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It’s a BOY! Well, it will be!

I know I’m a little slow on announcing it but hey maybe there are others out there like me who didn’t know either. 🙂


Former Digital Playground contract star has been busy lately preparing for the arrival of her baby. She tells her fans via twitter that she is due on April 16, 2014 and that it will be a boy that she will be naming James Raymond.

Congrats Bibi Jones!

You can follow Bibi Jones via twitter @_BiBiJones



Tori Black Announces Pregnancy

Tori Black recently announced some big and very personal news.  She’s  now about 4 months pregnant with her second child.   I hope that you all join me in wishing her a huge congrats.


Hey guys, so if you missed my live show on toriblack.com, I’m pregnant with baby number 2!!! I’m 4 months along, yes I’ve known for a while but I was waiting for the right time to tell you all.

We’re very excited, blessed, ecstatic, nervous, all of the above! But more than anything we are appreciative that we’ve been given another beautiful and healthy baby.

We’re a little nervous about them being so close together but as they get older it will get easier. Hopefully they will be BFFs!

Much love to you all, thanks for all of your support.

And I will continue to do live shows, however the will most likely just be chat shows!


Kacey Jordan Claims to be Pregnant

TMZ is reporting that Porn Star Kacey Jordan (seen here in her first ever XXX scene) is claiming she is pregnant.  Of course she couldn’t just quietly deal with the situation.  No, no.  Like the Fame Whore that she is, she had to take pictures of her text messages to Charlie Sheen and tell him and the world that she is pregnant, and that is might not be his.  But then again left it open for the rest of the world to know it COULD be.  She claims she doesn’t want all this media attention but then why screen shot your text to Charlie Sheen and then turn it over to TMZ?  Is she really even pregnant?  Most people think not.  Most people with half a brain can see through what is probably just another publicity stunt because her 5 minutes were already fading.

Charlie’s Porn Pal Sends Text — ‘I’m Pregnant!”

Charlie Sheen got one of those text messages from his porn star friend Kacey Jordan … saying she’s pregnant — luckily for Charlie the message also said she doesn’t think it’s his.

TMZ obtained the text message Kacey sent Charlie yesterday afternoon (see above). After dropping the bomb — which must’ve floored Charlie — Kacey continued, “I don’t believe it’s yours, but I’m going to Oregon to take care of the situation.”

As for why Kacey thinks Charlie is in the clear … he used protection, but Kacey says both of them were so out of it she’s not sure if it did the trick.

According to our sources, Kacey plans to terminate the pregnancy in the next few days.

We’re told Kacey never heard back from Charlie. He probably hasn’t picked up his jaw off the ground yet.