Fayner Posts: I know it is quite scary, but if my math skills still exist I’m thinking it has been about 14 years since I graduated from college. That is a long time. In four years, it’ll be 18 years…the same number and age as most of the chicks I get to blow me. I’m slowly believing that this is a good thing. So here is the college experience in a few lines: You go, you spend lots of your parents’ money on drugs and sorority whores, you meet some cool people and then you leave to start your life. Some of the people you meet you’ll lose touch with in years to come; people like my old friend Jimmy.

Jimmy loved porn more than anyone I’ve ever known. He knew all the chicks by name, had VHS tapes everywhere. If I remember correctly, one of his prized possessions was a polaroid of him and Jasmine St Claire at some strip club.

After college, Jimmy went back to NY to race cars professionally. I did, well you know what I did. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him last. So it’s funny that Jimmy accidently came across my name the other day and discovered I have his dream job. This is what he wrote me: Holy shit dude! I came across your name on a site, did a quick search, read a few articles, and found out the fucker I used to get baked with in college is a big swinging dick in the adult entertainment industry. Taylor Rain??? I fucking hate you! Anyways, after 20 years, a few national championships, and being on fire at over 200mph several times, I parked my drag racing operation and moved to Manhattan Beach in February.

Jimmy is excited to come to the Valley and meet some of my friends. I told him I’d maybe get him laid by one of the many chicks who owe me a favor. Any takers?

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