’t want any part of it. They were going to make my life hell. The San Francisco Chronicle wrote a story that porn star’s mob boyfriend was executed. Jesus Christ.”

Lain also claims that the P.R. person for one of the top video companies is a Federal snitch.

“A lot of people know that,” states Lain. “It’s not a secret.”

Regarding the story reported in AVN that Lain was found dead at AEE of an overdose, she notes that Tim Connelly was the one at the time who reported the story. Lain said the AEE incident took place a month after the hit on the Russian guy.

“I was with Heather Hunter in Vegas,” says Lain noting that the girl who died outside the Venetian was found with a badge saying she was Tiffany Chase. Lain, whose name is similar.

“Leaving Las Vegas going back to L.A., everyone started calling me about that too,” she says. “By that time, Tim had already printed front page that I was dead.”

According to Lane, Chase was the doctor of Ali Joone.

“The guy who owns Digital Playground- the Syrian trying to be Armenian,” Lane continues.

“And Seymore Butts was the one who supposedly ID’d the body in the morgue,” Lane adds. “Seymore Butts’ son’s mother lived with me for five years. Seymore would know me dead or alive. And so when I confronted Seymore about it I’m like what the fuck? Are you a fucking moron? He goes Adella [from Digital Playground] made me do it. They made me do it. I go who’s they?”

Lain’ also s claiming that the Chase girl had been given a hot shot intentionally.

“Tim Connelly had done the investigating and all the security tapes were available,” states Lain. “They had me going into a cab with Heather Hunter. Hunter’s manager put me in the cab to go back to my hotel. But everything on tape at the Venetian from that hour disappeared. They’ve never been found. But Tim after that printed an apology and a retraction.”

Besides that, Lain said she was doing extremely well and has her own company, Forbidden Cinema. Her partner, Sonny, owns Forbidden City, a niteclub on Hollywood & Vine.

“We’re up for a Critics Choice award,” she says. “Our first release Chasey Reloaded which was released is nominated. And I just locked down a spot on the Howard Stern show. I’ll be a monthly guest.”

According to Lain, Adam & Eve and the Spice Channel are interested in the softcore version of the movie.

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